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Example sentences for "fleshly"

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  1. And therefore who so will abstain him from fleshly and worldly lusts, him behoveth first seldom or never think any vain thoughts.

  2. The enemies of Gad are fleshly delights; but truly, from the time that a man have patience in the pain of his abstinence, false delights find no woning stead[77] in him.

  3. But who is he that woteth not how hard it is, and nearhand impossible to a fleshly soul the which is yet rude in ghostly studies, for to rise in knowing of unseeable[52] things, and for to set the eye of contemplation in ghostly things?

  4. First, it was held that, apart from a wife after the flesh, one might also have a wife after the spirit, and this spiritual union might exist side by side with the fleshly one, and with different persons.

  5. This is why fasting and other forms of 'fleshly mortification' play so large a part in the history of religion.

  6. The historic Christian outcry against fleshly indulgence has much more in it than a revolt against mere sensualism.

  7. My mynd, in fleshly foull affectioun, Was inclynit to lustis lecherous; Fy!

  8. Now I recenter my immortal mind In the long sabbath of high self-content; Cleans'd from the fleshly Passions that bedim God's Image, Sister of the Seraphim.

  9. My friendship, struggling with my carnal and fleshly prudence (which suggests that a bird a man is the proper allotment in such cases), yearneth sometimes to have thee here to pick a wing or so.

  10. Is the fleshly heart not stirred By a worm's pin-prick Where its roots are quick?

  11. Let my pictures prove I know Somewhat of what this fleshly frame of ours Or is or should be, how the soul empowers The body to reveal its every mood Of love and hate, pour forth its plenitude Of passion.

  12. While, under the foot they could not smutch, Lay all the fleshly and the bestial.

  13. This is a fleshly woman,--let the free Bestow their life-blood, thou art pulseless now!

  14. The wounds in Christ's sacred feet, should teach us abstinence and patience: abstinence from carnal lusts and fleshly pleasures; and patience under all afflictions and oppositions, whether from within or without.

  15. In him, the fleshly Adam, the corrupt nature, never reigned; but the blessed God alone.

  16. Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.

  17. It was this turning away from God that produced the fall both of Satan and of man; whence sin entered into the world, and has, by fleshly generation, passed upon all men.

  18. This evil has infected the whole mass of mankind, by means of a fleshly generation; and has been inherited by all men.

  19. The fleshly lineage is derived from Adam, and the spiritual lineage from Christ, through faith: for as the old birth of Adam is in man by nature, even so must the new birth of Christ be in him by grace.

  20. His fleshly feelings make him harbour delusions about his religion and impel him into a tyrannical attitude in his patriotism.

  21. There is much in Sandip that is coarse, that is sensuous, that is false, much that is overlaid with layer after layer of fleshly covering.

  22. My love Permits not that its carnal being fade Or one whit false to fleshly presence prove.

  23. To indulge the flesh in its needs is not fleshly lust, but to indulge it in any thing beyond its actual needs is "fleshly lusts.

  24. The question might arise, "What are fleshly lusts?

  25. Eventually it worked a fleshly lust into his heart, and after two or three years he was led into actual commission of a sinful deed.

  26. Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.

  27. The more knowledge we get of the divine character, the more clearly we can discriminate between fleshly lusts and temperance.

  28. The apostle Paul said in testimony that his rejoicing was this: the testimony of his conscience that in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdom but by the grace of God, he had had his conduct in the world.

  29. He is deceived into thinking he has chosen a highly desirable life, for it gratifies the fleshly desires, and he thinks to go unpunished.

  30. It forced him to admit that his tortured soul had a fleshly garment and that the fleshly garment was soaked to the marrow.

  31. Too easily kindled was the ecstasy Of fleshly passion, with a joyous flame Too readily answering the Spirit's fire!

  32. Spirit was given To use life as a sense for ecstasy; Life mixt with Spirit must exult beyond Sex-madden'd men and sex-serving women, Into some rapture where sweet fleshly love Is as the air wherein a music rings.

  33. What shall I do now with my spouse But abide her of my gentleness, Till that she look out of her house Of fleshly affection?

  34. Worse than all, the spirit in its material body was opposed and borne down, its aspirations crushed, its purity tainted by the passions and appetites of its companion, the fleshly lusts which waged perpetual war against it.

  35. The war hero in the battle or the tourney yard might be taken as the apotheosis of the fleshly man, the saint in the desert of the spiritual.

  36. It makes me contrast their present gross substance of fleshly life with the nothingness speedily to come.

  37. His face is fresh-colored, comfortable, sufficiently vivid in expression, not at all dimmed by his fleshly exuberance, because the man possesses vigor enough to carry it off.

  38. Then began the terrible struggle of the soul that wrestles with its ancestral fleshly prison--that prison whose warders are the superstitions of bygone ages.

  39. No man whose soul is stained by fleshly desire shall render in art all that there is in a truly beautiful woman's face,' said Wilderspin.

  40. The fleshly mind which is thus in rebellion against the law of God is sure to issue in 'desires of the flesh,' just as when the pressure is taken off, some ebullient liquid will bubble.

  41. I will not call them the circumcision, they have not been circumcised, they have only been gashed and mutilated, it has been a mere fleshly maiming.

  42. On outward grounds of flesh and blood he seeks inheritance in the kingdom of God; and with fleshly weapons passionately fights its battles.

  43. They merged God in nature, debasing the spiritual conception of the Deity with fleshly attributes.

  44. Like Ishmael they would claim kinship with the Church of God on fleshly grounds; and their claim must prove as futile as did his.

  45. He who would go back into that other world, the world of godless self-pleasing and fleshly idolatry, must step over the cross of Christ to do it.

  46. By selfish tempers and fleshly indulgences He is driven from the soul; and Losing Him, it is shut out from the kingdom of grace on earth, and from the glory of the redeemed.

  47. In that realm of fleshly motive and estimate which Paul had abandoned, his opponents still remained.

  48. Men of fleshly minds, in the nature of things, have no place in it.

  49. But Love, which purifies and enlarges us, and sets free the soul, Love visiting a fleshly frame must have time and space, and some help of circumstance, to give the world assurance that the man is a temple fit for the rites.

  50. It is the veil of our fleshly fallen nature living on, unjudged within us, uncrucified and unrepudiated.

  51. We need no more be ashamed of our body--the fleshly servant that carries us through life--than Jesus was of the humble beast upon which He rode into Jerusalem.

  52. All fleshly passion stored through thirty years of cloister life blazed forth, consuming reason and intelligence; with a sweep of his mighty arms he cleared a space about him, hurling his enemies aside as if they were made of straw.

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