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  1. Let certain honest and recreative sports and plays of corporeal exercises be allowed and approved of; and so far, (ff.

  2. That model of true penitents forgot his corporeal miseries and all other circumstances of his fall, being full of this reflection alone, how he could be capable of offending so good a parent.

  3. Full of gratitude, they afterward celebrated with their archbishop a solemn thanksgiving for this wonderful miracle, in which Christ had manifested himself visible in the flesh to their corporeal eyes.

  4. Horus examines the plummet, and Thoth records the sentence; standing close by is the soul of the deceased in its corporeal form, conducted by the two goddesses, Truth and Justice, before the great judge of the dead.

  5. He first gave a prominence to corporeal attractions, with which the deity was invested.

  6. Another passage reads: "Christ is the all-restorer, and as such He cooperates in every corporeal cure.

  7. Therefore, such years should in themselves harbor dangers for corporeal existence, and offer no favorable prospect for the course of diseases.

  8. And even when all artificial and unnecessary obstructions are taken out of the way, what an immense waste must it always present, while in so gross a corporeal tenement!

  9. Witness its lofty powers bowed down in ignominious servitude to base corporeal appetites and furious and debasing passions.

  10. Confront the murderer with every corporeal atom of his immolated slave, and in its still quivering movements he will read the prophet's denunciation of the prophet king.

  11. I am strongly inclined to believe," says Bishop Gleig, "that the matter of the corporeal universe was all created at once; though different portions of it may have been reduced to form at very different periods.

  12. But they probably conceived of the latter as a very subtile, invisible, corporeal essence, and not that pure, immaterial substance which is understood by that term in metaphysics.

  13. But as an object of contemplation for the present, as objective spirit rather than corporeal presence, Grace Melbury would serve to keep his soul alive, and to relieve the monotony of his days.

  14. In simple corporeal presentment she was of a fair and clear complexion, rather pale than pink, slim in build and elastic in movement.

  15. But whether his apparent depth of vision was real, or only an artistic accident of his corporeal moulding, nothing but his deeds could reveal.

  16. This corporeal life was intended to be succeeded by a spiritual life, in which man was not designed to use corporeal food and aliments nor to perform any of those other things which he must necessarily do in this natural life.

  17. Moses may here seem to have forgotten himself in that he treats not at all of two most important themes: the creation and the fall of the angels, but confines his sacred narrative to the creation of corporeal things.

  18. Some may here interpose the question, How could this corporeal food or natural fruit effect such a conservation of the body as to prevent it from being weakened or debilitated by time?

  19. I have no hesitation whatever in affirming that Christ did not go with the thief into any corporeal place.

  20. For the mere corporeal or animal life of man was designed to resemble in a great measure the life of the beasts of the earth.

  21. For there is no corporeal beauty, whether in the condition of a body, as figure, or in its movement, as in music, of which it is not the mind that judges.

  22. That states have not the true images of the gods; because the true God has neither sex, nor age, nor definite corporeal members.

  23. Or, in their government, does he propose to abolish corporeal punishment, because he may think that will destroy the institution itself?

  24. Do I not, time and again, materialize the dead, calling from the winds, the waters, and the earth the dispersed particles of the corporeal frame to reclothe for a little time the spiritual essence?

  25. His whole demeanour seemed changed from the former day, as if slavery and the degrading trade to which he had been previously bound had bowed down his spirit, and with it his corporeal frame.

  26. The flame is dependent after all on the corporeal wick.

  27. It would seem that the greater the spiritual load the smaller the range of corporeal experience necessary for the nice adjustment of the scales.

  28. Yet to us, the uninitiated of the country, it would never occur that there existed even in London a man who disseminated his fortune, and applied his mental and corporeal energies in gleaning epitaphs.

  29. The corporeal affords the handle by which the spiritual can be laid hold of.

  30. In the same way that man influences mankind does he influences some spirit of nature, for this latter has also its corporeal element that can be grasped.

  31. With the aid of this corporeal element the spirit may be bound, injured or destroyed.

  32. Corporeal necessity first forces corporeal activity; then the intellect goes to work to contrive means whereby labor may be lessened and made more productive.

  33. Corporeal motion is mental force distributed to the various parts of the body.

  34. The soul cannot be liable to or affected by corporeal influences when it is separated from the body.

  35. Moreover these torments, as is taught in Roman Catholic treatises on the subject, are caused by literal and material flames, by actual fires which would feed on and consume corporeal substances such as the human body.

  36. Sleep is distinctly a physical and corporeal function.

  37. Is it simply the separation of soul from body, the cessation of corporeal existence?

  38. The soul was believed to be corporeal in nature, only more vague and shadowy than the framework of the body, and distinguished by greater swiftness of locomotion.

  39. And so the passions too which we are wont to associate with our corporeal nature are but the rough material from which the artist soul behind them fashions its immortal types of beauty and of holiness.

  40. We are chained to a body: that is to say, our perceptions are connected with corporeal motions.

  41. How then do you affirm that colours are in the light; since by LIGHT you understand a corporeal substance external to the mind?

  42. You acknowledge then that you cannot possibly conceive how any one corporeal sensible thing should exist otherwise than in the mind?

  43. And, in consequence of this, must we not think there are no such things as physical or corporeal causes; but that a Spirit is the immediate cause of all the phenomena in nature?

  44. So that this connexion of sensations with corporeal motions means no more than a correspondence in the order of nature, between two sets of ideas, or things immediately perceivable.

  45. Nay, now I think on it, I must, agreeably to my former concessions, farther declare that it is impossible any REAL corporeal thing should exist in nature.

  46. For philosophers, though they acknowledge all corporeal beings to be perceived by God, yet they attribute to them an absolute subsistence distinct from their being perceived by any mind whatever; which I do not.

  47. But the denying Matter, Philonous, or corporeal Substance; there is the point.

  48. How then can motion in general, or extension in general, exist in any corporeal substance?

  49. If therefore sugar and wormwood are unthinking corporeal substances existing without the mind, how can sweetness and bitterness, that is, Pleasure and pain, agree to them?

  50. No corporeal motions are attended with the sensations of pain or pleasure in His mind.

  51. The objects you speak of are, I suppose, corporeal Substances existing without the mind?

  52. Was it the embodied second self of Jethro Fawe, doing the evil that Jethro Fawe, the visible corporeal man, wished to do?

  53. He had lived face to face and hand to hand with all forms of corporeal horror, and there was no mass of disease or of corruption that he did not see in its resplendent and divine transparency.

  54. Closed as it was to all corporeal creatures, there yet went through it presences, intelligences, the august procession of the dreams.

  55. I suppose now you do not believe in corporeal transference.

  56. We all looked on in horrified amazement as we saw, when he stood back, the woman, with a corporeal body as real at the moment as our own, pass in through the interstice where scarce a knife-blade could have gone.

  57. This fact undoubtedly has some primal connection with properties innate in corporeal life itself; in fact, in order to attain its appointed end, life requires the services of certain very small microscopic particles called cells.

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