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Example sentences for "hold"

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hoists; hojas; hoki; hol; holcus; holde; holden; holder; holders; holdes
  1. Indeed I hold that life should be paid for the kindnesses that he has done me.

  2. For, if they hold fast and succeed, you can see what a position I shall be in.

  3. We must either have an army strong enough to allow of our breaking through the enemy's lines, or get and hold localities we can defend.

  4. It is reported here that Cassius has been driven from Ancona, and that our party hold the town.

  5. War begun, we must either hold the city or abandon it and cut him off from food and supplies.

  6. Next on the 11th of February you answer my request for counsel again as follows: "You ask me whether I hold that flight or delay is more useful.

  7. My point is that I can gladly die for Pompey's sake--there is no one I hold dearer; but not in that way.

  8. But upon my honour I hold it disgraceful of us to think of flight.

  9. I hold that you should travel by the Appian road and come with speed to Brundisium.

  10. He would therefore hold office continually, and his enemies, the Senatorial party, would have no chance of bringing a prosecution against him, which might be fatal to his career.

  11. These are our great men; but I do not hold their achievements one whit superior to mine, nor even their fortune, though they may seem to have basked in fortune's smiles while I have met her frowns.

  12. He considers that the master of the sea must be master of the empire: so he has never planned to hold Spain for its own sake.

  13. I entreated him to hold the coast, if he wanted supplies of corn from the provinces.

  14. Catching hold of his bit] Look here, I must have fought alongside some of you fellows in the war.

  15. The best way is to slander Valentine With falsehood, cowardice, and poor descent, Three things that women highly hold in hate.

  16. Sir Valentine, I care not for her, I; I hold him but a fool that will endanger His body for a girl that loves him not: I claim her not, and therefore she is thine.

  17. Aside] But better, indeed, when you hold your peace.

  18. This is the gentleman I told your ladyship Had come along with me but that his mistresss Did hold his eyes lock'd in her crystal looks.

  19. I will forget that Julia is alive, Remembering that my love to her is dead; And Valentine I'll hold an enemy, Aiming at Silvia as a sweeter friend.

  20. Prejudice may, perhaps, be best defined as the resolution to hold fast to our belief, just because it is our belief; to adhere to an opinion, and close our eyes to all that has been said on the opposite side.

  21. This "sting" is an experience of utter isolation at some moment in the process of death, the feeling that one is being violently rent away from one's clinging hold of existence.

  22. So and so holds such land for rent, because no one would hold it for works,' is a fairly frequent entry both before and after 1349," on the records of the Bishopric of Winchester.

  23. But even when the demesne was still being managed for the lord, it had already become necessary in some cases to allow one man to hold two or more of these portions, for the productivity had so declined that one was no longer enough.

  24. The problem which confronted landowners during the Black Death was not so much an absolute lack of men on the manors, as a stubborn unwillingness on the part of these men to hold land.

  25. There is little evidence that there was a lack of men qualified to hold land even after the Black Death, but it is certain that they sought in every way possible to avoid land-holding.

  26. This made the Dragon furiously angry with the woman, and he went elsewhere to make war upon her other children--those who keep God's commandments and hold fast to the testimony of Jesus.

  27. All whom I hold dear, I reprove and chastise; therefore be in earnest and repent.

  28. Shall I hold you up, naked and deformed as ye are, or shall I forbear?

  29. Help yourselves the best way you can, we have got your money, and we shall hold on to it.

  30. The North in convention conceded to the South the right to hold slave property; and the sole right of making all laws necessary for the regulation of slavery.

  31. Their minds were cast in a fictitious mould, It is a dire calamity that this class of writers have taken hold of the subject of slavery, Slavery an evil--but what shall we do with it?

  32. If you have sold us property which we have no right to hold as property, refund our money?

  33. The Yankees turn around and say to the Southern men, you have no right to hold these slaves as property.

  34. It is recorded by historians, that there are perhaps twenty negro masters in Africa to every white one in the United States, and that they hold in bondage at least ten times as many slaves.

  35. The half starved, ill-clad free negro will soon have no foot hold in the North; for Irish and German laborers will supersede them; or otherwise Northern men will legislate them out of the free states.

  36. It is a dire calamity that this class of writers have taken hold of the subject of slavery.

  37. He puffs and pants and, blinking furiously, is trying to get hold of something under the roots of the willows.

  38. I'll have him in a minute, in a minute, only let me get hold of him.

  39. The creatures have a strong hold on life.

  40. The beggar has got a long way under the roots, there is nothing to get hold of.

  41. Grandfather could not refrain from shouting: "Hold him, hold him .

  42. You'd better come and catch hold of him yourself, you hunchback devil.

  43. I would catch hold of him if it were possible.

  44. The hunchback waves his arms, swims up to Gerassim, and catches hold of the twigs.

  45. He's slippery, the beggar, and there's nothing to catch hold of.

  46. Hold him, hold him, or else he'll get away, the anathema!

  47. He knows that those pegs have a miraculous power: whoever gets hold of a peg after the blessing of the water will be lucky for the whole year.

  48. With regard to the true position that the portrait of Manco Capac ought to hold in this middle space, how near it should stand to history and how near to fable, we should find it difficult to say, and perhaps useless to inquire.

  49. To whom the guardian Power: To thee is given To hold high converse and inquire of heaven, To mark untraversed ages, and to trace Whate'er improves and what impedes thy race.

  50. I remember seeing one reader, who had a curious resemblance to Tim Harrington, although it was not he, hold up a magazine or book in his hand and laugh.

  51. It may hold in it the clue to the acquisition of great faculties, hitherto regarded as forbidden to mere mortals.

  52. I hold that we each of us contain the potentialities of many different arrangements of the elements of our personality, each arrangement being distinguishable from the rest by differences in the chain of memories which pertain to it.

  53. It is all very well for you who have probably never seen spirit manifestations, to talk as you do, but had you seen what I have witnessed you would hold a different opinion.

  54. It is fortunate that Mary Magdalene and the early disciples did not hold that theory.

  55. This may be plausible in cases of the Strathmore, where the intelligence was communicated of the loss of an English ship, but no one can seriously hold it when the only information to be communicated was a stumble on the stairs.

  56. She saw him put into a strait jacket and lowered into the hold of the ship, which actually took place.

  57. At the door stands a milk-white mare, with a golden saddle for you to sit on, and a golden bridle to hold in your hand.

  58. But the herd struggled for a hold of the club of magic, and with one blow on the top of the head she was on earth in the twinkling of an eye.

  59. That evening the Gruagach couldn't find vessels enough in his palace to hold the milk of the five golden cows.

  60. You would think there was little here to make Hudden and Dudden jealous, but so it is, the more one has the more one wants, and Donald's neighbours lay awake of nights scheming how they might get hold of his little strip of grass-land.

  61. When Naois heard his prayer, he gave forth the piercing sigh of death, and asked Allen to lay hold of him and he would bring him to land.

  62. Allen was not long when the weakness of death came on him, and his hold failed.

  63. When he got hold of her hand in both his hands, he let his foot down on the egg and the sea-maiden died.

  64. If she hadn't started knifing when she did, the devils meant to hold your head directly over that box and it would have been just too bad.

  65. I was afraid your mask wouldn't hold up after the trouble you had with it.

  66. An officer told me he had read on a church door that the Belgians were forbidden to hold captured German officers on parole, but had to shoot them.

  67. One of them caught hold of him and threw him on the ground, and he was bayonetted by one or other of them in his left side.

  68. He said he could not, as he must hold his brother, who could not walk.

  69. One of the prisoners went mad; I was made to hold him, and he hurt me very much.

  70. The soldiers told the man to hold up his arms.

  71. The German soldiers compelled him to hold up his hands for hours, and struck him when he lowered them from fatigue.

  72. The Belgian troops did not attempt to hold the town, and the civil authorities had prepared for the Germans’ arrival.

  73. Also, I know how it keeps the engineering department on the hottest borders of Hades, trying to hold them down.

  74. We still stand to win if we have the nerve to hold on--in which event P.

  75. Did you catch and hold the pick-and-shovel men from this camp?

  76. Hold on a minute; tell your man to stop at the Chemical Bank.

  77. It was an incomplete line, trying vainly to hold its own against great and powerful systems overlapping it at either end.

  78. She said she'd send her brother to the hotel with the dinner money, and when I get hold of him it will go hard with me if I don't manage some way to get an introduction.

  79. I want to be sure that the contracts will hold water under a transfer of ownership.

  80. And these dash-dashed MacMorroghs didn't try to hold them?

  81. Now hold it steadily and pick up the line in the great loop.

  82. He meant to hold himself rigidly to account for results; more than this he thought not even Mr. Colbrith had a right to require.

  83. On a train of specially constructed flat-cars another army was bolting together a long section of track, clamping the double line of rails at intervals to hold them to gauge.

  84. Ford has sent Frisbie to Denver to hold things together, and there has been a number of removals--subject, of course, to your approval.

  85. Tell Dick to hold his men, if he has to do it at the muzzle of a gun, and to come on with the track, night and day.

  86. Fairfax gave her his light topcoat to hold while he slipped into it.

  87. At three in the morning he went over to rouse the doctor, all the time thinking that, even if he were capable of forgiving himself for Phoebe's death, Nellie would always hold him responsible.

  88. As he looked they dwindled into one bright and shining planet and a savage voice was bellowing:-- "Hold still or I'll bat you over the head!

  89. Besides, she could hold her audience to the very end, so to speak, for all in the place knew she was there and were willing to wait until she condescended to face them in the process of departure.

  90. Voices above came howling down the shaft, urging the elevator man to stop him, to hold him, to do all manner of things to him.

  91. His uncle had been dilatory in the matter of dying, but his nephew did not have it in his kindly heart to hold it up against the old gentleman.

  92. Hold on," he said sharply, putting his foot against the door.

  93. I guess I'll hold you here and see if anybody comes chasin' up after you.

  94. Can you jump up to my hand if I hold it down to you?

  95. Imagine a sphere," he explained, "large enough to hold two people and their luggage.

  96. Afterwards, when fever had hold of me, I dreamt again and again of that bitter, furious creature rising so vigorous and active out of the unknown sea.

  97. I was standing nearest to the bridge, and as I did this two of the Selenites laid hold of me, and pulled me gently towards it.

  98. Now and then things gleamed on me clearly for a space, only to vanish just when I thought I had hold of them.

  99. Some I could hold on the palm of my hand.

  100. I never did hold with them ballooneys," she said evidently under the impression that this was a common excursion enough.

  101. I would like to see the man who could invent a story that would hold together like this one.

  102. He had no occasion to hide from his fellows, for he had done no wrong, and could hold his head high with the rest of them.

  103. It was in this way Warren Courtly became acquainted with Felix Hoffman, who later on helped him in another way, which did not redound to his credit, and which eventually gave that wily young man a hold over the master of Anselm Court.

  104. By the way, he has got hold of a champion in the Saint.

  105. If I give you the money will you hold your tongue?

  106. She had no desire to hold further communication with him.

  107. Then you will have to make it worth my while to hold my tongue," replied Felix.

  108. He had, as usual, quarrelled with her over money matters, but she had won in the end, as she was bound to do, considering the hold she had over him.

  109. Lie down," Max told him, "and hold still.

  110. The postponement could not last long, for destruction could go on steadily in the tanks until the nutritive solution would hold no life except the triumphant microscopic killers that caused melting sickness.

  111. Not ef I kin hold on a little longer, boy.

  112. I lost my breath, and I feared I would lose my hold on the handle of the umbrella before I reached the bottom.

  113. He caught hold of the boy, and started to urge him toward the rear door; but Lona Dawson placed herself squarely in their path, flinging up one hand.

  114. We are not at all anxious to hold a powwow with you.

  115. By the time he had hold of the lariat Bart was ready to pull with Long.

  116. Frank, catching hold of a sleepy driver and giving him a whirl; "see that carriage?

  117. I offered ther reward fer ther critter, an' I'm goin' ter hold him, you bet!

  118. Amid these mountains were desolate canyons, which seemed to hold some dreadful secret locked fast in their silent bosoms.

  119. When they halted again, Frank suddenly uttered a low cry of warning, caught hold of the man, and exclaimed: "Look there!

  120. He could hold them back at that point, but there were other ways of reaching the interior of the waiting-room, where the prisoner was.

  121. He seemed trying to hold back, yet there appeared to be some power dragging him toward the sleeping child.

  122. Now we don't hold up none whatever till we overtakes ther p'izen skunks an' rescues ther gal.

  123. Frank knew well enough that Barney was right, and he had no intention of relinquishing his hold on his rifle for a moment.

  124. Suddenly his voice rang in a roar across the cove: "Hold on, thar!

  125. At that fearful height one backward look might cause him to lose his hold and plunge downward like a stone.

  126. Luckily he was able to catch hold of one of the logs of the raft as it was swept by him, and clinging to this he began to strike out with his legs, hoping to make his way to the edge of the pool.

  127. In case we do flounder into any of them just fling yourself from the saddle, keeping hold of the pommel.

  128. It was hard to imagine even a fly maintaining a hold on it.

  129. Bud, you hold the cattle here till I send out some boys to help you bring them in.

  130. He had followed close on Walt’s heels and now, while the latter was struggling to maintain a hold on his swimming pony, the captain of the Rangers uncoiled his lariat.

  131. It is our duty,' he said, 'to retain the grip which we now have upon Delhi, and to hold on like Grim Death until the place is our own.

  132. But this is too weighty a theme to be discussed slightly; and the more so because here only we willingly concede a strong motive for learning Greek; here, only, we hold the want of a ready introduction to be a serious misfortune.

  133. The thoughts catch hold of nothing, but are heaved and tossed like masses of cloud by the wind.

  134. Yet they hesitate and hold back, and refuse to guide their tempest-tossed barques by its unerring light into the one Haven of Salvation.

  135. This work cannot but exercise a pleasing charm over the reader, and serve to hold his attention spell-bound throughout.

  136. Christ promised as much as this, and if He keep not His promise, then He can hold out no claim to be God, for though Heaven and earth may pass away, God's words shall never pass away.

  137. Captain Morgan having notice of this, and perceiving he could not prevail with the French captain to follow him, resolved to lay hold on this occasion, to ruin the French, and seek his revenge.

  138. Here they have their meetings, and hold their councils, how best to assault the Spaniards.

  139. Two men from each outfit present were detailed to hold the cattle that night, and were sent on ahead to Priest's camp to secure their suppers and a change of mounts.

  140. But it may all come right in the long run, as Bob and I have decided to leave you and your outfit to hold these cattle this winter.

  141. He made a memorandum of the number of head that I claimed in our road brand, and asked me if we could hold up the herd for a closer inspection.

  142. Hold your horses a minute; I've been watching them for half an hour before I called you; be patient, and they'll rise like a trout.

  143. The cattle surged and drifted almost at will, for we were compelled to hold them loose to avoid milling.

  144. It was evident that Forrest would be the first to reach the freight road, and would naturally hold it while his cattle were crossing it.

  145. He expected to hold on sale a week or two, when if unsold he would drift north to the Platte.

  146. The seller agreed to hold them overnight, and Flood and I culled back about one hundred and twenty which were under age or too light.

  147. Hold on; mine are all large beeves; and I must mount my men just the same as if they trailed all the way.

  148. We had exhausted every line of dissipation, and when I decided that it was no longer possible to hold him, I insulted and provoked him into a quarrel, and we were both arrested.

  149. But when we proposed starting back to camp, about midnight, the big deputy said to Flood: 'I want you to tell Colonel Lovell that I hold a warrant for his arrest; urge him not to put me to the trouble of coming out after him.

  150. The remaining hundred yards was eddy water; and though Pickett fought hard, swimming among the Frenchman's lead cattle, to hold the two bunches separate, they mixed in the river.

  151. If some of you boys will corner and hold him for me, I'd enjoy reading his title to him in a few plain words.

  152. But the others pointed out the fact that my outfit had far the best remuda, and that it would require well-mounted men to locate and hold that number of cattle through the winter.

  153. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hold" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    abandon; abduction; abide; abort; absorb; abstain; accent; accommodate; account; accumulate; acknowledge; adhere; adjudicate; admit; advantage; affirm; allege; allow; amass; announce; answer; apprehension; archives; argue; armory; arrest; arsenal; ascendancy; assert; asseverate; assimilate; assume; attic; authority; avail; aver; avouch; avow; back; balance; ballast; bank; bar; basement; bastion; bay; beachhead; bear; belay; believe; beset; bide; bin; bind; bite; blockhouse; boast; bolster; bookcase; bosom; box; brace; breathe; bridgehead; bridle; bunch; buttress; cage; cancel; captivate; capture; care; carry; castle; catch; cavity; cease; celebrate; cell; cellar; cement; chamber; character; charge; charm; check; cherish; chest; citadel; claim; clamp; clasp; class; claws; cleave; clench; clinch; cling; clip; cloister; closet; clot; clout; cluster; clutch; clutches; coagulate; cohere; collect; colony; command; compartment; compel; complete; comprehend; comprise; conceive; confine; congeal; conglomerate; consequence; conservatory; consider; constrain; contain; contend; continue; control; cool; coop; cork; count; counterbalance; coup; cover; cradle; crate; credit; crib; crypt; cuddle; cupboard; curb; curtail; cushion; custody; daresay; declare; deem; depository; depot; desist; detain; discontinue; dock; dominance; domination; dominion; dot; dragnet; drawer; drive; dump; dwell; effect; embody; embrace; eminence; enchant; enchantment; encircle; enclose; encompass; end; endure; engage; engross; enjoin; enjoy; entertain; enthrall; enunciate; envisage; equate; esteem; estimate; exchequer; exercise; exist; expect; express; extend; fancy; fascinate; favor; feel; feud; fill; firm; fondle; foothold; footing; forbear; force; forgo; fort; fortress; freehold; freeze; fulfill; garner; garrison; govern; grab; grapple; grasp; grip; gripe; guarding; guess; halt; hand; handle; hands; harbor; have; heap; helm; hide; hinder; hoard; hold; holding; hole; hollow; hug; hutch; hypnotize; imagine; immerse; immobilize; immure; impel; importance; impound; include; incorporate; infatuate; influence; inhibit; insinuation; insist; interest; involve; judge; jurisdiction; keep; keeping; kidnapping; last; lead; leadership; lease; leasehold; lengthen; leverage; library; lie; ligature; live; lock; locker; lodge; lumberyard; magazine; magnetism; mainstay; maintain; mandate; mark; mass; mastership; mastery; measure; meet; mesmerize; moment; monopolize; mote; nip; notation; nurse; nurture; obsess; obtain; occupancy; occupation; occupy; occur; opiate; opine; own; pass; pause; peel; pen; perch; perpetuate; persist; personality; persuasion; pew; pillbox; pillow; possess; possession; post; potency; pound; power; predicate; predominance; prehension; preoccupation; preoccupy; preponderance; prepossession; prescription; preserve; pressure; prestige; presume; prevail; proclaim; profess; prohibit; prolong; pronounce; prop; property; protection; protest; protract; pull; purchase; put; qualify; quit; rack; rail; range; reach; receive; reckon; refrain; regard; reign; rein; reinforce; relinquish; remain; renounce; repertory; repository; repute; reserve; reservoir; restrain; restrict; retain; retard; retrench; rick; rule; run; safekeeping; satisfy; save; say; scrub; seat; secrete; seize; seizure; sense; serve; shackle; shelf; shore; shoulder; sign; signature; slur; snatch; snub; solidify; span; spare; speak; spread; squat; squatting; squeeze; stabilize; stack; stall; stance; stand; standing; state; stay; steady; stick; stock; stockpile; stop; storage; store; storehouse; storeroom; straddle; straiten; stretch; stronghold; submit; subsidize; subsist; suffice; suggestion; support; suppose; supremacy; surmise; surround; survive; suspect; sustain; sway; sweep; swell; symbol; take; talons; tank; tarry; tenancy; tenure; terminate; think; tie; title; tower; traction; transfix; trap; treasure; treasury; underlie; uphold; urge; vat; vault; view; villenage; ward; warehouse; wash; wear; weight; withhold; wash; wear; weight; withhold

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