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  1. It is often said that Mason proposed a L1000-freehold qualification for the franchise.

  2. Election shall not have an estate of Freehold in Land within Our said Province or Territory to the value of Forty Shillings per Annum at the least, or other estate to the value of Forty pounds Sterling .

  3. If, in addition, facilities were to be given for the gradual purchase of the freehold by the labourer on the same terms as are now frequently held out by building societies, it would be still better.

  4. It is not often that the entire parish belongs to one landlord; frequently, there are four or five landlords, and a large number of freehold properties let to tenants.

  5. Suffice it that Hamblyn is quite at liberty to dispose of the freehold if he feels so inclined.

  6. It had purchased, recently, the freehold of Daniel Rickard's farm.

  7. I don't wonder that you want to get hold of the freehold of Hillside," he said.

  8. It was brief and to the point:-- "I have this day sold the freehold of Hillside Farm.

  9. And I here solemnly bind my heir and successor to observe exactly these my commands, that my body may rest undisturbed in my old home, under penalty of forfeiture of the said freehold as above named.

  10. The original cost of the building, including the freehold site, was 3,000l.

  11. The entire cost, including the freehold site and organ, was 8,748l.

  12. The present freehold site was ultimately obtained for 1,350l.

  13. The College property--the freehold portion, subject to a yearly rent-charge of L105, and to an annual payment of 5s.

  14. Every individual member of the commonwealth has an indefeasible interest in the totality of the land, and no man ought to assert an absolute freehold in land hostile to the interest of his fellow.

  15. Not having any legal advice, it turned out that they had been entrapped into erecting their building on freehold ground without any lease or conveyance from the freeholder, who asserted his legal right to the building.

  16. All his wealth was now summed up in a freehold farm of twenty acres.

  17. Massachusetts required an elector to own a freehold estate worth sixty pounds or to possess an annual income of three pounds.

  18. Of course in later times the test applied in drawing the line between freehold and baser tenure was much rather the mode of conveyance than anything else.

  19. I shall not revert to my positive arguments in favour of the existence of ancient freehold by the side of tenements that have become freehold by exemption from servile duties.

  20. But the institution could not rest on the basis of legal freehold if it was to represent the great bulk of the peasantry in the townships.

  21. It does not concern freehold estate, but only land of base though privileged tenure.

  22. The certainty of condition made the tenure of the villain socmen so like a freehold that it was often treated as such in the manorial documents.

  23. But he steadily maintained that he had by the laws of England a freehold interest in the house and revenues annexed to the presidency.

  24. He determined, therefore, to postpone for a short time the confiscation of the freehold property of refractory clergymen.

  25. Law) The union of property with a freehold so as to become a fixture.

  26. Law) The entry of a stranger, without right, into a freehold after the death of the last possessor, before the heir or devisee.

  27. To abate into a freehold, To abate in lands (Law), to enter into a freehold after the death of the last possessor, and before the heir takes possession.

  28. A person who, without right, enters into a freehold on the death of the last possessor, before the heir or devisee.

  29. The corn-laws have been done away with; but the holders of freehold land still exist, though many of them have ceased to be politicians.

  30. It has been said that Freehold Land Societies, which were established for political objects, had the effect of weaning men from political reform.

  31. To give but one example: Chertsey had twenty acres of freehold pasturage in the Manor of Cobham; but it is useless to give examples of a thing which was as common as the renting of a house to-day.

  32. Thomas had in other ways enough to bear with in those days, helped though he was by his freehold cottage and allotment.

  33. Over an immense western area there developed an unbroken system of freehold farms.

  34. Where the freehold qualification was applied, business men who did not own land were deprived of the vote and excluded from office.

  35. It is not surprising, therefore, to find business men taking the lead in breaking down freehold limitations on the suffrage.

  36. So it happened that the freehold of modest proportions became the cherished unit of American farmers.

  37. It is true that in the provision for popular elections, the suffrage was finally restricted to property owners or taxpayers, with a leaning toward the freehold qualification.

  38. Explain how freehold land tenure happened to predominate in the West.

  39. The people who tilled the farms were drawn from every quarter of western Europe; but the freehold system gave a uniform cast to their economic and social life in America.

  40. Rhode Island clung to her freehold qualification through thirty years of agitation.

  41. No one may take pheasants or partridges by net snares or other devices from his own warren [breeding ground], upon the freehold of any other person, or forfeit 200s.

  42. A wife's dower is one-third of all her husband's freehold land, unless his endowment of her at their marriage was less than one-third.

  43. A condition to avoid a freehold cannot be pleaded without a deed; but to avoid a gift of chattel, it may be pleaded without deed.

  44. The King's excellency is so high in the law, that no freehold may be given to the King, nor be derived from him, but by matter of record.

  45. A person who leases land for a term of years, even if by indenture or without a writing, may have a court remedy as do tenants of freehold for any expulsion by the lessor which is contrary to the lease, covenant, or agreement.

  46. No man shall be compelled to perform more service for a knight's fee nor any freehold than is due therefrom.

  47. A qualification for jurors was to have an estate to one's own use or one of whom other persons have estates of fee simple, fee tail, freehold in lands and tenements, or freehold, which was at least 40s.

  48. No one may keep swans unless he has lands and tenements of the estate of freehold to a yearly value of 67s.

  49. Then what title have you to show that her Majesty has a right here to my freehold estates?

  50. Notwithstanding this untoward contretemps, the countess made a further attempt, in February, to collect the rents of the forty-two freehold estates, which she said belonged to her.

  51. An action of ejectment to recover possession of a freehold estate!

  52. New Jersey, and at a Camp Fire in Freehold in the Opera House before a very large audience and an attentive one, I related it.

  53. An account of this curious incident was published in the Freehold papers the following day.

  54. Persons holding from the lord of the manor, by lease or agreement, or from year to year, land which was originally demesne, or which was once freehold or copyhold and has come into the lord's hands by escheat or forfeiture.

  55. Thus, while the freehold tenants enjoy their rights by the general law of the land, the copyholders have a similar enjoyment by the local law of the manor.

  56. It seems almost necessarily to follow that the freehold tenants of the manor are the representatives of the householders of the vill.

  57. To every freehold tenant belongs a right of common of pasture on the commons, such right being "appendant" to the land which he holds freely of the manor.

  58. Persons holding land freely of the manor, or freehold tenants.

  59. However this may be, it is amongst the freehold tenants of the manor that we must first look for commoners on the waste of the manor.

  60. The Leveson family consequently continued in the undisturbed enjoyment of the church property, granted to them in fee farm by six prebendaries, as well as of divers other freehold estates in the parish of Wolverhampton.

  61. It seems almost impossible to doubt that the freehold lands belonging to the Willenhall Chantry had escaped confiscation to the Crown under the Statute, I Edward VI.

  62. It will be noticed that the Inquisition and Decree, as given above, deal only with the title to and the application of the income of certain freehold lands at Bentley.

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