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  1. One would gladly multiply this small fee by a good round figure, to get hold of these five square books now.

  2. The fee for the advanced course is one dollar, which covers the cost of certificate, examination and medal.

  3. Fees A fee of fifty cents is required for the elementary course.

  4. The fee for bar and engraving is fifty cents.

  5. We appeared two Court-days after this, and desired to see the Declaration, and still you denied us unless we would fee an Attorney, so greedy are these Attornies after money, more than to justify a righteous cause.

  6. Thirdly, We desired to plead our own cause, and you denied us, but told us we must fee an Attorney to speak for us, or else you would mark us in default for not appearance.

  7. We desired a copy of the Declaration, and profered to pay for it, but still you denied us unless we would fee an Attorney.

  8. But the answer of your Court was this, that you would not tell us what the trespass was, unless we would fee an Attorney to speak for us.

  9. We desired to plead our own cause, the Court denied us, and to fee a lawyer we cannot, for divers reasons, as we may show hereafter.

  10. In Vienna L1 is a very usual fee for the purchaser's lawyer.

  11. Part of this is allocated to registration, in addition to which a fixed fee of one franc, and stationers' charges averaging 6 francs are also chargeable.

  12. Few modern Arab musicians are so well contented with extraordinary payment and mere sweet sherbet as with a moderate fee and plenty of wine and brandy; and many of them deem even wine but a sorry beverage.

  13. Kitab el-'Onwan fee Mekaid en-Niswan: a work on the strategems of women (MS.

  14. Sandrart gave the measure of Honthorst's popularity at this period when he says that he had as many as twenty apprentices at one time, each of whom paid him a fee of 100 florins a year.

  15. A fee of 20 francs is charged for admission to the chief French race-courses, with half as much for a lady's voucher, and the tickets give access everywhere but to the very few reserved portions.

  16. For which worthy and valiant act was given him the Lordshippe of Moston by the auncestors of the Earle of Oxford, Lord of the Fee there.

  17. Back, justice of the peace, after performing the first wedding ceremony, invested his $3 fee in drinks for the crowd.

  18. Proceeds from these lands, together with Congressional appropriations, have created an endowment fund that enables the school to offer courses at a minimum tuition fee and to conduct extensive agricultural experiments.

  19. A certificate of registration remains in force for twenty years, and it may be renewed from time to time, upon expiration, for like periods of twenty years, upon payment of a renewal fee of ten dollars.

  20. The registration fee for a general trade-mark is $30.

  21. If a sheriff take a fee for levying or collecting money due to the king (except 4d.

  22. Aid to make one's son a knight or marry off his daughter of a whole knight's fee shall be taken 20s.

  23. A qualification for jurors was to have an estate to one's own use or one of whom other persons had estates of fee simple, fee tail, or freehold in lands and tenements, which were at least 40s.

  24. There were elegant pleasure gardens, with a fee for access.

  25. Only one mortuary fee may be taken of each deceased and that in the place where he most dwelled and lived.

  26. London merchants, which have increased their fee so much, 400s.

  27. Fraudulent and secret conveyances made to retain the use of one's land when one sells the land to a bona fide purchaser for value in fee simple, fee tail, for life, for lives, or for years are void.

  28. Often a manor court limited a fee in land to certain issue instead of being inheritable by all heirs.

  29. No parish clergyman or other spiritual person shall take a mortuary fee or money from a deceased person with movable goods under the value of 133s.

  30. The priests may be tenants by courtesy after the death of their wives of such land and tenements that their wives happened to be seized of in fee simple or in fee tail, during the spousals.

  31. Watching the hanging of felons, about 35 a year in London, was popular, as was going to Bedlam to watch for a fee the insane being flogged.

  32. Apprentices had to finish their terms before such admission, and often could not afford the citizenship fee imposed on them.

  33. Jurors were required to have at least 20 pounds income from freehold land or rents in fee, fee tail, or for life.

  34. No bishop or other official having authority to take probate of testaments may take a fee for probating a testament where the goods of the testator are under 100s.

  35. This remarkable document contains no provision, securing the tenants-in- fee in their estates; and I have not met with any treatise dealing with the legal effects of the eviction of James II.

  36. The knight's fee then consisted of twelve plough-lands, a more modern name for "a hide of land.

  37. The knight's fee was subject to aids, which were paid to the Crown upon the marriage of the king's son or daughter.

  38. C] The clerk of a barrister has a fee on every fee of his employer, in a long-settled proportion of 2s.

  39. A fee thus paid, a rule at the bar forbids being returned, except under very special circumstances; and the rule in question is a very reasonable one.

  40. Every member must pay a membership fee of ten cents on entering the Corps.

  41. The amount of the Party fee shall be determined by the Central Committee.

  42. Those working in the front receive a monthly maintenance fee of only fifteen to twenty dollars.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fee" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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