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  1. In general these early attempts failed completely to realize their aim, organization being feeble and the leadership untrained and exerting only an emotional hold over adherents.

  2. It gave two feeble cries and then its head was crushed by a member of the mob with his heel.

  3. With such divergent opinions, in spite of feeble attempts at compromise, there could be no peace until the issue of slavery at least was definitely settled.

  4. I am quite incapable--not on principle, but from a sort of feeble courtesy--of rejecting such overtures.

  5. The sense of God's compassion for his feeble creatures does not help me; how can he compassionate the littleness for which he is himself responsible?

  6. What passionate meetings with despair, what eager upliftings of desirous hearts, must have thrilled the minds of the feeble and travel-worn companies that made their slow journeys along the grassy road!

  7. Crowded assemblies were held, in which the eloquence of the Jesuits entirely bore down the feeble efforts of the ignorant and uncultivated natives.

  8. And feeble was the defence made by men weary, and thirsty, and unprepared.

  9. A hurried exclamation from the chief to stand like men, and a feeble cry from his followers in reply, was succeeded by the rush of the savages.

  10. I am very weak," added the Lalla, in a feeble voice; "will no one help me?

  11. Poor feeble old women and men, and children who have to be taken care of themselves.

  12. She set about administering them to her brother's orderly, when a feeble voice in a cot a few feet away fell upon her ear.

  13. Warned not to tax the feeble powers of the invalid, Rosa and Jones withdrew, leaving Olympia to recover from the fatigues of her journey in the tent with Vincent.

  14. The artful rogue slips his arm about her waist at this, and, after a feeble struggle, he is permitted to hold this outwork unprotested.

  15. So I, a feeble woman, yet the servant of the Most High and the maiden who was dearer to you than life, cry in tones of warning: Fear your father's curse and the punishment of the Lord!

  16. His were in England the fierce sect who laid Their bloody hands on a too feeble king.

  17. But Seryozha, though he heard his tutor's feeble voice, did not pay attention to it.

  18. The simple-hearted Marya Yevgenyevna simply roared with laughter at everything absurd the prince said, and his jokes made Varenka helpless with feeble but infectious laughter, which was something Kitty had never seen before.

  19. But here, seeking to throw a feeble beam or two of light into the mental processes of the American proletarian, we find ourselves entering upon a discussion that grows narrow and perhaps also dull.

  20. We shall never forget, indeed, the tremulous manner in which American audiences first listened to the feeble rattling of the palpable in such pieces as "Man and Superman" and "You Never Can Tell.

  21. The woman answered in a feeble voice: "I don't remember exactly how it was.

  22. Lionel Crawford was a man of sixty-five years of age, bent in the shoulders, and a little feeble in the legs.

  23. But a very different scheme was in agitation among those who governed the feeble James, and perhaps, with right motives, guided him to his safety.

  24. It was, indeed, natural for an experienced officer who had served under Marlborough, to view with dissatisfaction and suspicion the feeble and tardy movements of Lord Mar.

  25. He uttered these words in a feeble voice, being very faint and weak; but they were overheard at once.

  26. The scanty parish dress, the livery of his misery, hung loosely on his feeble body; and his young limbs had wasted away, like those of an old man.

  27. Day by day, and almost hour by hour, some drop of health came back, and mingling with the spent and feeble stream of life which circulated languidly within you, swelled it again to a high and rushing tide.

  28. At this point of the inquiry, Oliver raised his head; and, looking round with imploring eyes, murmured a feeble prayer for a draught of water.

  29. It was not quite dark; the door was partially open; and the candle outside, threw a feeble reflection on the opposite wall.

  30. After a time she arose, and with feeble and tottering steps ascended the street.

  31. It was a solemn thing, to hear, in the darkened room, the feeble voice of the sick child recounting a weary catalogue of evils and calamities which hard men had brought upon him.

  32. And when he found that it really was the little master he had so sorely missed, all his powers were too feeble to express his joy and thankfulness.

  33. There were lean and haggard faces with white hair that shone blue in the feeble light, and little children with large heads and old-looking, anxious features.

  34. The French conteurs of the last century, following in the track of Hop o' my Thumb, made and narrated many pleasing discoveries, if they also wrote much that was feeble and is faded.

  35. The dim gaze rested on him, and a faint, faint smile moved the hollow cheeks; the thin clenched hand was lifted from the sheet and made a feeble movement towards Johannes, but it dropped again, powerless.

  36. The only true principle for humanity is justice, and justice toward the feeble becomes necessarily protection or kindness.

  37. People have sometimes said to me that weak and feeble creatures are happy with me.

  38. Strong as the universe or feeble as the worm, according as we represent God or only ourselves, as we lean upon infinite being, or as we stand alone.

  39. There was a momentary and terrible silence, broken only by a few feeble groans.

  40. And the child, alarmed by the strife, added its feeble cries to its mother's shrieks.

  41. You have, Sir Rowland," she answered, in a feeble tone, but firmly.

  42. Nafs, soul or self)" I have attempted a feeble imitation.

  43. They may be but the feeble tricklings of the stream, which all the glacier's cold cannot freeze, but are still quick--still living amid a mass of external frigidity.

  44. Mingled with these sentiments were shadows of distrust; and when she compared their love to that which had once bound her heart in earlier, happier days, she felt how feeble and how dim was its greatest light.

  45. You may see a feeble attempt to stamp Augusta's beauty when we go home--her portrait hangs in the hall.

  46. Emma had refused the cushioned seat, because she saw at a glance that the young boy occupying that seat was more feeble than herself.

  47. Fanny knew that Emma was near enough to hear these remarks, but she did not know for what intent the feeble girl had taxed her strength in walking so far to see her.

  48. And not feeble enough, I hope," replied Emma.

  49. With a feeble grin, Macgregor produced his notes.

  50. I know Thee, Saviour, who Thou art; Jesus, the feeble sinner's friend!

  51. No feeble voice is on the gale; no answer half-drowned in the storm!

  52. The curtain was lifted four times, and a few feeble cries for the author were heard, chiefly from the first balcony.

  53. To have the curtain go down on her final scenes to feeble and hesitating applause was a new and painful experience.

  54. And into the camp he went with the vikings; and not one there even dreamed that beneath the ragged clothes and feeble form the King of Wessex was hidden.

  55. And Wulnoth told all his story of his journeyings, and of the death of Hubba and Hungwar, and of how Edgiva was with Alfred the King, and old Wyborga still lived, though she was feeble and old.

  56. The trouble is that we are not always satisfied with its feeble and uncertain utterances, and are too often impelled by cupidity or other equally unworthy motive to practise the charlatanism of the crafty priests of old.

  57. Father Hooper at first replied merely by a feeble motion of his head; then, apprehensive, perhaps, that his meaning might be doubted, he exerted himself to speak.

  58. Dark is less fertile of images than the feeble luster of the moon.

  59. One involuntarily looked again to be sure that such a feeble pipe came from that full-swelling chest.

  60. Wolfert made a feeble motion for them to be silent.

  61. I knew, I felt, that some person or thing was in the room, although nothing unusual was to be seen by the feeble light.

  62. My feeble limbs refused to support me, and I sunk upon a chair.

  63. I confess that I entertained some feeble hope of his final deliverance, when I saw him lash himself to the box, and commit himself to the sea.

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