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  1. Ambassadors went ahead with gifts from the Frenchmen; and companies of women marched to meet the explorers, chanting songs of welcome.

  2. Everything depended on keeping the two English companies apart, and they were distant only nine miles.

  3. In defiance of the rival companies and independent of those with which he was connected, he offered to furnish ships and share profits with Radisson and Groseillers for a voyage to Hudson Bay.

  4. Those Companies for being badly served on account of inexperience and through poor economy, as will happen at the beginning of all affairs, were put to large expenses.

  5. But the State, in the form and aspect of two companies of national bourgeois guards, entered by a door which they had forgotten to guard, swept the hall, and caused Bakounin to hasten back along the road to Geneva.

  6. In effect, his Grand Lodges would have been simply the head offices of huge joint stock companies owning the entire means of production in their industry, and subject to no control by the community as a whole.

  7. During the recent trouble between the steamboat companies and the striking longshoremen in New York City this office .

  8. The order was given to lie down, and for the two or three hours of the remaining night the companies slept on the field in column of fours.

  9. The battalion then crossed the railway, and two companies entrenched across a wide stretch of open pasture, facing the direction in which we had been marching, protected from the right to some extent by the railway embankment.

  10. The disembarkation of B, C, and D Companies (100 men each) of our battalion was now proceeding rapidly, and the advance towards the town commenced.

  11. C Company soon came up and took up their position a little beyond me along the reed-bed, and I learnt that Major Webb with the rest of A Company was advancing on our right, and then B and D Companies were still further to the right.

  12. On the other hand, the mounted infantry with two companies of Baluchis not long afterwards waylaid a party of the enemy, and killed over 30 of them, and one German officer.

  13. The men of our battalion (about 50 of each of our 4 companies) were in reserve, but late in the afternoon A, C, and D Companies had to go forward to support an Indian regiment.

  14. I am now in command of A Company of the 25th Fusiliers, and in all our manoeuvres A and B Companies have to lead the advance, so I expect we shall have to do the same when it comes to actually attacking any German position.

  15. There were several other units engaged in this affair, 500 Rhodesians, some of the Loyal North Lancs, and three companies of the K.

  16. Sales of farm lands to colonization companies and of timber limits were continued, with occasional excessive gains to speculators, which the Opposition vigorously denounced.

  17. This immigration, which was prompted by Canadian mining and railway companies acting in co-operation with Japanese societies, came via the Hawaiian Islands.

  18. The federal policy of aid to private companies was continued, with amendments.

  19. I have seen eight men under a grand piano and two men under a big American roller top desk, and in Calcutta, where one of the street railway companies was extending its tracks, I saw the workmen carry the rails upon their heads.

  20. Most of the stock in the mining companies is owned by private citizens of India.

  21. A few companies sell water to the adjacent farmers on the same plan as that prevailing in California, Colorado and other of our states.

  22. Agriculture, under difficult circumstances, and unsupported by government, or by the companies pledged to encourage it, had also failed.

  23. Every parish and district had been organized in companies with capitaines de la côte, chosen from the most substantial men of the district, who would muster their men when required for war purposes.

  24. To increase this number six infantry companies of fifty-three men each were sent back in 1669.

  25. We have seen that since the companies had been mainly Huguenots, colonization had not succeeded owing to mutual jealousies.

  26. These made a contingent of 2,100 men, being composed of forty-eight companies of fusiliers of forty men each, and four companies of grenadiers of forty-five men each.

  27. De Courcelles warmly approved of his enthusiasm, seeing glory for his own administration at no cost to himself, and he even allowed soldiers to quit their companies and join La Salle.

  28. The first was the endeavour made by Champlain to nip in the bud the sale of intoxicating liquors to the natives in exchange for peltry already introduced by the preceding companies and by the English under Kerth.

  29. So now two companies were formed, one of London merchants called the London Company, one of Plymouth merchants called the Plymouth Company.

  30. And, driven by the tyranny of King James and of his son Charles I, small companies of Puritans began to follow the example of the Pilgrim Fathers and go out to New England, there to seek freedom to worship God.

  31. These companies were formed by merchants.

  32. As has been said many companies were formed, many land charters granted for Northern Virginia, or New England, as it was now called.

  33. Of the two companies now formed it was only the London Company which really did anything.

  34. And not knowing what had happened at Fort Caroline they set out in two companies to try to reach the fort by land.

  35. And both these companies prayed King James to grant them permission to found colonies in Virginia.

  36. Armed companies of both sides marched through the country, and when they met, there was bloodshed.

  37. Only fifteen companies of local militia and six of regulars were present at inauguration time, stationed by General Scott at critical points in the city.

  38. Twelve regiments, with twenty-two guns and two companies of cavalry, concentrated in this favorable position and awaited the Union advance.

  39. The remaining four companies therefore left the cars and started to march.

  40. Insurance companies recognize that a large percentage of farm fires comes from the use of kerosene; for this reason, they are willing to make special rates for farm homes lighted by electricity.

  41. Portable Batteries Abroad it is becoming quite common for power companies to deliver storage batteries fully charged, and call for them when discharged.

  42. Electricity, properly installed, is much safer than oil lamps--so much so indeed that insurance companies are ready to quote especial rates.

  43. It is estimated that the combined output of these companies for 1912 was between seventy-five thousand and eighty thousand tons of bridge and building work, having a value of about four million and a half dollars.

  44. The same evening a strong reinforcement of regulars left for the same stations, and on the 4th, several additional companies of volunteers were dispatched to Hemingford and other places along the frontier.

  45. Since the above there has been no retirements in life insurance, but four or five new companies have been added.

  46. On June 18th, the volunteer companies returned, being welcomed enthusiastically by their fellow citizens, and June 23d was observed as a day of general rejoicing and inspection.

  47. In Upper Canada the turnpikes were controlled by joint stock companies in the main and were kept in a miserable condition.

  48. It is safe to say that next to the great banking and railway business done by local institutions more money is handled by the insurance companies than by any other group of enterprises.

  49. Since 1912 three or four small fire companies have retired, but to offset this, others, to the number of six or eight, have entered the field.

  50. Although these various companies made much noise at the time, they introduced no new settlers into the land, and, in fact, did nothing of lasting effect; so that it is mere waste of time to allude to most of them.

  51. The bayonet companies of the loyalist militia were in the same plight; and the North Carolina tories, the least disciplined, could no longer be held to their work.

  52. Footnote: Four companies were to be raised on the Holston; but only one actually went to Kentucky; and most of its members deserted when they found out about the true nature of the expedition.

  53. Clark had weeded out all those whom he deemed unable to stand fatigue and hardship; his four little companies were of picked men, each with a good captain.

  54. There was a rage for land speculation and land companies of every kind.

  55. The men of the different companies felt some rivalry towards one another; and those of bad character, sure to be found in any such gathering, could not be properly controlled.

  56. It is important to keep in mind the territorial organization of the militia companies and regiments; a county and a regiment, a forted village and a company, were usually coextensive.

  57. While suffering from his wound, Sir William Howe disbanded his rifle corps, distributing it among the light companies of the different regiments; and its commander in consequence became an unattached volunteer in the army.

  58. He worked steadily on, heedless of difficulty and disappointment, and late in the spring at last got together four small companies of frontiersmen from the clearings and the scattered hunters' camps.

  59. All his volunteers and regulars were expert in its use, and with his usual ingenuity he had trained several of his loyalist companies in a similar manner, improvising bayonets out of their hunting-knives.

  60. In attack, it should designate the direction or the objective, the order and front of the companies on the firing line, and should designate the right or left company as base company.

  61. Companies or designated subdivisions and detachments are conducted by their commanders in such manner as best to accomplish the mission assigned to them under the major's orders.

  62. Being in column of squads: At the first command, the captain of the leading company commands: Column right; the captains of the companies in rear, column half right.

  63. The battalion being in column of companies at full distance, all officers dismounted, the major commands: 1.

  64. The arrangement of the companies may be varied by the major or higher commander.

  65. Being in column of companies or close column: 1.

  66. The other companies (halting if in march) successively take up the march and follow in column.

  67. The right company changes direction to the right; the other companies are conducted by the shortest line to their places abreast of the first.

  68. At the assembly for a ceremony companies are formed on their own parades and informally inspected.

  69. The other companies move forward in column of companies and successively march in column of squads to the right on the same ground as the leading company.

  70. In column of companies or platoons the color guard is midway between the color company and the company in rear of the color company and equidistant from the flanks of the column.

  71. The order should then designate the companies which are to constitute the firing line and those which are to constitute the support.

  72. The other companies had been ordered to act in the same way.

  73. The strikers, as they are called, go for solid cash now instead of target companies and clambakes for which the candidates paid the bills.

  74. Memorial of the Illinois and Ouabache Land Companies to the honorable Congress of the United States.

  75. The numerous companies of emigrants that flock to this country, might appear, to those who have not witnessed them, almost incredible.

  76. As the rangers furnished their own supplies, the two companies went out alternately for periods of fifteen days.

  77. A fortnight later deeds under the common seals of the livery companies "concernyng the suretye state and succession" of the king were delivered to Henry in person at Greenwich by a deputation of aldermen.

  78. Grocers, Drapers, Tailors and Cloth-workers respectively, sixteen men, and the rest of the companies contingents varying from twelve to two.

  79. On his return he was met at Blackheath by the mayor and aldermen in scarlet gowns, with their servants in gowns of "musterdevilers," accompanied by more than 600 members of the companies in gowns of bright murrey.

  80. The civic companies somewhat tardily gave their adhesion to the royal cause, and agreed to defend the city.

  81. The city companies were called upon to contribute as before, any deficiency in the number of men raised by them being made up by men raised by the mayor and aldermen themselves in a somewhat novel fashion.

  82. Towards the middle of August two ships arrived bearing four companies of the regiment of Carignan, and the following month three other vessels brought, together with eight other companies, Governor de Courcelles and Commissioner Talon.

  83. Since the first companies in charge of Canada were formed principally of merchants of Rouen, of La Rochelle and of St. Malo, it is not astonishing that the first colonists should have come largely from Normandy and Perche.

  84. Gives a sketch of banks started as finance companies to make or float government loans, and to give good coin; and sketches their function of remitting money.

  85. The prelates and priests whom I used to meet in less orthodox companies than those frequented by my father seemed to me still more free and easy.

  86. This little insular restoration could not, however, be accomplished without a Mass, at which both companies of the troops were ordered to be present.

  87. The union of all these men made a combination of practical skill and financial ability, such as could be found in few companies in England or in the world.

  88. In many stock companies the custom obtains of assigning to the projectors a certain portion of the stock as a bonus for getting up the company, which amount appears among the subscriptions to swell the capital.

  89. Director of the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company, and Chairman of the Board that owned the Great Eastern, and so represented both those companies which had so great a stake in the result.

  90. We have already given the chief details of the history of the gods Horus and Thoth, and the principal gods of the other companies may now be briefly named.

  91. British Museum the great and the little companies of the gods appear as witnesses, but the artist was so careless that instead of nine gods in each group he painted six in one and five in the other.

  92. How provoking," said Mrs. Quabarl; "these railway companies are so careless.

  93. This Act also enabled the Companies and other authorized undertakers to enter into agreements for the exchange of current and the linking-up of stations.

  94. The average return on the capital invested in the companies at the later period was 5.

  95. There were no fixed principles governing the relations between the state or municipal authorities and commercial companies rendering monopoly services.

  96. In 1882, numerous electric lighting companies were formed for the conduct of public and private lighting, but an electric lighting act passed in that year greatly hindered commercial progress in Great Britain.

  97. After less than a decade of development several of the companies in London found themselves obliged to make considerable additions to their generating plants.

  98. Several electric power supply companies have been established in the United Kingdom to give practical effect to these principles.

  99. No general legislation took place as a result of these recommendations, but the undermentioned special acts constituting power supply companies were passed.

  100. Not one of the sixty-two provisional orders granted to companies in 1883 under the act was carried out.

  101. The D'Oyly Carte companies then, as now, were always a happy family, the members of which were always helpful to one another and always remarkably free from those petty jealousies that distinguish some ranks of the profession.

  102. Seeing that theatrical managers were understood to dislike married couples in companies on tour, she was to ask him whether he would engage her brother for the tour, pointing out that he had a good voice and was "fairly good looking.

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