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criteria; criterion; criterions; critic; critica; critically; criticise; criticised; criticises; criticising
  1. Another makes a similar selection from the decisions of each year as they appear, and publishes them with critical annotations.

  2. A critical account of the Virginian operations and the Chickamauga campaign is Gen.

  3. Thomas's defence won him the popular title of the "Rock of Chickamauga" and enabled Rosecrans to draw off his men, but the critical position of the Army of the Cumberland in Chattanooga aroused great alarm.

  4. Such a theory, like its modern rival of the sun-myth, may of course be pushed till it becomes absurd; yet in India critical observers, like Sir Alfred C.

  5. His work entitled Diatribae in Ausonium, Solinum et Ovidium (1524) is a monument of erudition and critical skill.

  6. A critical edition of the Anticlaudianus and of the De planctu naturae is given by Th.

  7. It became at once the text-book of the chief mathematical schools of Europe, though its critical notes were of little value.

  8. I found it as easy as possible to subdue the critical spirit, even in connection with things which I should never care to approve of.

  9. Once a year the present Lady Mafferton invites Mrs. Portheris to tea, and I know they discuss my theory of engagements in a critical spirit.

  10. Mrs. Winnie hung the wet clothes before the fire, while her man stared at the table with the critical eyes of a host whose gratitude meant to prove its warmth by persuading his guests to overeat themselves.

  11. Perhaps he was learning the familiar truth that no being can be more fiercely conscientious and self-critical than a good woman newly married.

  12. The larger the quantity of oxygen used, the lower the "critical pressure" was found to be.

  13. At and above this critical pressure the result was found to be independent of the length of the column of gases exploded.

  14. For a list of his works see Allibone's Critical Dictionary of English Literature (1859).

  15. At the turning-point of a very critical illness, the lady who commissioned my picture dreamt that she, as a disembodied spirit, soared up heavenwards in the night.

  16. I am very much obliged to you for your critical doubts.

  17. He shared many of the chief intellectual tendencies of his age, having no feeling for the highest aspirations of human nature, but submitting all things to a searching critical analysis.

  18. From this work and from his Gifford lectures we learn objectively what had previously been inferred from his critical works.

  19. He also published critical editions of Curtius and Florus.

  20. His Arcadian Rhetorike owes much to earlier critical treatises, but has a special interest from its references to Spenser, and Fraunce quotes from the Faerie Queene a year before the publication of the first books.

  21. In the “critical part” (apparently dispersed through the other two parts) the author intends to pass judgment on the merits of the languages of Mexico, to point out their good qualities and their defects.

  22. Unquestionably, future and more critical study will result in the fusion of some of these families.

  23. Mr. Tilden's ripe, powerful, mellow voice moved every heart, and more than satisfied the nicest and most critical ear.

  24. The man, although around the camp attending to his duties, is in a critical state of health, bleeding almost daily at the lungs.

  25. In her room, though she dressed hurriedly, she still took time for a long and critical examination of two rows of little pink toes.

  26. As Lee came on, rushing at him like a man gone mad, Trevors slipped aside and struck back, for the critical moment gaining time to breathe.

  27. Francis Bacon (Lord Verulam): A Critical Review of his Life and Character, with Selections from his Writings.

  28. A Critical Inquiry into the New Testament Doctrine of Our Lord's Second Coming.

  29. As a result of these opposite reactions there will be a critical temperature, below which the contractile effect will relatively be greater than expansion; above the critical point, expansion will be the predominant effect.

  30. The critical point is therefore high, for tissues in a condition below par.

  31. The critical temperature will obviously be different in different organs.

  32. Nothing happened till a critical angle was reached, which was roughly estimated to be about 33 deg.

  33. If the intensity of the stimulus be feeble or moderate, the quantity of light incident on the responding organ at the beginning may fall below the critical value, and thus act as a sub-minimal stimulus.

  34. This critical intensity, I have found to be low in vigorous specimens, and high in sub-tonic specimens.

  35. There is a critical point, which demarcates the sub-minimal stimulus with its expansive reaction from the minimal with its responsive contraction.

  36. It is evident that there is a critical intensity of stimulus, above which there is a retardation, and below which there is the opposite reaction of acceleration.

  37. The curve thus crosses the zero line of the abscissa twice; the first crossing takes places upwards at the critical point of stimulation which demarcates the sub-minimal from the minimal.

  38. Stimulus below the critical point will here induce the opposite physiological reaction, i.

  39. March 27 was the critical day of decision in London, as it was also the day upon which public and parliamentary opinion was most vigorously debated in regard to Great Britain's neutral duty.

  40. Lyons' first report of Mercier's ideas had been received in London at a rather critical moment.

  41. Schmidt's thesis is largely dependent on placing the critical period in 1863).

  42. Let us shift the scene to Germany, and the time to the year 1828, when he was exhibiting before the people at Vienna, and exciting the admiration and astonishment of the most distinguished professors and connoisseurs of that critical city.

  43. Monsieur Fetis, in his literary notice, written to accompany the Collection just referred to, has given some able critical remarks on the compositions in detail.

  44. Doctor, were I in your place I would offer the aid of my art to my aunt Cabeza de Vaca, in the critical state she is thrown into by the major’s trumpet.

  45. He concluded his address to my brother with conjuring him, as a son of France and a good Catholic, to assist him with his aid and counsel in this critical juncture, when his crown and the Catholic religion were both at stake.

  46. Marcel and Bishop Lecocq, seeing the critical state of things, obtained the release of Charles of Navarre, then a prisoner.

  47. In Zebulon it was an heroic deed to bring on himself an artificial attack of cholera at a critical time like that.

  48. A hundred such lads were of untold value at a critical moment like the present.

  49. The critical moment, however, was yet to come.

  50. But if Richard fails to meet his mother, and still refuses to join the insurgents, a ball will be sent through his head at the critical moment--so Fritz assures me.

  51. Henry took his pipe from his mouth, and then looked at his wife with a steady and somewhat critical gaze.

  52. A critical account of this picture, which is 17 feet in length by l1 feet in height, and contains ten full-length portraits, will be found in the Beauties of Wiltshire, vol.

  53. But for such essential aid, it would have been out of my power to produce the work as it is now presented to the members of the "Wiltshire Topographical Society," and to the critical reader.

  54. Mr. Saltus, he said, was in a very critical condition.

  55. It proved that Mr. Saltus must be in a critical condition mentally, to be imagining such wild and impossible things, and that he needed care.

  56. Under such conditions and at this critical juncture, China cannot be expected to do otherwise than maintain strict neutrality.

  57. Since our revolution, anti-foreign feelings have been suppressed by us, but anti-foreign spirit lives and may take advantage of the critical time and rise in another Boxer movement with general massacre of foreigners.

  58. Plots to assassinate people always occur at critical moments, and it is most uncomfortable for all concerned.

  59. She had only to elude Lascelle's grasp at the critical moment, and her fate was as certain as Du Meresq's.

  60. She was not at a very critical age, but the culinary triumphs of the "general servant" made her practice a good deal of enforced abstinence since she had been accustomed to properly prepared cookery at "The Maples.

  61. Lady Inez looked upon her as rather a nuisance, and was coldly critical upon her appearance and manner.

  62. The cares and sorrows of the President had hardly been more severe during the most critical days of the war than they were in December, 1864--it was the dark just before the dawn.

  63. The family needs were not of the extreme kind which are found in the slums of the city, but existence depended on incessant toil and the most critical economy.

  64. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "critical" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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