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Example sentences for "crucial"

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  1. Therefore the Romans, though they were compelled to cross the Apennines, for Rome lay upon their western side, were able to do so where they chose and not of necessity to make the difficult passage at a crucial point.

  2. At the crucial battle of Pharsalus in 48 B.

  3. The judge here interposed with the crucial question: "Did you know that you had been violated?

  4. His intelligence can be judged from one crucial point: he fastened on the fact that Oscar had burnt the letters which he bought from Wood, which he said were of no importance, except that they concerned third parties.

  5. The subject of the inquiry being supersensual, there was no scope for what Bacon called crucial experiments and separations of nature.

  6. But even he knew nothing of crucial instances and the theory of averages, the two capital resources of that inductive philosophy which we now possess.

  7. He knew, however, that Guérin was right, and that he alone in a crucial moment could give the Chouans confidence enough in themselves to let the enemy come openly up to them, and therefore that he alone could delay their march to Souday.

  8. When he was only a hundred strokes from the shore he felt that his strength betrayed his courage; nevertheless, calm and resolute in this crucial moment as he had been all his life, he resolved to struggle to the last.

  9. While there are so many human beings subject to ague, it seems to me they should be the subjects on whom the crucial tests are to be made, as I did in my labors.

  10. Again, I think that crucial experiments should be made on man for his diseases as far as it is possible.

  11. Nothing remained save to persuade Beatrice to take the crucial step.

  12. While he himself, with every reason to suffer every anxiety in this crucial moment, was quite the calmest person in the room, able to lecture a hysterical mother on the doctrine of chances!

  13. A study of the conditions that obtain during these years clearly reveals the reason for their crucial character.

  14. The crucial points in development are those times when new possibilities begin to unfold.

  15. The very important question now arises, "How may these crucial times be recognized?

  16. Your Grace," said the Prime Minister in a changed tone, "may I put one very crucial question?

  17. The King heard and understood: it was a crucial moment in the exercise of his partially recovered authority; twenty pair of eyes were looking at him, curiously intent, one pair benevolently anxious.

  18. And here we come upon a branch of our inquiry where we may well expect to meet with the most crucial tests of our theory.

  19. Bates, the naturalist on the Amazons, followed fast with his beautiful and striking theory of mimicry, a crucial instance well explained.

  20. Every fact is duly marshalled: every conclusion is drawn by the truest and most legitimate process from careful observation or crucial experiment.

  21. She began to realize with a gathering emotion that this matter was far more crucial than she had supposed.

  22. Long before Lady Beach-Mandarin's crucial luncheon, his deliberate foreseeing mind had been planning such a retreat.

  23. For some crucial moments Sir Isaac was unable to speak and regarded his visitors with an expression that was unpretendingly criminal.

  24. She remembered the case of the young English woman, Harriet Freeze, who, when called upon to nurse a smallpox patient, had been found wanting in courage at the crucial moment, and had discovered an excuse for leaving her post.

  25. None of these three animals last mentioned has any close allies elsewhere, and their presence in Celebes may be considered the crucial fact which must give us the clue to the past history of the island.

  26. Our attention centers on the political aspects of World Federation with economic considerations present and always operating, but not dominating the crucial decisions.

  27. Western civilization differs from its predecessors in one crucial respect: it is planet-wide.

  28. This deterministic role of the war machine has never been more dramatically in the foreground than during the crucial years from 1910 to the present day, when war apparatus costs have topped the list of government expenditures.

  29. The Constitution also contained a crucial property provision: the natural resources of Mexico are the property of the Mexican people and cannot be alienated.

  30. The politicians make the crucial announcements and sign the key documents.

  31. Darius had led his army against the Greeks, and, in spite of the resistance he had encountered from them, he had gained ground, and was on the point of striking a crucial blow, when death cut short his career.

  32. If the view which we have maintained is correct, the hypothesis is not to be limited to those elaborate formulations of the scientist which he seeks to confirm by crucial tests.

  33. This brings us to the final and crucial point of the discussion, the part which purpose plays in the determination of truth and error from the standpoint of "the absolute system of ideas.

  34. Dory was debating with himself: To take that house--it was one of those trifles that are anything but trifles--like the slight but crucial motion at the crossroads in choosing the road to the left instead of the road to the right.

  35. Obviously," he said at length, "the doctor is the crucial witness.

  36. If in this crucial moment he failed to stand for that which in his innermost soul he knew to be right, the self-respect which had nurtured his sturdy young manhood would be gone.

  37. She went on, not sure of her ground, nor altogether certain of herself; yet feeling that this was a crucial moment and that every argument ought to be duly weighed and considered.

  38. The qualities he exhibited in these crucial periods of his life differentiated the man from the time-server and place-seeker.

  39. He was at this crucial point at the battle of the Wilderness far in advance of his men--so far in advance that they mistook him for the enemy and fired upon him.

  40. At one crucial point Longstreet had the proud honor to carry forward the regimental colors mentioned in Worth's despatches.

  41. And now the grand crucial question arises--How do atoms combine so as to form concrete bodies?

  42. It will at once be obvious that the grand crucial questions by which this philosophy of religion is to be tested are-- 1st.

  43. And now we seem to have penetrated to the centre of Hamilton's philosophy, and the vital point may be touched by one crucial question, Upon what ultimate ground does faith itself rest?

  44. The moment for the crucial experiment was not yet; it came in due time, but Jenner had to wait five years for it, and five years are a long time to a man who is yearning to perform his crucial experiment.

  45. Exhausted after the strange and crucial scene, she had dozed off, and had never moved throughout George's dressing.

  46. Both were aware that the words had opened a crucial interview between them.

  47. At the close of the crucial conflict more than thirty thousand of the flower of our Kentucky manhood had fallen, and thousands more were crippled.

  48. It gave peace to the frontiersmen at the time the colonies were beginning the crucial contest with England and for a while prevented that barbaric warfare waged by the British and Indians united.

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