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Example sentences for "croziers"

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  1. The French Gothic ivory croziers are perhaps more beautiful than others, the little figures standing in the carved volutes being especially delicate and graceful.

  2. Croziers of ornate design especially roused the ire of the Puritans.

  3. Over this dreadful face, its dust and decay and its mocking grin, hung a crown sown thick with flashing brilliants; and upon the breast lay crosses and croziers of solid gold that were splendid with emeralds and diamonds.

  4. The croziers of some of the young ferns are very perfect, and were at first mistaken by collectors for shells of the genus Planorbis.

  5. At Batenshope, on the Whitelee ground, Reeds and Halls and Croziers met, and a joyous crew were the Croziers that night as they homewards rode up the Rede valley.

  6. The Croziers might have all the spoil, but the Halls would share the joke, and Percival Reed would crow less crouse for the future.

  7. Through the rough turf the bracken pushed upward, uncurling sturdy croziers of brownish green.

  8. He leaned forward, his hands clasped between his knees, looking at the bracken croziers pushing bravely upward through the rough turf to air and light.

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