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espece; especes; especial; especiall; especiallie; especialmente; especie; espedientes; espee; esper
  1. Though it flagrantly challenges comparison with the unequalled original, it has, nevertheless, especially in its opening and closing passages, a grave dignity which is purely Roman, and characteristically Ciceronian.

  2. The fourth and tenth Eclogues may be singled out especially as showing the new method, which almost amounted to a new human language, as they are also those where Virgil breaks away most decidedly from imitation of the Greek idyllists.

  3. The heroic hexameter was, of course, a metre much harder to reproduce in Latin than the trochaic and iambic metres of the Greek drama, the former of which especially accommodated itself without difficulty to Italian speech.

  4. Virgil may seem to us to miss some of his opportunities, to labour others beyond their due proportion, to force himself (especially in the later books) into material not well adapted to the distinctive Virgilian treatment.

  5. The Octavius is a dialogue in the Ciceronian manner, showing especially a close study of the De Natura Deorum.

  6. The famous sonnet of Wordsworth on the same subject must at once occur to an English reader; but the poem in its manner, especially in the dying cadence of the last two lines, recalls even more strongly some of the finest sonnets of Keats.

  7. The Court set a tone which was followed in other circles, and more especially among the younger men of the old aristocracy, now largely excluded from the public life which had engrossed their parents under the Republic.

  8. History more especially languished under the jealous censorship of the government.

  9. For my part, it is especially at rising, wearied by a want of sleep, that long habit inclines me to this elevation which imposes not the fatigue of thinking.

  10. It was by this especially that she impressed me with awe.

  11. Had I had no natural inclination to the poor girl, compassion and contradiction would have produced it in me: I was always a great friend to decency in manners and conversation, especially in the fair sex.

  12. I knew women, especially those of her rank, would absolutely be amused, that it was better to offend than to weary them, and I judged by her commentaries upon what the people who went away had said what she must think of my blunders.

  13. The Alps, covered with snow, then rendered my emigration impracticable, especially with the promptitude required from me.

  14. In solitude especially is it, that the advantage of living with a person who knows how to think is particularly felt.

  15. At Motiers the case was different, especially with the visitors who came from France.

  16. In my younger days I frequently suffered from inflammatory disorders, pleurisies, and especially quinsies, to which I was very subject, and which frequently brought me near enough to death to familiarize me to its image.

  17. It remains therefore between Grimm and Diderot, then so much united, especially against me, and it is probable this crime was common to them both.

  18. The global slowdown, especially in the information technology sector, pressed growth down to 2.

  19. The government faces other strong challenges in 2004, especially cutting the budget deficit, containing inflation, and strengthening the health care system.

  20. Potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes, and especially flowers are important export crops, shipped mostly to the UK.

  21. This significance of property makes itself especially felt in the case of the things that are necessary for the producing of other things, and so most notably in the case of land and tools.

  22. That is why they are devoting themselves entirely to the inculcation of principles, especially of economic principles.

  23. Till then the People's Bank Company, having to conform to established custom and the requirements of law, and especially in order more effectively to invite citizens to join it, will provide itself with capital.

  24. But any government which an insurgent people attains by elections must necessarily be a leaden weight on its feet, especially in so immense an economic, political, and moral reorganization as the social revolution.

  25. Therefore we have to take into consideration, as our material, the norms (especially regarding the State and property) of the most diverse systems and families of laws.

  26. Fifteen cents for a first book, especially a book of verse, is fair enough, I guess.

  27. Albert Speranza, was welcomed, especially by the girls.

  28. And you do look older, especially about the eyes.

  29. It began well and continued well and ended best of all, for the dessert was one of which Albert was especially fond.

  30. Why trouble to put penciled lines on paper when the entire universe was a poem especially composed for your benefit?

  31. Issy's a good deal like a post in some ways, especially in the makeup of his head, but he's too ricketty to lean on for any length of time.

  32. I know what I am saying sounds perfectly horrid, and especially now when you have just saved me from being badly hurt, if not killed.

  33. He gained the victory from a packed jury, but was not much elated by it, especially after a certain adventure on his way to Lincoln's Inn.

  34. It's not fair to administer such a shock to a remote country parish like Wivelrod, especially when they're just beginning to get used to the vestments I gave them.

  35. I was surprised to find somebody so young as Brother Dunstan in charge of a monastery, especially as he said he was only a novice as yet.

  36. I know my failure to gain a scholarship at Oxford has been a great disappointment to you, especially after you had worked so hard yourself to coach me.

  37. But holy imbecility is a great bore, especially when there is a stranger present.

  38. Moreover, the examiners might ascribe his answers to ill health, to some sudden attack of nerves, especially if his papers to-day had been tolerably good.

  39. If it's in the front of the house, I shan't want your help, especially as you're so funky.

  40. The band-master would not have minded this so much, especially when he was congratulated on his son's enterprise by the wife of the Colonel.

  41. Did you not suspect who Thoms was, especially as Mortlake sent him to you?

  42. I was so afraid that you would take up the old hatred as soon as he came back to dispute the will with you, especially as he was thought to be so well out of the way.

  43. But you mistake me; I meant that since love is eternally being met with treachery, why do you waste it, and especially upon such a poor parti as a colonel?

  44. Driveller" began to insult members of the club, especially the boys, and to defy them, on any pretext.

  45. The two went several times to see museums, especially the Vatican museum.

  46. In the city the Republicans were getting the majority, especially in the suburbs.

  47. It was especially the small shopkeepers that considered themselves most injured.

  48. I far prefer to be ignorant of everything, and especially the past, and from time to time to offer myself a capricious, arbitrary explanation.

  49. Especially in our Southern countries strong individualities have usually been unquiet and tumultuous.

  50. With the townpeople he used the tactics of knowing all their names, especially the old folks', and for this purpose he carried a little note-book.

  51. The streets of Castro, especially those near the centre, where the crowd is greater, are dirty and ill-smelling in summer.

  52. What he especially wants is that it should be full of sentiment; and so the pianist arranged it with directions and many pauses, which satisfied the Norwegian.

  53. We were bored, especially she who has no artistic feeling.

  54. This discipline established, we ought to spread it through the contiguous countries, especially through Africa.

  55. The head is very large, especially that of the soldier.

  56. This reflection--with which we opened our rapid review of the Exhibition in the Champ de Mars--haunts us especially as we linger in the galleries devoted to Holland and Italy.

  57. What remarkable voices they have, especially the men--so full, so rich, so deep and sonorous!

  58. Eggs are a boon to cooks, especially when dishes are wanted quickly.

  59. Especially suitable is it for making Barley Water, one of the most healthful and refreshing drinks for both summer and winter.

  60. It is perfectly digestible and especially suitable for growing children, as without impairing their delicate digestive systems.

  61. For such this book will especially prove useful, for in it will be found a set of thirty menus, one for each day in a month, giving suitable recipes with quantities for one person only.

  62. Great care should be taken, especially in the beginning, as the eggs easily curdle when the oil is stirred in too fast.

  63. Baked potatoes are the most wholesome, and their skins should always be eaten; steamed potatoes are next; whilst boiled ones, especially if peeled, are not nearly so good.

  64. We notice it chiefly in girls and in children with long hair, probably because it dwells especially in the hair.

  65. Cultured vision especially shrinks from a strong blaze of red.

  66. In Japan this sensation is especially aroused by the music of insects,--hemiptera uttering a sound-language wonderfully different from that of their Western congeners.

  67. It is one of the books especially studied by the Zen sect, or sect of Dhyâna.

  68. Vespertina Cognitio [Illustration] I I doubt if there be any other form of terror that even approaches the fear of the supernatural, and more especially the fear of the supernatural in dreams.

  69. The Shingon sect, I may observe, is a mystical sect, which especially proclaims the identity of mind and substance, and boldly carries out the doctrine to its furthest logical consequences.

  70. Boys and girls--more especially those with a taste for travel and natural history--should find the book "irresistible.

  71. Little brown animals of the bear family were especially ubiquitous, so that our time was kept rather fully employed on our long trail towards the supposed land of El Dorado.

  72. What made this action an especially noble one was the fact that Cobbett was one of the greatest bullies in the midshipmen's berth, and had specially singled out Marryat for cowardly and brutal treatment.

  73. They had to be prepared for all manner of emergencies in these wilds of Asturias, especially on the eves and morrows of Saints' days.

  74. In Nicaragua--the country with which my tale is concerned--this is especially the case.

  75. He seems to have such large ideas concerning all things, and to suggest by his manner, especially when you are out on the plains with him, that he cares more for his cattle, and for his horse particularly, than he does for you.

  76. The ladies especially were looking wistfully over the bulwarks.

  77. Pollie especially was so radiant in renewed health and beauty that he felt irresistibly impelled to ask the momentous question.

  78. This plan probably saved us from some contagious disease; indeed, the bad smell of the dried fish, and the rarefied air in the building, had already begun to affect many of our men, especially the wounded.

  79. Of course they were not of our tribe, but belonged to the Umbiquas, a nation of thieves on our northern boundary, much given to horse-stealing, especially when it was not accompanied by any danger.

  80. Their horses, as I have said, could not run a race with ours, but in a long chase their hardy little animals would have had the advantage, especially as our own steeds had already performed so long a journey.

  81. This belt of Indian tribes, therefore, is rather an unsafe neighbour, especially in the event of a civil war or of a contest with England.

  82. It was more than I could expect, especially as the darkness would render it more difficult to take a certain aim.

  83. A great part of their time was devoted to digging for money: especially in the night-time, when, they said, the money could be most easily obtained.

  84. The Prince, though an old man, had much mettle in him, especially when his blood was up.

  85. Others seemed to represent that, by doing so they would indubitably consume the property inside, which they were not willing to destroy, especially as there was so little danger to be feared from within.

  86. The land is rich and fertile, especially by the sides of numerous streams, where the soil is sometimes of a deep red colour, and at others entirely black.

  87. What else is the convention whereby marriages are confined to people of the same class, thus securing the perpetuation of certain types, and especially of the better-gifted and better-disposed?

  88. I talk to as many people as I can, and especially to those who have had no special education in philosophy; and try to find out to what conclusions they have been led by their own direct experience.

  89. Some of this ancient work that has come down to us, especially some of the Roman mosaics, would seem to show clearly, even where design is not at first evident, that much thought was bestowed upon apparently disorderly arrangements.

  90. As for the question of difficulty, some of the puzzles, especially in the Arithmetical and Algebraical category, are quite easy.

  91. However, on attaining his fiftieth birthday he decided to see something of his country, and especially to pay a visit to a very old friend living at the town marked Z.

  92. Fuentes now received deputies with congratulations from the obedient provinces, especially from Hainault, Artois, and Lille.

  93. At those times he would frequently run a-muck through the streets, beating and wounding any one he met, especially if they dared to oppose or resist him.

  94. Bridgenorth was the site of their work, especially as the high rock at Bridgenorth offers a natural fortification.

  95. Steenstrup says that the Northmen built themselves shipyards all round Europe, especially on the islands where they had their winter settlements.

  96. But if we turn over the archaeological journals of some fifty years ago, we shall be struck by the paucity of papers on earthworks, and especially by the complete ignoring, in most cases, of those connected with castles.

  97. As it has been altered or added to in every century, its details are peculiarly difficult to trace, especially as the ordinary visitor is not allowed to make a thorough examination.

  98. Dawson's large and important work on Hastings Castle has appeared, and to this the reader is referred for many important particulars, especially the passages from the Pipe Rolls, i.

  99. The abbey at this place was founded by an earl of Chester,[869] which makes it probable that the castle also was originally his work, especially as Wendover says that Henry rebuilt it.

  100. Professor Lloyd deems that the emphasis laid (especially in the Charter Rolls, i.

  101. See especially two papers on "Motes and Norman Castles in Ireland," in English Historical Review, vol.

  102. Then curiosity awoke in Julia's mind, and she went and examined the box, and more especially the label.

  103. The ground, especially on the margin of the wood, was full of inequalities--here a pit, there a hillock surmounted with a bush of furze.

  104. One of them was, by his behavior under the ingenious tortures devised especially for the occasion, to furnish the principal amusement for each day.

  105. The producer of the piece, especially if he is also the author of it, develops a sort of intermittent insanity.

  106. My aunt says they are wonderfully agreeable," said Mollie as they started down the path, "especially in that pool.

  107. Especially since this old tub has never known a sail.

  108. I don't wonder you felt creepy, especially if there are many like that old crone we saw in Deepdale," and she glanced over her shoulder in the direction of the open window.

  109. A few moments later, Mollie had returned with the cherished sweetmeats and the boys were busily engaged in the process of toasting them on the ends of long wire forks made especially for that purpose.

  110. You don't look especially brow-beaten," she said.

  111. Yes, especially for your entertainment," laughed the Little Captain.

  112. It was a wonderful island, this--where you were always stumbling into some little glade or woodland bower made especially for you.

  113. Especially since the boys have taken down their tents, and we have everything packed up.

  114. Especially if the girls should lose their heads and begin to choke you.

  115. You beat us all fairly--especially me," he added ruefully.

  116. Especially as you girls say you can swim.

  117. Especially if the boys give us the heavy handicap we agreed on.

  118. Yes, especially if it fulfills its promise and goes to pieces in the middle of the lake," Grace remarked dryly.

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