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Example sentences for "especial"

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espalier; espaliers; esparto; espece; especes; especiall; especiallie; especially; especialmente; especie
  1. As Grand Master of all Symbolic Lodges, it is your especial duty to aid in restoring Masonry to its primitive purity.

  2. It is the especial symbol of duty and of faith.

  3. Commentaries and studies have been multiplied upon the Divine Comedy, the work of DANTE, and yet no one, so far as we know, has pointed out its especial character.

  4. Every inhabitant of the great city has an especial pride in the Park, and, thanks to this feeling, the Commissioners have little or no trouble in enforcing their regulations.

  5. So large is the number of emigrants arriving here, that the authorities have been compelled to establish a depot for the especial accommodation of this class.

  6. Landladies are the object of the especial attentions of swindlers, and suffer very much from them.

  7. We at once recognized his genius for wickedness, and made him an especial study.

  8. During all these visits, young Harley appeared to feel an especial interest in one of the visitors, who was known to hold a responsible position in a down-town banking house.

  9. The "Children's Aid Society" makes them objects of its especial care, its great end and aim being "to induce the boys to emigrate to the West.

  10. Accordingly the landlord got up early, and took especial note of all guests who came from the eastward, until at last Mao himself arrived.

  11. When I would find something of especial interest among the letters, I would speak of it.

  12. As the journalist could have had no original contributions to make with regard to the American aborigines, his observations upon this subject have no especial value, and have been omitted.

  13. And as he crossed the little bridge which separated the gardens he thought of more than one such meeting,--of one especial occasion on which he had first ventured to tell her in plain words that he loved her.

  14. I cannot say that she is one of my own especial friends.

  15. It is the especial and eternal mark of barbarism.

  16. The struggle over his remains ended by other parties giving way, and the people for whom he had laboured claiming him as their especial champion and prophet.

  17. He had no especial friendship for Mr. Johnson, but to him the differences between the President and Congress did not comprise an impeachable offense.

  18. This perfidy is made the especial charge against both the bishops, in an accusation laid by Edward before the pope.

  19. Edward had himself suppressed this mutiny; and, persevering in his determination to make the law respected, he next brought the judges themselves to trial, for corrupting that which it was their especial duty to preserve.

  20. He had already weighed for her every side of the question, taking especial pains to discuss each phase of the subject, even going so far as to disagree with MacFarlane's opinion as to the worthlessness of the ore lands.

  21. Perhaps a few extracts, where judicious and inoffensive, may give an interest to this especial chat.

  22. It was at least some satisfaction that she had, if only for the time being, singled him out as of especial interest, and he assured himself that the fault would be his if her interest failed.

  23. Stuart saluted Mr. Langham, as though to attract his especial attention, and then addressed himself in a low tone to Clay.

  24. He left the queen in charge of her women, commanding them to take especial care lest her despair should lead her to do harm to herself.

  25. He believed on the whole she would jump; yet his alternations on this subject were the more especial stuff of his suspense.

  26. Her husband had held his tongue and had made a large income; and these were in especial the achievements as to which Strether envied him.

  27. The changes in this type are chiefly localized in the lymphatic apparatus, the blood showing an especial increase in those elements derived from the lymph glands.

  28. The causes should be understood and especial treatment given for them.

  29. Soon afterward it came to Third Avenue, easily betrayed by the flare of gaslight in beer-saloon or liquor-shop, and a thoroughfare in which night revelry seems to have claimed especial stronghold.

  30. She remonstrated with him on the extravagance of this little devoted act, but for once he overruled her protest by a reference to the cheapness of flowers at that especial season.

  31. It promised to be a season of especial brilliancy.

  32. Mr. Ward was perhaps his especial darling among the white sahibs of Chittagong, but all are praised.

  33. His tender and affectionate disposition endeared him to his own family, with whom he was an especial favorite; and in connection with this, we may mention one circumstance strongly indicative of his yielding character.

  34. That's the especial boast of the British constitution, sir!

  35. With Especial Reference to the British Retention of that Post for Thirteen Years after the Treaty of 1783.

  36. Sam's especial delectation) the most horrible pictures of Canadian hospitality that he could conjure up.

  37. To your especial welfare,' said each student, holding his cup out towards Rex, and then drinking a short draught.

  38. For my especial branch I think it is superior.

  39. The infinite variety of nature, as compared with the pitiful monotony of the works of humanity, produces in their minds an activity of an especial kind.

  40. After all, it might possibly contain some message, or some especial injunction which Greif ought to receive at once.

  41. Yes, and I have come for an especial purpose,' answered Rex.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "especial" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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