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singes; singest; singeth; singin; singing; singled; singleness; singler; singles; singlet
  1. I will take your single word, Miss, against a thousand such men.

  2. The trail was opened to the Reservation down the mountain, and the officer collected his few Indians together in a long, single line, all chained to a long heavy cable, and prepared to march.

  3. Shall I translate your expressions into a single word?

  4. The simplicity of her costume was not marred by a single ornament.

  5. At first a battery of the Boers, fighting a rear-guard action, had also fired on it, but the gunners saw quickly that a single British gun was not likely to take up an advance position and attack alone, and their fire died away.

  6. Women he never seemed by a single phrase or word to understand, and yet now he startled her with a sudden revelation and insight of which she had not thought him capable.

  7. She wore a jacket of the same material, and a single brilliant ornament at her throat relieved the simplicity.

  8. Life was grim in so much of it, futile in more, feeble at the best, foolish in the light of a single generation or a single century or a thousand years.

  9. She had used them all; but she had forgotten to look for the Single Secret, which, like a key, unlocks all doors in the House of Happiness.

  10. As for Ian Stafford, he had left her stripped bare of one single garment of self-respect.

  11. Was there a single afflicted person, one forlorn soul whom she had directly and personally helped, or sheltered from the storm for a moment, one bereaved being whose eyes she had dried by her own direct personal sympathy?

  12. As he rolled, face under, he caught a single glimpse of the hunchback, running.

  13. He brought the coffee, and not a single slice of cake, but two.

  14. More, he took with him not a single piece of plunder, such was his painful disablement.

  15. Other exhibitors arrived, some of them planning to spend the day with their pets, but it was ten o'clock before Theron Hammond took in a single admission fee.

  16. It is the constant association of a single dog with his master that develops the traits of personality in him.

  17. The posters were somewhat crudely done, perhaps, in red and black ink, but they left no doubt as to their import, and it is safe to say that there wasn't a single resident of Boytown who did not soon know of the coming exhibition.

  18. This hound was not trained with a pack but was kept as a single pet, which accounts for his marked personality, more like that of a terrier than of a hound.

  19. There was only just room to do so in single file, and I went first with the lantern.

  20. There ought not to be a single stone left unturned to get at the truth, for the sake of Wynne.

  21. There was the sound of a whistle down the valley, and in a few moments a single engine shot into the station, and an official in uniform stepped on to the platform.

  22. The agent had orders to sell the Hall long ago, but though it has been in the market for a long time I do not believe there was a single offer.

  23. The monitors were to advance in single file, slightly in advance of the wooden ships, the Tecumseh, Commander Tunis A.

  24. Of the Spaniards, the dead and wounded numbered nearly a thousand, while not a single life had been lost by the American squadron.

  25. Lieutenant Boggs ordered the single white shirt in the party to be torn up, tied on the end of a boathook and displayed as a flag of truce.

  26. Commander Barclay displayed conspicuous bravery throughout the battle and was twice wounded, one of his injuries depriving him of the use of his single remaining arm.

  27. A single shot from the Kearsarge killed and wounded eighteen men and disabled a gun.

  28. Knowing the enemy would soon return in overwhelming numbers, he asked for six volunteers to stay with him and fight with the single gun to the last.

  29. He was promptly obeyed; and, resolved to take no chances, Sterrett then compelled him to cut away his masts, after which he was permitted to rig a jury mast and a single sail.

  30. At two o'clock in the morning the signal was hoisted on the Hartford, Captain Farragut's flagship, and the fleet started in single line to run the fearful gauntlet.

  31. The case was thus brought to a close without the wrongful punishment of a single person.

  32. In great distress, he sat himself down to rest, and saw beautiful green hills and waving willows, but not a single human being of whom he could ask the way.

  33. In the meetings and separations of this life, a hundred years seem but a single day; why, then, should we give way to tears like children?

  34. Hsue offered him a cup of wine, which was readily accepted, and they remained chatting together throughout the night, Hsue meanwhile not catching a single fish.

  35. The flowers which covered the tree resembled grapes, and if a single petal fell to the earth it made a ringing sound.

  36. When he saw that he was detected, he confessed everything, without having received a single blow of the bamboo; but up to the moment of his confession the foreign feeling against that police-magistrate was undeniably strong.

  37. Saucer-breaking" is one of those pleasant inductions from probably a single instance, which may have been the fancy of a moment; at any rate, it is quite unknown in China as a national custom.

  38. Thus the price of crickets rose very high; and when the beadle's[18] runners came to exact even a single one, it was enough to ruin several families.

  39. She has a real New England conscience, and she wouldn't promise to bake a single biscuit more than she knows she can get in her oven.

  40. The single occasion when Agnes had tried her hand at the breakfast eggs was a day marked for remembrance at the old Corner House.

  41. A single glance into the hall showed Ruth Kenway that the hanging lamp had burst, and the place was all ablaze.

  42. A single sniff of the tidbits in the pan, and the dog fell to wolfishly, not stopping to chew at all, but fairly jerking the meat into his throat with savage snaps.

  43. He never failed to descry one danger or another drawing near; either suspicious-looking boats on the beach, or great squadrons of cavalry advancing so cunningly that they looked like nothing but a single horse.

  44. And yet, if we happen now and again to cast a glance into this secret drawer, we at once notice if a single one of the roses, or the least bit of ribbon, is wanting.

  45. You may tire of looking at a single painting, but you must tire of looking at many.

  46. But as he was closing the carriage door he was so maladroit as to drop the bouquet; only a single violet remained in his hand.

  47. If you inquired how all this came about, you would hear all sorts of explanations, but the one which found most favour in the delinquent house itself was summed up in the single word "Bickers.

  48. But Railsford was not the man to allow the house to rest on their oars because of a single success.

  49. In short,” said Mr. Brentin, “you feel pretty confident that neither inside nor outside we are likely to encounter a single weapon of offence?

  50. He knew no single word of English, and looked at us so pathetically, as we stood on the platform together, our soft hearts were touched.

  51. He has given us cottage scenes and out-of-door life with impartial liberality, and has shown equal skill of treatment, whether he handles groups or single figures.

  52. As a composition, the picture is somewhat stiff and artificial, but the single figures are all rendered with characteristic beauty.

  53. His single figures and heads are not, as a class, so true to nature as his compositions, although they are much better known to the public.

  54. It consists of a cluster of little cherubs, representing, in five different expressions, the delicate features of a single face, whose original was Miss Frances Isabella Gordon.

  55. Lady Maude approached, and at a single glance became deeply interested in this little stray waif.

  56. I don't owe a single blamed brass farthing to a child unborn!

  57. Night came on before she thought of stopping for a single instant to rest.

  58. But without one single word of comment, he motioned her to precede him into the carriage; and in silence they started.

  59. During the whole journey home, the judge never condescended to open his mouth or address her a single word.

  60. But his single arm was unavailing to turn the fortune of war, and he saw his men falling helpless on every side of him.

  61. I made no doubt but you'll excuse me if I don't understand a single blessed word of it.

  62. Do you think he could live one single day among those with whom you would send him?

  63. But I tried my girles Mercer and Barker singly one after another, a single song, "At dead low ebb," etc.

  64. She had a single room, with a tiny kitchen off it.

  65. I remember being asked by an incredulous outsider where his greatness lay, and I could not name a single conspicuous quality that my hero possessed.

  66. Not a single fact or a single truth, but only his apprehension, his collection of certain truths; not a single law of nature perishes or is altered thereby.

  67. Who shall explain the extraordinary instinct that tells us, perhaps after a single meeting, that this or that particular person in some mysterious way matters to us?

  68. It will garner up with the most poignant care a single vignette, a tiny detail.

  69. We have to be content if, in a quiet corner, a single sheaf gives us a nod of recognition; and as for the eleven stars, they seem unaware of our very existence!

  70. They were bound, all those ingenuous creatures, to make their own blunders, and one could not save them a single one, for all one's hankering to help.

  71. Yet though I can hardly remember a single conversation of my school days, the thought of my friendships and alliances is all gilt with a sense of delightful eagerness.

  72. I dare say the picture is all wrong, and I shall be told that Cadiz has a tower and is full of factory chimneys; but for me the dome, ghostly white, rises as though moulded out of a single pearl, upon the shifting edges of the haze.

  73. Would that you could yourself note the palpable treachery which prevents anything of importance being collected for the expedition--I say palpable treason--as not a single article necessary has yet been procured.

  74. Warre One Single Sentiment his not been fulfilled.

  75. I will never pay a single real to Chili!

  76. Casting but a single glance at the blazing wreck, he turned and ran back along the east-bound track.

  77. A single whistle blast from the locomotive made instant reply that his signal was received and understood.

  78. He also soon learned to jump quickly whenever brakes were called for by a single short whistle blast from the locomotive, and to throw them off at the order of the two short blasts that called for brakes to be loosened.

  79. He could not see much, but that which was disclosed in a single glimpse almost caused his heart to cease its beating.

  80. It consisted of a locomotive and a single passenger coach in which were a number of New York and Western railroad men.

  81. The explosion of a single torpedo is the signal of immediate danger, and bids him stop his train as quickly as possible.

  82. By a single pull of a small brass lever within easy reach he can instantly apply every brake on his train with such force as to bring it to a standstill inside of a few seconds.

  83. I know I couldn't have run a single lap if I'd been on that wheel.

  84. During the confusion, no one had paid any attention to the arrival, from the west, of a locomotive drawing a single car.

  85. He was longing for a single loving word; for a mother's sympathetic ear into which he might pour his griefs; but his pride was prepared to withstand any harshness, as well as to resent the faintest suspicion of injustice.

  86. Before his train started again he intended to take up the single torpedo, leaving only those calling for caution, to show that the freight had been delayed.

  87. Is there, we wonder, a single unfair weapon which the Germans have not used?

  88. The girl, fearful, yet hoping he would see and know her, rose to her feet and took a single step toward him.

  89. The woman could see that he carried quite a bundle of notes--and that they were not all single dollar bills!

  90. Could I ever forget a single detail of that awful time?

  91. They were satisfied with their single prisoner!

  92. The poor Useless Wagoner ran first after one and then after another hare; he chased the whole day, but could not bring back a single hare.

  93. The Tsar led him to his stables and showed him all his horses; but he could not find a single one, by reason of his strength and weight.

  94. Now, there fell upon him such a sadness that he could not look on the world, and every moment the sadness increased; if there had been no wine he could not have held out a single night, as it seemed.

  95. There lived then a merchant with his wife, and they had not a single child.

  96. Single copies of the Council and House journals were in the Library by 1877.

  97. Before the find in 1942 only a single copy of the broadside was located.

  98. This press continued in operation until a few years after Nuthead's widow removed it to Annapolis about 1695; yet nothing more survives from it than a single broadside and some printed blank forms.

  99. Of 11 extant copies this was the last in private hands, and it filled the most serious single gap in the Library's collection of early American printing.

  100. In this century the Library bound the 10 issues into a single volume.

  101. Of unspecified date is a single leaf, unrecorded and apparently unique, captioned Standing Committees of the House.

  102. He gave Ned only a single glance, but it made the boy writhe inwardly.

  103. They listened long and intently, but not a single sound came from the great hecatomb.

  104. We shall see that not a single one of your Texans escapes from the Alamo.

  105. Many of the balls were falling inside the church, in the convent yard and in the plazas, but the Texans there were protected also, and as far as Ned could see not a single man had been wounded.

  106. They had marched into a trap, which the Mexicans were able to close upon them before they could strike a single blow for Texas.

  107. There was a single drink and a quarter of a pound of meat for each man.

  108. Most Mexican troops would have been content with a single charge, but these returned, encouraged by shouts and driven on by fierce commands.

  109. Only a single torch lighted up the grim little group.

  110. Only a single round for every man was left, and they replied sparingly to the Mexican skirmishers.

  111. Ned in the smoke became separated from his comrades, and when he could see more clearly he beheld but a single horseman.

  112. Santa Anna turned and said to him the single word: "Blow!

  113. Inside of five minutes they were on the road, armed and provisioned, the best two borderers, with the single exception of the Panther, in all the southwest.

  114. Crockett took a single brief look down the sights and pulled the trigger.

  115. Remembering what he had seen he did not believe that a single one of Ward's men would be spared when they were taken as they surely would be.

  116. Ned, in his heart, knowing the Mexicans so well, did not believe that a single one of them had been saved.

  117. Urrea led the way to the flat roof of the house, a space reached by a single narrow stairway.

  118. Mrs. Travers got up to see what was wanted, and returned without uttering a single word to the folding armchair by the side of the bed-place, with an envelope in her hand which she tore open in the greenish light.

  119. They retired reluctantly, glaring back angrily at the wall of a jungle where not a single leaf stirred.

  120. I don't see a single soul about the decks," Mrs. Travers continued, almost directly.

  121. Not a single wandering cloud obscured the gentle splendour of the rectangular patch of starlight framed in the opaque blackness of the hut.

  122. The helm was put down, the yards on the main came slowly square and the wet canvas of the main-topsail clung suddenly to the mast after a single heavy flap.

  123. A case of twenty-four or single specimens--as you like.

  124. A few days ago she could not have even conceived of his existence, and now he was the man whose footsteps, it seemed to her, her ears could single unerringly in the tramp of a crowd.

  125. The master of the brig looked upward into the face of a gentleman, with long whiskers and a shaved chin, staring down at him over the side through a single eyeglass.

  126. In the language of the sea a single rocket is properly a signal of distress, but, in the circumstances, a group of three sent up simultaneously would convey a warning.

  127. Your gunboat won't find a single ship's rib or a single corpse left for a landmark.

  128. Often no more than the single word "Good" was all the answer vouchsafed to Hassim's daily speeches.

  129. With a single word "Come," he preceded them down into the boat.

  130. Because I, Tom Lingard, haven't a single white man aboard this brig I can trust.

  131. Not a single pirate was killed or wounded.

  132. The boat pushed off with rapid strokes, and scarcely one single moment elapsed before both ships were enveloped in densest smoke and flashing, consuming flame.

  133. He could not recall a single action of immodesty or impropriety.

  134. Not a single corner shall escape my vigilance.

  135. The path which led to the summit, winding through the thickets and the immense rocks, was so narrow that it could only be mounted in single file.

  136. This pittance was scarcely sufficient for the carouse of a single week.

  137. It is not known that a single individual escaped from these four Spanish ships.

  138. The utterance of a single word would bring disaster upon all their efforts.

  139. Not a single sail was to be seen on the boundless expanse of ocean.

  140. They saw that by a single enterprise, Pierre had made his fortune for life.

  141. Captain Kidd knew full well that the enemy he was to encounter would fight with the utmost desperation, and that he might meet a fleet of piratic ships, or a single ship, more powerful in men and armament than his own.

  142. Not a single drop of intoxicating drink had the feigned revellers taken.

  143. Satiated with vice, they knew not where to turn for a single joy.

  144. So general was the flight that the pirates, when they entered the streets of Gibraltar, found but one single man there, and he was a semi-idiot.

  145. Not a single prize had they captured by the way.

  146. However, as I am devoted to your lordship, I will answer in a single word--Isabelle.

  147. The chariot was drawn now by a single horse-instead of the four with which they had set off so triumphantly from the Chateau de Bruyeres--and such a horse!

  148. I cannot see the smoke of a single chimney, strain my eyes as I will, nor the weather-cock on any village spire.

  149. Fortunately the bed is very large, and you must make yourselves as comfortable as you can--for a single night you will not mind.

  150. The mysteries of such sacred happiness as theirs should be respected; and besides, sweet, modest Isabelle would have died of shame if so much as a single one of the pins that held her bodice were indiscreetly drawn out.

  151. Incredible as it may seem yet it was quite true that our young hero had never had a single love affair.

  152. Maitre Chirriguirri hastened to fetch what he had demanded, while the soubrette, with the grace of a Hebe, filled his glass to the brim with wine; which he accepted with a smile, and drank off at a single draught.

  153. When it was finished the two men let go of their prisoner, all four saluted him gravely, and retired as noiselessly as they had come, without a single word being spoken.

  154. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "single" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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