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Example sentences for "frank"

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  1. Mr. Balfour did more than to indulge in his professional smile, over the frank showing of the General's hand, and the voluntary betrayal of his line of defence.

  2. To be frank about it, he did not intend there should be but one answer; but, for form's sake, it would be best to consult her.

  3. Finally, one of the more frank and impatient of the group informed Mr. Belcher that they had come prepared to invest, if they found his report favorable.

  4. I'll be frank with you," said Mr. Balfour.

  5. Statements about enemy reprisals are usually less frank than this.

  6. The letter is both frank and generous, and as usual with soldiers’ letters, without any of the malicious sanctity which so besets the civilian.

  7. It is easy to understand, for all of us who are frank with ourselves know the difficulty of complete fairness even in ordinary controversy.

  8. Rosa Luxembourg and Frank Mehring, greatly daring, started the Internationale with the object of rebuilding the International Labour and Socialist movement during the war.

  9. This is a singularly fair and frank statement of the facts of the crisis, as they at first presented themselves.

  10. He was not the kind to show emotion; but what his feelings must have been as he sat there hearkening to David's outpoured, frank admissions, one might well understand.

  11. They had either a frank innocence about them, or else she was certainly one of the most accomplished actresses and liars of her time.

  12. In fact, he had never appeared more open, frank and merry than he did this morning and Burt found himself involuntarily siding against his uncle.

  13. Frank Gates brought in those tame rabbits of his that died," he explained.

  14. When Burt glanced at the faces of the men around him he was surprised to find them not black but brown, with wide-set eyes and frank expressions.

  15. Vicar of Pavenham, Author of "Frank Oldfield; or, Lost and Found.

  16. I was emboldened by this frank declaration, and seizing her hand I covered it with fiery kisses, saying passionately that I hoped she would not let me languish long.

  17. The frank eagerness of the two girls to wait on me, their utter freedom from suspicion or coquetry, made me determine that I would shew myself deserving of their trust.

  18. But I want you to be perfectly frank with me--to help me, as His Majesty wishes you to do.

  19. I have been perfectly frank with you, and surely you know how proud I am to believe myself your friend.

  20. Love as I had known it had been a community and an alliance, a frank abundant meeting; but this was another kind of love that shone for an instant and promised, and vanished shyly out of sight as I and Rachel looked at one another.

  21. I blinded myself to all her frank friendliness.

  22. And your account of the fracas struck me as quite reasonably frank and honest.

  23. And suddenly that sweet, frank smile of hers swept like sunshine across the wintry desolation of her face.

  24. No one has been more successful in studying occupation habits than Mr. Frank B.

  25. That is a frank assent to a frank request.

  26. Eleanor could have hugged the girl for her frank honesty so different from what she had looked for from the daughter of the silly woman before her.

  27. She was so frank and sincere, too, that everyone liked her, but Jimmy felt afraid of her.

  28. Mr. Fabian shivered at what she was about to say, and he wished Dodo was not quite so frank as to reveal family skeletons.

  29. Mr. Frank Powers was the founder of the flourishing settlement of Carmel-by-the-Sea, a few minutes walk from San Carlos Mission and a favorite resort of artists and literateurs.

  30. Madame is frank and open like the day but it won’t do with everybody.

  31. It was the first time that the frank word, the clear idea, came into the conversation and it made me feel ill with a sort of enraged faintness.

  32. I know you for a frank and loyal gentleman.

  33. I had, as it were, received it all from her own hand, from that hand the clasp of which was as frank as a man’s and yet conveyed a unique sensation.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "frank" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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