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Example sentences for "conversational"

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converging; conversable; conversance; conversant; conversation; conversationalist; conversationalists; conversationally; conversations; conversazione
  1. Nobody was ever so exquisite a conversational wit.

  2. The last two have recourse to that kind of conversational incident and illustration which children will listen to for hours.

  3. The chapters are conversational in form, the young folks asking only sufficient questions to mask the monotony of unbroken information.

  4. He made vague plans for delaying his journey as they sat smoking in pleasant conversational ease; and when an interruption came it vexed him.

  5. It makes a perfectly fascinating suite," observed Mrs. Van Kamp, in a pleasantly conversational tone that could be easily overheard by anyone impolite enough to listen.

  6. The reading of plays is a great help to the conversational use of the language.

  7. It is expected that, encouraged by the most cordial reception accorded by our Boulogne friends at Whitsuntide, a large number of members will make use of this opportunity for improving their conversational powers with foreign friends.

  8. Every Thursday, at The Gouin School, 16, Finsbury Circus, a Conversational Class, at 8 p.

  9. And such a system is practicable for conversational classes, as it saves time and concentrates the thoughts of the pupils.

  10. In a second Dermott took warning, left the subject, and was galloping over conversational fields furthest from compliments to Frank.

  11. For conversational purposes it makes no difference.

  12. At this point he seemed to recognize the necessity of steering the conversational bark into safer waters, and endeavored to divert it by pleasantry at his own expense.

  13. What is known as the conversational method has been sometimes suggested for our university instruction.

  14. It would appear that Swift spoke mainly from hearsay, and on the strength of the conversational freethinking so common in society.

  15. Sylvia, as unused as her mother to conversational traps, fell into this one with an eager promptness.

  16. Sylvia, seeing the discussion going on in such a quiet, conversational tone, ventured in a small voice the suggestion that Judith had done well to confess, since that had saved others from suspicion.

  17. Morrison, picking up the finest and sharpest of his conversational tools, ventured the hazardous enterprise of expressing this idea to them.

  18. If, he thought, she would only turn away those wonderful eyes of hers for an instant, he felt confident of accomplishing a conversational commonplace at least.

  19. For a few miles the jolting of the machine over rough places punctuated their progress with a conversational hiatus.

  20. Wendell Phillips was distinguished for his personality, conversational style, and thrilling voice.

  21. To his conversational style he added an exceptional vocabulary, a clear and flexible voice, and a most fascinating personality.

  22. Bear in mind, however, that this does not mean you are always to confine yourself to a conversational level.

  23. One was quiet, modest, and conversational in his speaking style; another was impulsive and resistless as a mountain torrent.

  24. His conversational style, impassioned but not stilted and never turgid, was exceedingly impressive, while his constant employment of the forms of reasoning added weight to his sentences.

  25. I am told that Wendell Phillips always spoke in a conversational tone, and yet he was able to make an audience of many thousands hear distinctly; and Phillips was one of the greatest speakers America has produced.

  26. And it was as conversational as it was quiet.

  27. And Major White paused in this great conversational effort to consult a small gold compass attached to his watch-chain.

  28. The major had in a minimum of words expressed himself ready to do anything at any time, provided that the service did not require an abnormal conversational effort.

  29. He spoke feelingly, for he had very likely been weighed in Ruth's calm eyes sometime, and thoroughly scared by the little laugh that accompanied a puzzling reply to one of his conversational nothings.

  30. It proved to be his nightly practice to let off the unexpended seam of his conversational powers, in the words of this stirring song.

  31. He was celebrated for his conversational talents, and hence called "Conversation Sharp;" and he often had for his guest Sir James Mackintosh, with whom he lived in habits of intimacy.

  32. A writer in the Quarterly Review well said of him: 'In the bright sallies of conversational wit he has no surviving equal.

  33. In the year 1640, Menage had a conversational dispute, on this subject, with the Abbe D'Aubignac, with whom he at that period lived on terms of the most intimate friendship.

  34. Once or twice he embarked upon carefully prepared conversational openings of an intimate character, only to have these same caught up, tossed about, and set aside with unfeeling frivolity by the lady to whom they were addressed.

  35. I assure you, civilised languages, for common conversational purposes needed by travellers, &c.

  36. He was not a hard hitter in debate--rather a persuader, reasoning and pleading in a conversational way as one more anxious to convince an opponent than to expose his weakness.

  37. Morier did not admire Gladstone's conduct of foreign policy, but he was open-minded enough to recognize his great gifts and to enjoy his company, and he writes home with enthusiasm about his conversational powers.

  38. He, too, it seemed, had a conversational appearance to maintain by its own effort.

  39. It was the clear conversational impulse, born of the need to keep something going, but Lulu was all faith.

  40. In my time I have met some of the cleverest talkers in Europe, men whose conversational powers are above the average, and to whom it is rightly enough considered a privilege to listen.

  41. He paused, and when he spoke again it was noticeable that he had dropped his former conversational tone and had adopted a manner more in keeping with the solemnity of what he had to say.

  42. Mr. Bragg had a great many good qualities, but he was usually considered to be heavy in hand from a conversational point of view.

  43. He was conscious, as he walked away from Friar's Row, of being a little surprised at his own conversational efforts, and half-repentant of his condescension.

  44. A few random remarks followed about the weather, which really for once in a way was equal to the conversational strain put upon it.

  45. But here, as Captain Dick was clearly blocking up all egress from the church, the sexton obliged him to move on, and again he was stopped in his conversational career.

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