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habitats; habite; habited; habitent; habito; habitu; habitual; habitually; habituate; habituated
  1. Does not, therefore, all this prove that the first impressions and first habits are the strongest?

  2. For instance, do we not say every day, "My habits are fixed, I am too old to change them, I have been brought up in this way.

  3. Opium he would eat, his gambling habits were strong, and how could she prevent him from stealing that which, as one of the family, he could partially claim as his own?

  4. His opium smoking habits increased, and the pinch of poverty was felt in the home from which he was able to steal so cunningly every article of value which might be exchanged for money and spent on the drug.

  5. The girls' restricted surroundings have yielded new joys since they learned the delight of an observation beehive, the ramifications of an anthill, and the notes and habits of the birds which visit us.

  6. There is one particular in which Bob's habits cannot be recommended.

  7. Vossius as to the trade driven by the Pigmies in elephants' tusks, since, as we have seen, this corresponds with what we now know as to the habits of the Akkas.

  8. Campbell, in which he stated, "It is somewhat remarkable that traditions still survive in the Highlands of Scotland which seem to be derived from the habits of Scotch tribes like the Lapps in our day.

  9. For men's habits and civilization fill the valleys and wash up the base of the hills, making, as it were, a tide mark.

  10. On the other hand, they were men who were not pressed for time--I am; and I do not know the habits of the country.

  11. To what an extent the lowness of stature among the Japanese is to be attributed to their habits cannot be determined.

  12. Christianity very early made wide conquests in Egypt, and while the Christian religion has revolutionized ideals and modified customs, it has never destroyed many of the social habits that have had racial sanction for centuries.

  13. This is shown in innumerable habits of everyday life.

  14. The Americans had enrolled whole tribes of Indians in their ranks and made full use of the Indian habits of warfare.

  15. The first leaders were exceptional men, possessed of ability and education, and many were university graduates, who brought with them the books and the habits of the reader and scholar of their day.

  16. The men established on this northern frontier were often lawless and difficult to control, of loose habits and morals, and intent on their own profit; and the region itself was inhospitable to organized and settled government.

  17. We must expand our energies, and acquire habits of enterprise and industry; we should arouse ourselves from the couch of lassitude, and inure our minds to thought and our bodies to action.

  18. Few are exempt from habits of sensuality and intemperance.

  19. We lose much even by the good habits we form.

  20. Whether my habits were healthy or not, whether my love of solitude was natural or not, I cannot but hope from this that my modes of thinking were.

  21. For two years more our friendship grew; in which time Charley had recovered habits of diligence.

  22. The habits of his life at the university were even still less intellectual and literary.

  23. Neither my habits nor constitution are improved by your customs or your climate.

  24. M83 The fear of the magical evil which may be done a man through his food has had beneficial effects in fostering habits of cleanliness and in strengthening the ties of hospitality.

  25. The events of recent years have naturally wrought great changes in the habits and ideas of the people.

  26. On his return to Berlin he was placed under General von Dohna and Count Finkenstein, who trained him to the energetic and regular habits which ever afterwards characterized him.

  27. He formed a menagerie of strange animals, and wrote a treatise on falconry (De arte venandi cum avibus) which is remarkable for its accurate observation of the habits of birds.

  28. The nesting habits of these birds are curious.

  29. Thus their habits are like those of some birds of prey.

  30. The lower parts are paler than the upper parts and often exhibit more or less distinct narrow black cross bars; habits as above.

  31. Since habits of birds vary according to circumstances, none of the lists given are exhaustive.

  32. This species goes about in small flocks, is strictly arboreal, and has many of the habits of the minivets.

  33. They sing well and have habits very similar to those of the skylark.

  34. The feeding habits of these birds are like those of flycatchers.

  35. Habits like those of the two species just cited; tail has a reddish tinge.

  36. The method I have adopted is to classify birds according to their habits and outward appearance.

  37. In some respects its habits are those of the woodpecker, but it rarely if ever climbs high up a tree, it is usually seen picking insects off a tree stump or a mound.

  38. First, forget everything you have bought from humbugs and use common sense; second, study the habits of the fox and you will have better success.

  39. Just try and see how slick a set you can make and try and learn the habits of the animal you are trying to catch, for that is the key to success.

  40. She must, then, have been perfectly familiar with the arrangement of the house, and with the habits of the family; as for instance, at what hour you dined.

  41. Mr. Burton won my confidence so inevitably that I felt no hesitation in unvailing to him the domestic hearth of Mr. Argyll, whenever the habits or circumstances of the family were consulted in their bearing upon the mystery.

  42. For I rightly deemed that a respect for my habits of mental application and a faith in my as yet undeveloped talents, had decided Mr. Argyll to offer me the contemplated encouragement.

  43. As for your not suspecting his habits, those habits themselves are recent.

  44. One unacquainted with the habits of the Negro cannot conceive with what abhorrence he looks on having his disposition to nocturnal rambles checked by barrack regulations.

  45. Military service has given them just enough of those habits of obedience of which slavery gives too much--if the obedience of a mere slave, depending not on the independent will, but on brute fear, is to be called obedience at all.

  46. She escapes, habits herself as a man, and serves the Soldan.

  47. Whereby, practices contrary to the former habits of the citizens could hardly fail to grow up among the survivors.

  48. The staple argument held out was the superior advantages of civilization, and the absolute necessity of their adopting the habits and mode of life of the white man in order to escape extinction.

  49. Central Asia was the point of origin and distribution for many mammals which inhabit other parts of the earth to-day and the habits and relationships of some of its big game animals are almost unknown.

  50. The goral might be called the Asiatic chamois, for its habits closely resemble those of its European relative.

  51. I can well believe it, for the marmots have many curious habits which would repay close study.

  52. The refusal was no superficial thing, but had its source in the springs of will, the character and habits of life.

  53. The years of a high priest, dealing constantly with sacred things and symbols, might easily fall into a routine not more helpful to generous thought and spiritual exaltation than the habits of secular life.

  54. Energetic and fearless in danger, they despise luxurious habits that sap vitality and extinguish all sparks of courage.

  55. Many of the Siamese, attached to their own habits and customs were alarmed at seeing so many foreign priests and soldiers introduced into the Kingdom.

  56. The other brother of the King had been implicated in the Macassar plot, and this fact added to his natural vicious habits debarred him from any possibility of obtaining the throne.

  57. No one could have believed that the "stroke of a pen," so to speak, could have wrought such a change in the habits of a people.

  58. Their horsemanship was indeed admirable, and suggested those habits of exercise and training, to which their full rounded forms and blooming countenances gave ample testimony.

  59. It is sad to relate that this amiable couple never returned to their country; both died in England--victims either to the climate, or to the change in their habits of living.

  60. My habits had been active, my employments chiefly in the open air.

  61. The habits of the people were simple and hardy, and there were few defences against the assaults of the seasons.

  62. The streets were crowded with officers in habits of ceremony, mounted on horses richly caparisoned, each attended by a great many footmen.

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