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Example sentences for "habituated"

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habits; habitu; habitual; habitually; habituate; habituates; habituating; habituation; habitude; habitudes
  1. There were customs and regulations to compliance with which, for several ages, the people had tacitly habituated themselves; or if in any instance an individual felt such compliance hard, he quitted the community and went elsewhere.

  2. He may find him "great in counsel and mighty in work," or he may have habituated himself to buy only gold that he has tried in the fire himself.

  3. While the Port Blair returned convict is a man fitted to, and habituated to, support himself, the prisoner released from a jail is not only a pauper but has became pauperised.

  4. This policy displeased the Romans, who had now become habituated to plunder.

  5. Now it is certainly true that one gets habituated in time to everything.

  6. I have now been so many years habituated to small matters, that I should probably find myself incommoded by greater; and may I but be enabled to shift, as I have been hitherto, unsatisfied wishes will never trouble me much.

  7. I had not long habituated him to this taste of liberty, before he began to be impatient for the return of the time when he might enjoy it.

  8. I am too much habituated to encounters of this description, and to encounters of a far more murderous and mortal nature, to consider an event of this kind, but as one of the usual accidents of my adventurous life.

  9. A very sweet reflection to poor fellows habituated to respect and obedience towards the underlings of the sergeants of the bailiff of Sainte-Geneviève, the cardinal's train-bearer.

  10. One simply follows a well-fed commis-voyageur to the nearest popular café and writes his letters there, as a well-habituated traveller should do.

  11. Many were the times we, and all well-habituated travellers in France, had swung from Calais to Paris by train, with little thought indeed as to what lay between.

  12. They were by this time so much habituated to living under conditions of risk and a certain amount of peril, that a little more or a little less did not now seem greatly to matter.

  13. When the Will has long been habituated to act in the direction of a particular propensity, how difficult it is to induce the admission, or assumption, that action in that direction is wrong!

  14. They were habituated to consider wounds and bludgeons and stabbing as the obvious mode of surmounting every difficulty.

  15. Recollecting, as I was habituated to do, the various projects by which my situation could be meliorated, the question occurred to me, "Why should I be harassed by the pursuits of this Gines?

  16. We are so habituated to the singular opinion that Jesus was crucified by the Pharisees and a number of Jewish shopkeepers, that we never think to ask, Where were the true Jews, the good Jews, the Jews that practised the law?

  17. London was not "his world," and the tone of a society so very different to what he was habituated had not made on him the most favorable impression.

  18. Death," said the surgeon, with the solemn calm of one habituated to such scenes.

  19. I used to feel then that here was a better society after all than some I had of late been habituated with upon the coast.

  20. Would these serfs, habituated to the irregularities of war, bring back their former submission?

  21. Till that time, the greater part of the army had proceeded with astonishment, at finding no enemy; they had now become habituated to the circumstance.

  22. In the course of time they can be habituated to certain changes, so as to become less variable; and it is possible that when first domesticated they may have been even more variable than at present.

  23. In some few cases, however, plants have become habituated to new conditions.

  24. We have already seen that animals may be habituated to a changed diet; but some additional instances may be given.

  25. With hardly an exception, our domesticated animals, which have been long habituated to a regular and copious supply of food, without the labour of searching for it, are more fertile than the corresponding wild animals.

  26. Whether our domestic productions would ever become so completely habituated to the conditions under which they now live, as to cease varying, we have no sufficient means for judging.

  27. As has been said already, he who is to be good must have been brought up and habituated well, and then live accordingly under good institutions, and never do what is low and mean, either against or with his will.

  28. We can neither rightly estimate social gain, nor rightly condemn social evil, because we are so soddenly habituated to consider only personal gain, personal good and personal evil; because we are kitchen-minded.

  29. Those who survived it, habituated to cruelty and unreason, were thereby fitted to live cruel and unreasonable lives--and did so.

  30. It has so habituated us to the soft wavelets and glassy shallows of polite conversation, that we refuse to face and discuss the realities of life.

  31. There seems to be something in the institution of Slavery which has at all times either shocked or perplexed mankind, however little habituated to reflection, and however slightly advanced in the cultivation of its moral instincts.

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