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Example sentences for "habitual"

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habited; habitent; habito; habits; habitu; habitually; habituate; habituated; habituates; habituating
  1. And here we find that during the whole time of the writing of the book an habitual and avowed opium-eater was at Emily's elbow.

  2. A deep blush coloured her cheek; and, trembling between an habitual prejudice and a natural feeling, she extended to the Missionary hands of a pure and exquisite beauty, which never before had known a human pressure.

  3. At that time and for many decades afterward, the habitual use of whiskey, wine, rum, brandy, etc.

  4. Habitual violation of the mails by postmasters continued into the first decades of the nineteenth century.

  5. In cases of habitual abortion, depending on syphilitic taint, a prescription containing the following should be used during the entire pregnancy: ℞ “Hydrarg.

  6. The drug is said to be fully as dangerous as morphin, and by many is held to be much worse, for the reason that it occasionally kills the victim outright, and its habitual use is far harder to overcome than that of other drugs.

  7. He took advantage of the sudden loss of her habitual queenly initiative at the wonderful news to debase and stain their intimacy.

  8. She exhibits the life of the travelling show in its habitual squalor as well as in its occasional brightness.

  9. The middling classes, who, from their habitual intercourse with the lower orders, possess so great an influence over the body of the people, were considered by the commissioners as a rabble multitude of upstart "roturiers.

  10. This pleasing transition beguiled my impatience; and the agitations which had become habitual to my soul were succeeded by that happy tranquillity, which is inspired by the contemplation of the beauties and the gifts of nature.

  11. The ancient Egyptians made a practice of preserving grain in years of plenty against years of scarcity, and probably Joseph only carried out on a large scale an habitual practice.

  12. However, the lender of gold shrugged his shoulders without relaxing his habitual impassibility of manner.

  13. For the weak and immature man will, often, admire a superior woman, but he will not be able to abide by a feeling which is too severe a tax on his habitual existence.

  14. Here the author speaks from her habitual existence, and far more masterly than of those deep places of thought where she is less at home.

  15. His mind has little habitual action, except in a simple, natural poetry, that one not very intimate with him would never know anything about.

  16. These have been heroes, or still more frequently poets and artists; with whom the habitual life tended to expand the soul, deepen and vary the experience, refine the perceptions, and immortalize the hopes and dreams of youth.

  17. The want of fresh air, habitual uncleanliness, bad washing accommodation, with other unsanitary conditions, favour the spread of contagion.

  18. No bodily labour induces an exhaustion of the vital powers comparable to that resulting from the habitual breathing of air contaminated by the overcrowding of human beings.

  19. An habitual and detailed inspection of the houses occupied by the poorer classes is therefore essential.

  20. Lately, I had not shuddered at this habitual profanation.

  21. The poor man had no resources; it is not, therefore, surprising that he began to have recourse to habitual ebriety.

  22. I was fast sinking into an habitual despondency.

  23. I am over age, I am a negro, a minister, a cripple, a British subject, and a habitual drunkard.

  24. A soldier on trial for habitual drunkenness was addressed by the president--"Prisoner, you have heard the prosecution for habitual drunkenness, what have you to say in defence?

  25. This was Quigg's habitual way of depreciating himself, and it always impressed the hearer with a sense of Quigg's eminent ability.

  26. She set her hand upon her stick in the resolute way that sometimes was habitual to her, and looked at the fire with a strong expression of forcing herself to attend.

  27. Scenery will not make scholars, though it may be desirable and helpful, and is likely to impress itself upon the habitual beholder with life-long influence.

  28. He has grown so habitual in his interrupting that he rattles on unconscious of the disgust he is producing in the mind of any well-bred, discriminating conversationalist who hears him.

  29. Her hands dropped into that fold that was peculiar and habitual to them--a simple attitude, not unlike Chantrey's "Resignation.

  30. Slowly it passed away, leaving the calmness that was habitual to her.

  31. What might then be expected to happen in such a country, if an economic experimenter should disturb them in their habitual quantity of money?

  32. The interruption of habitual activities is distasteful.

  33. He invoked Corinne with a kind of despair which could not be attributed to her short absence, but to the habitual anguish of his heart, which Corinne alone could assuage.

  34. Oswald felt all his habitual thoughts revive within him.

  35. Oswald was happy in being able to perform this service, but it cost him much to renounce his solitude; and his timidity was wounded at finding himself, all of a sudden, in an habitual relation with a man whom he did not know.

  36. This state, freely chosen, is a mysterious relation between man and the Deity; but the religion of laymen in Italy is an habitual source of affecting emotions.

  37. That which we know is as inexplicable as that which is unknown, but then we are accustomed to our habitual darkness, whilst new mysteries terrify us and disturb our faculties.

  38. These habitual sources of dissimulation and envy exist not among them.

  39. It was not agitated by the storm; but by the rocks which stand in habitual opposition to its waves, irritating its grandeur.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "habitual" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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