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Example sentences for "businesslike"

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  1. All of this work needs, of course, a more businesslike system of planning and greater foresight than we use today.

  2. For example, it refused to provide more businesslike machinery for running the Executive Branch of the government.

  3. But suddenly Charlie looks up with a businesslike air and says: "Who is that doctor fellow you were speaking about!

  4. They asked for the hamper in a businesslike way.

  5. He had assumed his most businesslike expression, but Bob rushed up to him.

  6. Young Denny clicked the door shut before them and pulled a chair up before the stove with businesslike haste.

  7. There was a hint of businesslike eagerness in that swift calculation of possibilities.

  8. It was another lesson for me when in return I received occasionally a few dry lines in a businesslike tone, in which he pointed out that at that moment nothing could be done with respect to my desired return to Saxony.

  9. He talked about the theatrical world in Vienna with the air of an amateur who feels himself neglected but continues to work in a businesslike fashion.

  10. I must thank you for your prompt and businesslike denial of the report of my death, which I understand has been circulated by the press.

  11. Also he carried a couple of businesslike packages, large ones, well wrapped in thick brown paper and wound with heavy string.

  12. He produced a pencil and a businesslike notebook.

  13. Now and then she dispensed with their services, sent out her own circulars soliciting engagements, and arranged her own tours, proving to her satisfaction that a woman could be as businesslike as a man and sometimes more so.

  14. Yes," sighed Claire, as her companion's calm, businesslike manner impressed her.

  15. Claire looked at her in admiration, astounded by her friend's calm, businesslike manner.

  16. Then Jo-si-ah can settle it all with your father and Mr Burnett, and this Mr Gravani, what is to be done in a businesslike way.

  17. The Clerk uttered these words very quietly and in a businesslike tone, but the District Judge was not pleased.

  18. His businesslike indifference during the investigation had made me almost hate him, but now I acknowledged to myself that I had been unjust and that he was no cold and heartless man, but, on the contrary, a very kindly, benevolent old doctor.

  19. Every step in the process of arranging for and conducting an establishment of this character is taken in the most businesslike fashion.

  20. Every time a visitor came groping his way down the stairs, the businesslike and aggressive announcer would cry out, "Next!

  21. He paused and resumed in a curt, businesslike manner: "Daly's tale is plausible and may be true, but I have my doubts.

  22. Then it wasn't businesslike when Buccleugh, with his handful of men, carried off Kimmont Willie from Carlisle.

  23. They went with much of a businesslike air, stopping only at intervals to snatch at the sparse short grass that grows about the roots of the sagebrush.

  24. The woman chuckled privately through the first cigarette, adeptly fashioned another, removed to a rocking-chair before the open fire and in a businesslike fervour seized a half-knitted woollen sock, upon which she fell to work.

  25. This director had got very cold and businesslike once more.

  26. Then, candle in hand, she went lightly across the big living room to a stern and businesslike safe that stands against the farther wall.

  27. It was all so very businesslike that one watched it fascinated.

  28. If she will go," said the doctor, smiling at his brother's businesslike way of disposing of the young people.

  29. But there were certain changes and improvements she wished made, and she took a businesslike pleasure in supervising the carrying out of her orders.

  30. Not to be businesslike is the American sin against the Holy Ghost.

  31. Now he hoisted the receiver in the general direction of his ear, and said in what he doubtless thought was quite a businesslike manner: "Well?

  32. Sitting upright in his chair, as businesslike as an attorney, Queed explained how Surface had managed to secrete part of the embezzled trustee funds, and had been snugly living on it ever since his release from prison.

  33. To write him a formal, businesslike letter.

  34. Miss Mills in crisp, businesslike tones, and Betty woke up to the fact that she had not answered to her name in the roll.

  35. She looked at her trim, neat figure in the glass, with the hair so gravely brushed, with her collar and her cuffs, with her compact businesslike air: what had she to do with excitement because a young man was coming to dinner?

  36. On each occasion there had been some definite reason for writing, but behind the reason there had been some implied friendliness and Lizzie had, in her turn, sent answers that were more than businesslike replies.

  37. Spying the door of a common stair nearly opposite the bank, I took it in my head that this would be a good point of observation, crossed the street, entered with a businesslike air, and fell immediately against the man in the moleskin vest.

  38. Judith's manner was businesslike and impersonal, but her color was heightened by excitement that she was determined not to show.

  39. Here and there moved a bronzed, businesslike American, and Anthony noticed that for the most part these were clean-cut, aggressive-looking young fellows.

  40. An instant later a half- dozen policemen advanced in a businesslike manner, and their leader announced: "Come!

  41. I assure you it is a perfectly businesslike arrangement; otherwise my husband, who is prudence itself, would never have sanctioned it.

  42. In fact, be businesslike in everything connected with the writing of business letters.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "businesslike" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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