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Example sentences for "embezzled"

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  1. Therefore it was not possible for them to find their way into the hands of the public or the monied market, unless embezzled for that purpose.

  2. They contended that the people were so fleeced by the tax-gatherers, that the landowners could not collect their rents, and that the ministers and their officers embezzled the public moneys.

  3. He issued a proclamation, accusing the archbishop of having embezzled or misapplied the taxes intended for the king's use.

  4. That if the letter were by mistake delivered to the wrong person, stolen by a stranger, or embezzled by a clerk, the defendant is not liable, unless he has been negligent, and the loss was the direct consequence of his negligence.

  5. Sir, you once gave me a penny, and you have since embezzled my fortune.

  6. Receivers of embezzled stores, or such as should have the same in their custody, are subject to a penalty of L.

  7. And it is said that Gylippus, who delivered the Syracusans, was put to death by starvation, having been condemned by the Ephori, because he had embezzled some of the money sent to Sparta by Lysander.

  8. But are you sure you've nought embezzled here?

  9. All the officers of the celebrated Bank of the United States who failed were found to have expended the money embezzled for lottery tickets.

  10. God forbid that you, my reader, should ever take to yourself the lamentation of the Boston clerk, who, in eight months, had embezzled eighteen thousand dollars from his employer and expended it all in lottery tickets.

  11. He was Vitellius' kinsman, they howled; he had betrayed Otho; he had embezzled their donative.

  12. It is but seven months since Nero's death, and already Icelus alone has embezzled more than all the depredations of Polyclitus and Vatinius and Aegialus[63] put together.

  13. Is it really true you have the embezzled funds?

  14. The amount embezzled is reported at twenty million rubles, which would make Party Secretary Volodin responsible for the largest outright theft of state monies in the history of the Soviet Union .

  15. The place the party secretary who embezzled .

  16. If the KGB somehow locates and freezes the embezzled funds before you can finish transferring them, it could scuttle the whole deal.

  17. I'll know the extent of your appreciation when the embezzled funds are returned.

  18. But if he does not return the embezzled funds by the end of the week .

  19. He embezzled large sums belonging to his clients, among whom was Dr.

  20. He speculated on the bourse through Mazaud, and after the downfall of the Universal Bank it was found that he had embezzled large sums from persons employing him.

  21. Frequently the sums are embezzled by artful men, who, by imposing on the inexperience of the members, get themselves elected into offices of trust.

  22. Nothing unusual marks its early history, except the fact that the man who ultimately managed all its affairs and so largely embezzled its funds was prominently active in its establishment, and was one of the original trustees.

  23. In 1863 the then Postmaster of Beverley embezzled Savings Bank money, when the authorities at once announced to the depositors that it should be made good.

  24. The next day after, upon the accusation of the Sardians, Brutus publicly disgraced and condemned Lucius Pella, one that had been censor of Rome, and employed in offices of trust by himself, for having embezzled the public money.

  25. And the very man himself, of the one thousand talents which Lysander sent to Sparta, embezzled thirty, and hid them under the tiles of his house, and was detected and shamefully fled his country.

  26. All which Pompey was ignorant of, but afterwards, when Pharnaces came to understand it, he severely punished those that embezzled them.

  27. Immediately upon the death of Strabo, there was an action commenced against Pompey, as his heir, for that his father had embezzled the public treasure.

  28. They wished not I should obtain my freedom, in a manner that would have obliged the government to have rewarded me, and restore the effects they had embezzled and the estates they had seized.

  29. I could not give back the embezzled sum without arresting suspicion, but I hoped in some indirect way to make it up to those left behind.

  30. The income which her husband's office had kept up was, of course, no longer forthcoming, and the little property he possessed was seized, though it did not cover more than the smallest part of the embezzled sum.

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