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parts; partum; parturient; parturition; partus; partye; partyes; partyism; partys; paru
  1. The Americans unanimously hang together, and endeavor to keep peace in prison, but if the former party were stronger than the latter, we should have a hell upon earth.

  2. If you are with us they will use you harshly; if you take the opposite party look to yourself.

  3. My , the chancellor of France, had remained to keep me company instead of joining the party at Chantilly.

  4. Attach yourself to the party of honest men who have been so greatly calumniated--the Jesuits.

  5. There appeared throughout the party a kind of concentrated grief and silent despair which struck us with terror.

  6. Jean; "but you must decide at once and for ever what party you will join.

  7. Mesdames will perforce obey the orders of the king, but they will not find much pleasure in seeing me the ambassador sent to them: all the Choiseul party will vociferate loudly.

  8. The duc d'Aiguillon also drew over to my party M.

  9. So that the offended party was made to suffer the penalty of the offence.

  10. If uniting with one party or sect of the professed people of God does not constitute one a sectarian, then why should union with a Masonic lodge constitute a man a Freemason?

  11. This soon wrought a divine purpose, and partner proposed to dissolve--offered to give or take one hundred dollars, and the party taking the office pay all the debts on the firm.

  12. Discourses on Sectarianism: "It would seem as if no man could read these words of the great apostle without vividly seeing that party divisions among the people of Christ were, in his view, a most astounding evil.

  13. But the party spirit, so prevalent in the churches, is not of Christ, hence must be removed, purged out of the heart.

  14. These divergent views, and party shibboleths, may have had their root in carnality, but they are stereotyped and perpetuated by sectarian parties and their man-made creeds.

  15. If the bitter root of sectism is entirely destroyed out of your heart, you will ignore all sectional lines and party fences, the dreadful curse of which Brother Starr has so honestly pointed out.

  16. Now, therefore, in holy fear and reverence I present myself as the party of the second part and subscribe my name to the holy article of agreement, and following thy example will here and now write down the conditions on my part.

  17. But early in the morning he began to look to God once more, when his faith joined that of the party in the camp at eleven in the night, and he arose, instantly made whole.

  18. The ballad-maker here ascribes the victory to the real cause; for the English Borderers dispersing to plunder the merchandise, gave the opposite party time to recover from their surprise.

  19. Receiving no satisfaction, he took the matter into his own hands, raised a party of two hundred horse, surprised the castle of Carlisle, and carried off the prisoner by main force.

  20. He afterwards sent a party under one Captain Car, or Ker, to reduce the house of Towie, one of the chief seats of the name of Forbes.

  21. An attempt was made by the baron's friends to bring Fuddie to justice; but the case seems to have been justly considered one of chance medley, and the accused party was soon restored to society.

  22. Sir John Scroope, warden of Carlisle, with a party on horseback, was apprehended near Solway Moss, and carried to Carlisle, where he was tried and convicted of felony.

  23. Thus reinforced, Johnstone surprised and cut to pieces a party of the Maxwells, stationed at Lochmaben.

  24. One of the party was a Jesuit priest by his cassock, and another his donné.

  25. Then there was a pause, and each party waited further aggression from the other.

  26. The party descended to a wrinkle in the land which would be dry at ebb-tide.

  27. The soldiers, having finished, took up their tools, and Van Corlaer joined Father Jogues as the party came out of the cemetery.

  28. The sentinels had watched a party approaching; but it was so small, and hampered, moreover, by a woman and some object like a tiny gilded sedan chair, that they did not notify the governor.

  29. Le Rossignol believed the party that had set out early in the week must be encamped not far away.

  30. One year from that time, another bridal party assembled at the residence of Mr. Weston.

  31. I am going to dine at four, with a select party of gentlemen.

  32. I rode out with Charles Williams in the afternoon, and then went with him to a wine party at night.

  33. But I can tell you very distinctly that I am not going to be a party in this matter, and will not consent that Emily stay here any longer.

  34. Through him, for instance, you were induced to go to a wine party last night.

  35. On the next day he tried a third party to whom he owed fifteen dollars.

  36. A surgeon reached the house as soon as the party accompanying the injured man.

  37. If there; is not a wedding-party soon, then appearances, in this case at least, are very deceptive.

  38. The other party had not yet arrived, but came up in a few minutes afterwards.

  39. Three English side-saddles had been brought out in the train for the ladies, while the men of the party took the horse-gear provided by the owner of the animals, instruments of torture known as Turkish saddles.

  40. At the end of a fortnight, having entirely missed her cousins, she joined a party of Americans going to England.

  41. The trade-winds of party passion blow from both sides fiercely toward it, but fail to break its calm.

  42. That Mr. Raikes should have been chosen by an overwhelming majority rather than Mr. Stuart means a good deal more than a mere party victory and party defeat.

  43. They had taken "a leap in the dark," they had staked the fortunes of the party on the dice-box, and events were to decide the issue.

  44. The business of the party is to prevail upon Household Suffrage to accept the survivals of feudalism, and a verdict in the new court of appeal that shall ratify the old creed.

  45. The acting chiefs of the party are made to pass in file before us, as the sons of Jesse passed before the prophet Samuel when he wished to ascertain which of them was the predestined King of Israel.

  46. Would not the party which undertakes the task to-day be better pleased if there were fewer of them to conserve?

  47. A party of Arab horsemen were reclining on a little hill with their spears stuck in the ground watching their people pass.

  48. Not among these at any rate is the party to find its leader.

  49. From a party point of view, the representation of the cities of London and Westminster is as great a political evil as the representation of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

  50. On the whole it is held to be best for the welfare of the party that the aristocratic chiefs should forthwith perform the "happy despatch.

  51. The Figaro system has, we are given to understand, been kept up, and the great men of the party take care to live in an atmosphere of adulation.

  52. It is the least vulnerable of the three, and for this reason it is the least fitted to furnish a party cry.

  53. Yet there is, and always will be, room for a Conservative party in English politics, only it must move along the historic lines, and not needlessly renounce its old watchwords.

  54. As grandpa and grandma were not going on shore, I had not thought of doing so; but quite a party of our acquaintance went, and I was invited to join them.

  55. At noon a carriage met us, kindly sent by a foreign resident at Lihue, and the older members of the party got into it.

  56. We had a very pleasant farewell party at Dr.

  57. Quite a party came over from Lihue, making a goodly number in all.

  58. The party numbered seven,--three elderly people and four younger ones.

  59. In the afternoon, we had a very pleasant dinner-party at the chief justice's.

  60. I could think of nothing but a party of gipsies, as we rode out of Mr. Coan's yard.

  61. What a funny party we were, the portly commodore with your small aunty leaning on his arm, he sliding through narrow doors sideways, pulling me after him; then tall grandpa, and our little thin surgeon following in his train!

  62. The first great event of the week was a dinner-party at Mr. Wyllie's, the minister of foreign affairs.

  63. Some of the lunch had been wrapped in white paper, which I smoothed out, and relied on some of the party for a pencil.

  64. Monday morning we made up a party to go into Iao [E-ah-o] valley.

  65. The roads were dryer, and we young people cantered off, leaving the more staid portion of the party behind; and reached our resting-place two hours or more before the others, and before our native men too.

  66. In the evening, I accepted an invitation to ride with a large party of young people, all on horseback; there were seventeen couples, composed entirely of foreigners, more than half of whom belonged to mission families.

  67. One of the party would shout, "There, there, the boiler is going to throw up now!

  68. On Monday the younger members of the party rode to a grove about eight miles distant to get tree-shells, and brought home quite a number.

  69. A highly important matter to them, for, should they run behind, their opponents would, of course, use it to their party disadvantage in future political campaigns.

  70. Hence, party interests would prompt them, on the one hand, to remove the chaplain for a partisan; and on the other to retain the warden for his aid to them politically.

  71. It certainly appears as though they were straining every nerve to secure the greatest personal and party popularity on the dollar and cent question.

  72. It is also now liable to be left largely in the hands of the warden to be run as he wills, besides being exposed to the unfavorable effects of political party influence.

  73. Have you nothing said Upon his party 'gainst the Duke of Albany?

  74. This is the letter he spoke of, which approves him an intelligent party to the advantages of France.

  75. It looks to me like the Republican Party is back in power.

  76. You can't ask a bride to attend a stag party with four men!

  77. We were to have a little dinner party tonight .

  78. Again the waters were churned and blood-stained by a fiercely fighting crowd, and then, at a shout, the attacking party broke suddenly, many of the men plunging into the deep waters on either side and swimming back to the bank.

  79. It has been arranged that your party is to be attacked by a strongly armed party of robbers, and defeated.

  80. It was a merry meal, thanks entirely to Camilla and the children, and very shortly afterwards the motor-party started again from Dieppe.

  81. Now my party is all complete except for Camilla.

  82. When the whole party made a move towards the hotel for luncheon, she caught Caroline by the hand.

  83. Mrs. Lancing was one of the last down that evening--in fact, she kept the rest of the party waiting for dinner, but when she did come she was so charming and so apologetic and looked so fascinating that every one forgave her.

  84. The rest of my party went, whilst I was sketching in the cathedral at Aquileja, to look at the baptistery.

  85. We had indeed lately a party of strollers here, who might in some degree have entertained him, i.

  86. There is a difference, however, between encouraging quarrels in the bosom of a convivial party, and taking a fair part in a row between one's own party and another.

  87. Wait until the girls and the receiving party appear and then you will see what an ordinary person the new 'Governor's Lady' is and repent having raised humble Betty Ashton to such an exalted position.

  88. For they had been invited to a dinner party and dance, but as Anthony had declared he would be too busy to attend, Betty had declined without any objection at the time.

  89. Whether or not the good government party would be allowed to remain in power depended largely on the new Governor.

  90. Therefore it was Anthony who insisted that their visitor should remain with them while they had a little supper party in the library.

  91. On Christmas Eve all the grown-up members of the Christmas party dined with Mrs. Ashton and Betty in the town of Woodford, since Mollie was to have the tree and Christmas dinner for them and the children on the farm the next day.

  92. It was just possible that Marie might arouse the hotel and a searching party be sent to find her.

  93. Through a gap in the hedge we could see the party setting off down the road.

  94. When they are violated, the other party is justified in feeling injured.

  95. We watched the party to a turn in the road, where the woman, plainly weary, came to a stop.

  96. Selina had a tea-party at five on the morrow, with the chipped old wooden tea-things that had served her successive dolls from babyhood.

  97. Joined an agreeable party from Edinburgh, and walked out to Bracklinn Bridge, and a beautifully-romantic waterfall.

  98. On landing, our boat-party found ponies in waiting to take us over the rough and dreary pass to Loch Lomond.

  99. Mrs. Westangle read on: "The terms of capitulation can be arranged on the ground, whether the castle is carried or the assailing party are made prisoners by its defenders.

  100. She had apparently invented nothing for that evening, and the house party was left to its own resources in dancing and sitting out dances, which apparently fully sufficed it.

  101. The surprised inhabitants were too frightened to do anything until this party left to go further on to the wireless station.

  102. The rest of the party are said to have been made prisoners.

  103. Even a small storming party could have carried it without the least trouble, and its natural strength could have been fortified in such wise as to make it a pivotal point from which to harry Verdun.

  104. When Austrian reenforcements, hastily telephoned for, arrived, the attacking party was already retiring, leaving their dead and wounded in the casemates and on the wall.

  105. This proved to be a party of hussars bearing a white flag.

  106. Forty men and three officers, with three machine guns, were detailed by him as a landing party to destroy instruments and cut the cables.

  107. A party of German hussars crossed the Meuse, rode through Charleroi, and trotted on toward the Sambre.

  108. A few days later another landing party had captured the members of the staff of the governor of New Pomerania, together with the governor himself, at Bougainville, Solomon Islands, whence they had fled.

  109. A party of German hussars availed themselves of some unguarded path to make a daring but ineffectual dash to capture General Leman and his staff.

  110. Every mile that separated me from Calais, and took away the chance of being overtaken, added to my gaiety, and I flatter myself that a happier party have rarely travelled that well frequented road.

  111. Lord Hayle, as it happened, was going to a bridge-party of young men, which was to be held in one of the card-rooms at the Cocoa Tree Club.

  112. I have arranged that a party shall leave this house in two days' time, a county council inspector and a couple of police inspectors are coming with us, in order to do this.

  113. Party after party of well-dressed people were pouring into the stalls.

  114. He was in the same guest-room in the house of James Fabian Rose to which he had been carried when the exploring party had found him in the hands of the criminals of the West End slum.

  115. Nothing had been decided as to whether the Cambornes should stay the night or not, though the party had assumed that they would do so.

  116. Lord Hayle was thinking of the bridge-party to which he was going.

  117. The whole party came out into a court, a sort of quadrangle some thirty yards by twenty.

  118. The motor-car brought the party back into civilisation.

  119. Our party is growing enormously day by day.

  120. To his right was the Pusey House, headquarters of the High Church Party in the Church of England.

  121. In half an hour a curious party had left Westminster in two closed motor-cars, and were rolling up Park Lane.

  122. On one occasion only had he been to a supper party given to some of these ornaments of the illustrated papers, and he had been so insufferably bored that he resolved the experience should be his last.

  123. We have a large pledged party in the House of Commons.

  124. Hawley, Joseph Twichell, Mark Twain--in fact the majority of thinking men who held principle above party in their choice.

  125. Clemens said: "No party holds the privilege of dictating to me how I shall vote.

  126. Once when Sarah Orne Jewett was with the party he remarked that if the old masters had labeled their fruit one wouldn't be so likely to mistake pears for turnips.

  127. If loyalty to party is a form of patriotism, I am no patriot.

  128. They might choose unwisely, but the party support must be maintained.

  129. Certainly allegiance to these is well, but certainly a man's first duty is to his own conscience and honor; the party and country come second to that, and never first.

  130. General Grant also was induced to save the party from defeat, and made a personal tour of oratory for that purpose.

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