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  1. Coalition of parties in England against the Americans.

  2. But in 1689, when the Maritime Powers, that is, when William III had urgent need of Austria in the coalition against France, they promised the undivided monarchy of Spain to Leopold's second son.

  3. But the coalition between Rhenish Calvinists and the Lutherans of Prague did not work.

  4. To a prince who, the week before, had contrived a warlike coalition against him, a coalition which soon proved more formidable than all those which had preceded it, he owed no more than the letter of their agreements.

  5. Resistance to France on land was out of the question, except by means of a Coalition, and as no Coalition could be hoped for, Holland stood aside, while Turenne overran Flanders.

  6. Coalitions alone could resist him, and a coalition could only be a work of time and patience.

  7. Well, now that the Coalition has chucked him out, and he is only one of the half-dozen leaders of the Opposition, perhaps he wants to pick you up again.

  8. I was chucked out of the Coalition by a Tory conspiracy.

  9. And you could not even hold them to their bargain; for they presently betrayed the secret and forced the coalition on you.

  10. Effecting his escape from Nora, he raised an army, and formed a coalition with the satraps of the eastern provinces.

  11. The coalition was, however, not yet completed.

  12. The King, with his doggedness of purpose and his readiness to use any weapons against those whom he chose to regard as his enemies, was a serious danger even to a coalition that seemed so formidable as the coalition between Fox and North.

  13. The result of the unsuccessful coalition had been to increase the crimes that marked the course of the French Revolution, and seemingly to justify the fierce indignation of Burke.

  14. He could see nothing in the Revolution but its errors, and he hailed the coalition of Europe against France as a league of light against the powers of darkness.

  15. The coalition proved to be an absolute failure.

  16. There was the Liberal Party, nominally the governing party, but they could not live another day without the coalition of the Nationalist and the Labour parties.

  17. I reminded the women that the Government that had tricked and betrayed us and was now plotting to make our progress towards citizenship doubly difficult, was kept in office through the coalition of three parties.

  18. No publicly announced coalition with the Labour Party was made at that time, Keir Hardie, at the annual conference of the party, announcing that they would continue to be independent of the Government.

  19. A coalition with the Irish party, the leaders of which agreed, if the Home Rule bill were advanced, to stand by the budget.

  20. The Labour members seemed complacent, and the rest of the coalition were indifferent.

  21. The preservation of the constitution of the United States was supposed to depend on its issue; and the coalition against France was treated as a coalition against America also.

  22. But even should the greater part of your barons enter into this compact, sire," said Guerin, "you may be crushed by a coalition from without.

  23. Sir Julian of the Mount, the sworn friend of the Counts of Boulogne and Flanders, has undertaken a journey to Auvergne, which bodes a new coalition against you, sire.

  24. The coalition Griffith-McIlwraith Administration followed, but could not in such a time of value shrinkages materially increase revenue, while expenditure was thought to be irreducible.

  25. The work of the coalition of 1890 having been accomplished, Ministers had exhausted their popularity; yet the probability is that but for the financial debacle the end would not have come quite so soon.

  26. But he was lacking in force, and his Ministry was, moreover, much in the nature of coalition representing both squatting and anti-squatting interests at a time when bitter controversy prevailed.

  27. Out of this coalition was gradually developed the Liberal-conservative party, of which until his death Macdonald continued to be the most considerable figure, and which for more than forty years largely moulded the history of Canada.

  28. At this critical period a proposal was made for a coalition of parties in order to carry out a broad scheme of British-American confederation.

  29. Hitherto he had been regarded as a supporter of the landed, squatting and importing interests, but the coalition ministry introduced a number of measures which at the time were regarded by the propertied classes in the colony as revolutionary.

  30. This first coalition had now accomplished its temporary purpose, but so closely were parties divided at this period, that the defeat and reinstatement of governments followed each other in rapid succession.

  31. Both of these reforms Macdonald long opposed, but when successive elections had proved that they were supported by public opinion, he brought about a coalition of Conservatives and moderate reformers for the purpose of carrying them.

  32. In 301 the coalition triumphed over Antigonus in the battle of Ipsus (in Phrygia) and he himself was slain.

  33. I cannot but think the following Letter from the Emperor of China to the Pope of Rome, proposing a Coalition of the Chinese and Roman Churches, will be acceptable to the Curious.

  34. In 1435, was signed the Treaty of Arras, the death-blow to the long coalition existing between Burgundy and England to the continual detriment of France.

  35. The determination of the anti-Burgundian coalition in Germany to keep Charles within the limits of his own estates was a pleasant sight to the French king, and he felt that he could afford to wait.

  36. He had conceived a plan for a coalition between Bohemia, Poland, Austria, and Hungary to present a solid rampart against the Turks, and strong enough to dictate to emperor and pope.

  37. There never was, either in his own time or later, a Catholic coalition against England.

  38. It appeared that the king had been deluded by the diplomatists, and that after all the chance of a coalition against England was by no means dissolved.

  39. In Georgia, Tom Watson led the attempt to form a coalition between Negro and white farmers against the interests of the conservative white aristocracy.

  40. Carmichael contended that a genuine coalition had to be built between groups with similar self interests.

  41. In his opinion, "there is in fact no group at present with whom to form a coalition in which blacks will not be absorbed and betrayed.

  42. The employers of labor, on account of their smaller number and greater education, make their counter-coalition much more secret and effective.

  43. We hear that the inhabitants of the fortress of Ghuznee communicated with the enemy without; and by a coalition have driven our troops from all other parts than the citadel and the Cabul gateway.

  44. The bill was presented to the Reichstag in April, and the "coalition of Balkan States," M.

  45. Now, listen to me, Pelham: such a coalition never can take place.

  46. The hosts of the coalition were rolling in upon him like a deluge.

  47. Their coalition boded ill to Shirley, and he soon felt its effects.

  48. In 1878, in coalition with the Greenbackers, they elected many state officers throughout the West.

  49. The framing of a new constitution gave this coalition of farmers and workingmen an unusual opportunity to assail the evils which they declared infested the State.

  50. Triumvirate, the Marechal de Saint-Andre being the third personage in the purely Catholic coalition to which this singular proposition for a "colloquy" gave rise.

  51. The Triumvirate, that coming coalition of self-interests threatened by Catherine's first acts, was now forming itself under her very eyes.

  52. The two Lorrain princes, lately all-powerful, now paralyzed by the momentary coalition of the queen-mother and the first prince of the blood with Calvin!

  53. A coalition between these opposing interests, attacked by a common enemy, formed itself silently in the States-general, where it soon became a question of appointing Catherine as regent in case the king should die.

  54. Coalition government of Sir Robert Borden is returned and conscription confirmed in Canada.

  55. On November 7th, an armed insurrection against the Coalition Government and Premier Kerensky was precipitated by the Bolsheviki faction.

  56. As a result of this agitation a new coalition government was formed.

  57. My object was to obtain a new coalition of all the Balkan States, including Roumania.

  58. For this reason I am deeply grieved to see in the Balkan coalition of 1912 Roumania not invited.

  59. The protectionists, full of wrath, and seeing their opportunity to overthrow the government, joined the Liberals and the Irish members, and this coalition threw out the bill by a majority of seventy-three.

  60. He did not live to see the complete triumph of his system, matured by genius and patient study; but his work remained to future generations, and made Prussia invincible except to a coalition of powerful enemies.

  61. He saw that he must either be reconciled to his brother or face that alarming coalition of Pitt and Newcastle which was afterwards effected with so much success.

  62. Ayscough for a coalition between the forces of Stowe and those of Leicester House.

  63. He would remind that gentleman of certain efforts which had been made (alluding to their brief coalition against Newcastle) to limit the power at which he had hinted.

  64. Despite the firm opposition of a strong party of noble and eminent patriots, the coalition was arranged.

  65. Swiss neutrality being thus abandoned, the door was opened to the Austro-Russian invasion, planned by the second European coalition with the view of ousting France from Swiss territory.

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