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  1. Geoffrey the Handsome, with his indefatigable energy, was eminently fitted to suppress the coalitions of his vassals, the most formidable of which was formed in 1129.

  2. Malta had already fallen into her hands during the wars of the French Revolution, and her commanding position, as the corner-stone upon which the coalitions against Napoleon rested, enabled her to claim it at the Peace of 1815.

  3. Thus the coalitions on both sides were dissolved; and the original enemies, Austria and Prussia, remained alone confronting each other.

  4. The two hostile coalitions were, in respect of territory, wealth, and population, not unequally matched.

  5. History records nine separate coalitions which Pitt and his successors drew together and cemented with English gold, in order to stay the progress, first of the French Republic, then of the great man who inherited its position.

  6. Most questions have to be treated more or less in the way of compromise; and alliances and coalitions not very conducive to a severe standard of political morals are frequent.

  7. When coalitions of minorities can at any time overthrow a ministry, the whole force of Government is lost.

  8. As has just been spoken of above, large coalitions of invested wealth are more competent to maintain, or if need be to advance, prices than smaller coalitions acting in severalty, or even when acting in collusion.

  9. And with the new dispensation affording a freer scope for business enterprise on conditions of greater security, larger coalitions than before are due to come into bearing.

  10. In cases where no recapitalisation has been effected for a considerable series of years the yearly earnings of such businesslike coalitions have been known to approach fifty percent on the capitalised value.

  11. Under the new dispensation, as has already been remarked, coalitions should reasonably be expected to grow to a larger size and achieve a greater efficiency for the same purpose.

  12. As envoy of the Elector of Hanover, King of England, he helped to form several coalitions against France.

  13. He was a fierce enemy of the French Revolution, and the life and soul of the coalitions against Napoleon I.

  14. The great number of coalitions is a very serious symptom.

  15. After the French Revolution he displayed a great hatred of France and made three coalitions against her.

  16. Coalitions alone could resist him, and a coalition could only be a work of time and patience.

  17. In this way he strove to prevent coalitions and to isolate his enemies.

  18. The Triple Alliance was the earliest of that series of coalitions which ended by getting the better of the power of Lewis XIV, and is therefore a landmark in History.

  19. Such a suspicion, properly fanned, would make alliances and coalitions impossible between them.

  20. The parallel broke down in that the great Greek had never forced his enemy into entangling alliances, as Napoleon had forced England into successive coalitions for self-preservation.

  21. Literacy-based coalitions pursue and further goals and actions consistent with the pragmatic framework that requires them.

  22. The centers of political power- economics, law, interest groups-constitute poles around which such coalitions are established or abandoned.

  23. What is not accounted for is the fact that coalitions are not independent of the medium of their expression.

  24. Small differentiating operations, in the nature of coalitions tested through polling or electronic balloting, and modified in accordance with the rapid change of political roles, represent an alternative.

  25. Under these circumstances, the making and unmaking of coalitions remains one among very few valid political functions.

  26. One should ask whether such coalitions do not come into being in the universal language of literacy.

  27. That Pitt's subsidies were sometimes unwise may be conceded; that his coalitions disappointed him is certain.

  28. One of the embarrassing consequences of Coalitions now appeared.

  29. The policy of coalitions contradicts internally the regime of the revolutionary dictatorship.

  30. Descending, like most of the leading families of the South, from Olild, the Clan Dalgais had long been excluded from the throne of Cashel, by successive coalitions of their elder brethren, the Eugenians.

  31. Some of the fragments as leagues, alliances and coalitions were reaching nationhood.

  32. We cannot escape the conclusion which all experience yields, that both these electoral methods place the representation of any party at the mercy of either temporary or permanent coalitions of other parties.

  33. In 1896, owing to the coalitions of Socialists and Catholics at the polls, the Liberals had only eleven representatives in the popular chamber.

  34. The system of second ballots not only deprives large sections of the electorate of representation, but the very coalitions which produce this result bring parliamentary institutions into still further disrepute.

  35. Deschanel, an ex-President of the Chamber of Deputies, who declared that these coalitions entirely falsify the character of the popular verdict.

  36. Continental experience has shown that the coalitions at the second ballots are of two types.

  37. Sometimes such coalitions are merely the expression of resentment by an advanced party at the action of a party somewhat less advanced than itself.

  38. These coalitions are condemned in unequivocal terms by Continental writers and statesmen of widely differing schools of thought.

  39. The combinations of allied parties against a third party, as in the examples already given, may be defended, but the coalitions at second ballots, as has been pointed out, are not always of this character.

  40. But, whatever the cause, the coalitions at the second ballots do not result in the creation of a fully representative legislative chamber; on the contrary, they tend to take away all sincerity from the parliamentary system.

  41. Illustrations of the first type of coalitions abound.

  42. Indeed, the coalitions at the second ballots not only discredited the system but greatly embittered the relations between the various parties.

  43. The separate experiences, therefore, of France, Belgium, and Germany all yield convincing and corroborative testimony to the demoralizing influence on political life which results from the coalitions at the second ballots.

  44. A great orator said t' other day in the House, that coalitions were fatal; Englishmen never liked them.

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