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  1. Confusion now hath made his Master-peece: Most sacrilegious Murther hath broke ope The Lords anoynted Temple, and stole thence The Life o'th' Building Macb.

  2. Lo you, heere she comes: This is her very guise, and vpon my life fast asleepe: obserue her, stand close Doct.

  3. Heere, But heere, vpon this Banke and Schoole of time, Wee'ld iumpe the life to come.

  4. Life and death, ruin and salvation, corruption and purity, are perhaps in the balance together, and the scale of your destiny may hang on a single word of yours.

  5. O Verny, Verny, I hope your school-life may be happier than mine has been.

  6. And then the whole life of the ship was odious to him.

  7. Life hath its May, and all is joyous then The woods are vocal, and the flowers breathe odour, The very breeze hath mirth in't.

  8. Why it happens that no heart can be so generous, no life so self-denying, no intentions so honourable and pure, as to shield a man from the enmity of his fellows, must remain a dark question for ever.

  9. Eric enjoyed the prospect of all things, and he hardly fancied that Paradise itself could be happier than a life at the sea-side with his father and mother and Vernon, combined with the commencement of schoolboy dignity.

  10. He now lived in and for the boys alone, and his whole life was one long self-devotion to their service and interests.

  11. Let none of you think that his life has been wasted.

  12. A goodly portion of my life has been spent in battling with superstition, credulity and chicanery in every form.

  13. The sharp's motto is, 'Art is to conceal art;' and his success in life depends very greatly upon the strict observation of this maxim.

  14. All the essential facts of Lord Bacon's life will be presented, whereby his secret authorship will be more abundantly proved, and his moral character vindicated against the aspersions of 260 years.

  15. O, for my sake do you with Fortune chide, The guilty goddess of my harmful deeds, That did not better for my life provide Than public means which public manners breeds.

  16. Now, old friend, are you tired of this life of keeper of a cabaret?

  17. We found them most useful at Freiburg, and many a life was saved that would have been lost but for their use; but if you insist upon doing anything, I would ask you to carry wine and water round.

  18. It was no affair of his, and it is carrying hospitality too far to endanger life and kingdom rather than tell two guests that they must seek a refuge elsewhere.

  19. If a serious attempt is made on my life I could then consider whether it would be best to withdraw myself, and if so, whither to go; but I will not run away merely on a vague hint that my life is in danger.

  20. Let the ground over which we have passed be carefully searched," he said, "and any of our men who show signs of life be carried in front of the chateau.

  21. You must remember that life is short and, especially in the case of a minister of France, uncertain.

  22. He was perfectly happy in his country life, and never once regretted the chain of events that had forced him to give up his life of adventure and excitement and to settle down peacefully in England.

  23. He had you at his mercy, and had a right to take your life if he chose; but as he refrained from doing that when you had your sword in your hand, he certainly will not do so now.

  24. Was Marius going to obtain, in this sudden and unexpected fashion, all the information without which his life was obscure for himself?

  25. Combeferre loved more than Enjolras the ordinary life of mankind; and if these two young men had gained a place in history, the one would have been the just man, the other the sage.

  26. He had reached the season of life when the mind of men is composed of depth and simplicity in nearly equal proportions.

  27. At that moment of life when a man requires pride because he requires love, he felt himself derided because he was meanly dressed, and ridiculous because he was poor.

  28. Life is a scenery in which there are no practicables, and happiness is an old side-scene only painted on one side.

  29. The sight of a musket or a sabre froze him, and in his life he had never walked up to a cannon, not even at the Invalides.

  30. In the troubled state of his conscience he did not think at all of certain serious sides of existence; but the realities of life will not allow themselves to be forgotten, and so they suddenly came to jog his memory.

  31. Life is a hideous invention of somebody whom I am unacquainted with.

  32. I was at Waterloo, and in the battle I saved the life of a General called the Comte de--I don't know what.

  33. Marius gazed for some time at this mournful interior, which was more terrifying than the interior of a tomb, for the human soul could be seen stirring in it and life palpitating.

  34. Here the prisoner raised his voice,-- "You are villains, but my life is not worth so much trouble to defend.

  35. If the Lion was pleased at the kindness of the Elephant, more pleased was the lame Goat; and a happy life was his from that day.

  36. All his life long, this Ass served the Farmer faithfully, and earned him a great deal of money.

  37. O my Owl," said he, "all my life long I have been looking for a counsellor who had reasons to give for what he did; I have never found one until I found you.

  38. Were I to drink a single drop, My life would then most likely stop.

  39. The lame Goat made up his mind that the only way by which he could save his life was to gain the protection of some powerful beast.

  40. You are a she, and I have had so much bother with shes in my life that I shall keep clear of you.

  41. His son became king in his stead; and all life long he remembered his father's miserable death, and kept all his promises to men, and beasts, and birds.

  42. You might suppose that the shepherd took especial care of this lame Goat, but not he; on the contrary, he beat him and bullied him, and made his whole life a misery.

  43. Then did Linda's golden throne of life and of happiness melt away, and the white, bridal garment of her innocence was rent and burnt to ashes.

  44. But his view of things and his actual life became, without his express intention, powerful over the Count, whom everything great only enlarged, as it belittles others.

  45. And as life always cuts itself up into quarters, why must it be merely the last, and not quite as often the first, upon which a full-beaming moon follows?

  46. Transparent evening gold-dust was wafted over the garden; the loud day was muffled, and life peaceful; olive-branches and their blossoms sank slowly down out of the quiet heavens.

  47. I am reading at this moment the life of the glorious Guyon.

  48. So I came just in this still week of life to the mer-de-glace in Montanvert.

  49. Footnote 60: She regarded her present life as a quiet play-life, like that of children, and only the second as the actual one.

  50. Mary Jane pressed close to the window and was eagerly watching the sight of busy city life she could see on the streets as they flashed by, when a white-coated man walked through the car calling "Second call for dinner!

  51. A thread of romance and mystery in Jerry's life runs through the tale.

  52. The conditions of the life of a parish priest would tend to make him a good gardener, for, while other men roam about, he stays mostly at home, and to live with one's garden is one of the best ways to ensure its welfare.

  53. Here it becomes a vice, for the Dahlia's first duty in life is to flaunt and to swagger and to carry gorgeous blooms well above its leaves, and on no account to hang its head.

  54. Among the many wonders of the vegetable world are the flowers that hang their heads and seem to sleep in the daytime, and that awaken as the sun goes down, and live their waking life at night.

  55. Near my home is a little wild valley, whose planting, wholly done by Nature, I have all my life regarded with the most reverent admiration.

  56. He was not content to lead a life of ease with the produce of his industry, but he had founded an institution of incalculable value for the moral and intellectual welfare of the isle.

  57. Morrow's life had, so far, been for the better.

  58. But I don't think we should subject ourselves to the life of a hermit.

  59. That spring season, the newspapers broke out in a rash of headlines and front-page stories about ships from outer space and life on other worlds, quoting eye-witness reports and authoritative comments.

  60. A hermit's life would get kinda boring, anyway," Smitty conceded.

  61. But though her life has become forfeit, perhaps that ignominy of the actual gibbet might have been spared.

  62. He had many friends and varied interests, but he felt that life was being wasted; in fact he had not "found himself," nor was he to do so until his visit to Germany.

  63. A solitary life in lodgings, and the absence of domestic ties to one of his affectionate and home-loving nature (which lay behind his gipsy habits) could not be compensated even by hosts of friends; but brighter days were in store.

  64. Mrs. Johnstone gave her life to good works and to the care of her children, one of whom was an invalid.

  65. Besides doing justice to the drama as an allegorical picture of life in the light of certain nineteenth-century ideas, the performance was a specially good revelation of its amusing and naively entertaining qualities.

  66. Mr. Edward Elgar seems to owe his fame almost entirely to those autumn festivals which are so important a feature of musical life in this country.

  67. He thought it was his lot in life not to be able to talk freely and acceptably save to a very few persons.

  68. The main current of musical life and energy since Beethoven's time has lain in the field of dramatic composition, and from that main current we remained excluded for a most unconscionable time.

  69. This deals with the calling of the Apostles and with some of the most important incidents in the life of the Redeemer during His ministry.

  70. Because of your mouth, Long life to the Agata valley, Long life to pearls.

  71. MICRA When you lie with me and love me, You give me a second life of young gold; And when you lie with me and love me not, I am as one who puts out hands in the dark And touches cold wet death.

  72. Like so many to whom life has at one time given a paralysing shock, Duncan was extremely reticent, save when he could lead the conversation, and be confidential at points of his own choosing; and he was not an easy man to question.

  73. As we talk gently, Sitting by one another, Life is as beautiful as night.

  74. Life is a red thing like the sun setting very quietly; Setting quickly and heavily and very quietly.

  75. She's a gossip, Betty is, and who so delightful to gossip with as an old man who's known your whole life from A to izzard?

  76. Why, friend John, it would take all of that three hundred dollars I offer thee to fill up that hole which required several years of Simon Waterman's life to dig.

  77. In all his life poor Peter Piper had never been so happy as that day made him.

  78. Jim, life in the country 'isn't all catnip!

  79. Whose life moves forward in blessing, as all lives should move, and whom we must come back to at some happy, future day.

  80. My dear, country life is making you a philosopher: and here comes our girl as ready for her dinner as I am.

  81. Country life does seem to be rather exciting," agreed Mr. Chester, idly poking the end of his crutch among the weeds along the wide stone where his chair had been placed.

  82. You'd think she was just starting out in life instead of being so nigh the end of it, and I guess she thought I was s'prised to hear her tell.

  83. While his life had been in danger, even during all their time of doubt concerning their adopted child, Martha had been gentleness and hopefulness indeed.

  84. He offered his life for mine whom he didn't like!

  85. Much experience of life had shown him that the world is not very kind to such as Peter, and he tried by fatherly interest and goodness to make up to the boy somewhat for the harshness of others.

  86. Never in my whole life has anybody struck me.

  87. What he was doing in our quiet neighbourhood I could not for the life of me imagine.

  88. It is doubtful whether the firm in question had ever had such an order before, and for once in my life I took rank as a person of importance in their eyes.

  89. I might go to the end of the world--risk my life in a thousand different ways--only to return to England to be knocked down in the Strand by a runaway cab.

  90. And when you come to think I've a wife and family at home all depending upon me, I'll leave you to figure out how much you value Fernandez' life at.

  91. I am afraid you would find the life a trifle lonely after La Gloria.

  92. In due course he entered the army, but after a time the life of a private soldier disgusted him, and he exchanged the profession of arms for that of an assistant to a sugar planter on the island of St. Vincent.

  93. Why should I risk my life and my dear one's happiness for the sake of a paltry ten thousand pounds?

  94. In the hour that followed I learnt more of his past life than I had ever known before.

  95. One little mistake and my life would pay the forfeit.

  96. You will, of course, be here, leading the Social Life of Equinata as you do now!

  97. And of all the joys of life which may fairly come under the head of recreation there is nothing more great, more refreshing, more beneficial in the widest sense of the word, than a real love of the beauty of the world.

  98. Observe that the joy of life and the duty of life are put side by side.

  99. It is this: "He is not fit to live who is not fit to die, and he is not fit to die who shrinks from the joy of life or from the duty of life.

  100. How he had found time in that busy life to acquire this knowledge so thoroughly it is almost impossible to imagine, but there the knowledge and training undoubtedly were.

  101. There is a story of a man whom others called poor, and who had just enough fortune to support himself in going about the country in the simplest way and studying and enjoying the life and beauty of it.

  102. It is comparatively seldom that you find one who puts the joy of life as something to be cultivated, to be encouraged on an equal footing with the duty of life.

  103. The second is some satisfactory home life in the form of good relations with family or friends.

  104. But it is not only in the small worries of life that we may be saved by a right use of recreation.

  105. The guilds played an important part in the life of the time.

  106. The Boy Life of Napoleon=, afterwards Emperor of the French.

  107. His life reads like a romance, the best romance that ever was printed, and Mr. Brooks has done an admirable work.

  108. These figures made of wax, and of life size, were carried at funerals, and were intended to look like the deceased, and dressed in their clothes.

  109. CHUCK PURDY: A New York Boy= Illustrated A delightful story of boy life in New York City.

  110. For those who wish their boys and girls to study the life of the great Emperor of France, we know of no better book than this.

  111. The only popular life of the great Franklin written from a human standpoint for the boys and girls of America.

  112. I'm certain you will enjoy that; but what I think you'll appreciate even more are the associations which Winchester has with the life of Alfred the Great.

  113. Their life was not an easy one, and yet, it seems to me that they must have enjoyed it.

  114. Here the monks spent most of their time, for this was the center of the life of the monastery.

  115. The real center of life for centuries was at 'Chepe,' or Cheapside, as it is now called.

  116. But for once in your life you are at sea--and far from shore; this portrait represents a different person altogether.

  117. My errand is one of almost life and death; if you knew how vitally important it was you would not refuse me," she panted.

  118. For once in her life Daisy was unable to shake him from his purpose.

  119. I was so happy then; and now life is so bitter!

  120. Life was the same to him in one part of the world as another.

  121. Although Daisy had lived the greater portion of her life at John Brooks' cottage on the Hurlhurst plantation, this was the first time she had ever gazed upon the face of the recluse master of Whitestone Hall.

  122. For once in her life the haughty, willful heiress was completely taken aback, and she sunk into the arm-chair so lately occupied by Basil Hurlhurst.

  123. There is something about his face that I don't like; he is a scoundrel, and I'll bet my life on it!

  124. It hurt and pained her to hear the name of the man she loved dearer than life mentioned with the name of Pluma Hurlhurst.

  125. Why, I risked my life to save yours, and shielded your honor with my name.

  126. Take her conduct as a life trial, and bear it with the courage of a Christian.

  127. At last I grew frightened by the grotesque shapes, which my too active imagination endowed with life and motion, when the summer breeze from the open window stirred the drapery.

  128. In death itself there is nothing terrible; it is but the returning wave of life flowing back to Him, and may be regarded as the birth of spirit to its higher destiny.

  129. Between him and his son I lead the life of a dog.

  130. There never was a period in her life when pride exerted so little influence over her, or she thought more humbly of herself.

  131. It is only in the silence of my own chamber, when my thoughts flow back to you, that it awakes to life and happiness.

  132. Lost his life by a fall from his horse in a steeple chase.

  133. Dorothy felt like a captive long incarcerated in prison who has just got his release, and awakes once more to life and liberty.

  134. Everything strikes me as hollow and false, in the life I am at present compelled to lead.

  135. He had ventured his all upon it, and had lost everything which makes life desirable: the love of a true heart, his own self-respect, and the fair prospect of domestic happiness.

  136. Many magazine articles have been written to show the general advantages it affords in rendering rural conditions more tolerable and enduring the inconveniences to which such life is subject.

  137. So people who keep scrap books in which to note peculiar events and occurrences in the lives of great men may add this little item to their collection, for everything connected with the life of Abraham Lincoln is worthy of notice.

  138. Whether the shifting currents of political life and expediency, or other causes, have operated to make changes in this office, it appears that many occurred in the administrations of some of our chief executives.

  139. It has so much to do with the temper, the disposition the pleasures and the material affairs of life that its compelling interest is admitted and the winds and clouds are ever objects of our daily attention.

  140. These lax methods, which were particularly apparent in the business customs and official procedure of the Department, were so firmly imbedded in its official life that it required a firm hand and a positive purpose to dislodge them.

  141. It spells efficiency in commercial life and men strain a point to bring themselves up alongside their pushing and wideawake neighbors in availing themselves of this great modern aid to the completest equipment.

  142. Political life had worn upon him so that he thought retirement from business, and a trip to the Bermudas necessary in order to regain health and strength.

  143. I was led to reflect on this wise: How many that profess to be Christians, that once enjoyed the favor of God, and took great delight in meeting the saints, and hearing the words of life preached.

  144. Early in life he felt that that would be his employment in after years.

  145. I now perceived that God was trying to teach me the way of life more perfectly.

  146. A short time after this, he passed suddenly into eternity, and for aught we know, just as he had lived, without Christ, and hope for the life that is to come.

  147. The stream of life is without mixture, full of health and life eternal.

  148. It has caused them to consider in a new light the claims that God had upon His people, that holiness of heart and life was binding upon all.

  149. It has been called “The Free Methodist life boat.

  150. No room for mirth or trifling here, For worldly hope, or worldly fear, If life so soon is gone; If now the Judge is at the door, And all mankind must stand before The inexorable throne!

  151. God expects that every minister, in his ministrations to the people, will convey the water of life pure.

  152. Stable family life among the slaves was made possible by the conditions of slavery in Pennsylvania, there being no active interchange of negroes.

  153. The declaration of rights in the constitution of 1790 declared that all men were born equally free and independent, and had an inherent right to enjoy and defend life and liberty.

  154. By an elaborate calculation he endeavored to prove that a sum of about five shillings deposited at interest by the community each year of the negro's life after he was twenty-one, would amply suffice for all requirements.

  155. The negro held for life was subject to the same restrictions, tried in the same courts, and punished with the same punishments as the white servant.

  156. He gave his whole life to the cause, but owing to his too radical methods he was much less influential than he might have been.

  157. Here the settlers were largely Scotch-Irish, and had no dislike for slavery, but as yet the conditions of their life did not favor it.

  158. From that time to the end of his life he was their zealous advocate.

  159. Thenceforth they are a noticeable factor in the life of the colony.

  160. Many traits of daily life and marks of personal appearance which no historian has described, are preserved in the advertisements of the daily papers.

  161. Your exemplary private life was described; you were the model husband; wives would burn your body when you died and dose their husbands with your ashes.

  162. Not like an assassin, but face to face--each with a sword in his hand, and then a struggle for life or death.

  163. I have been suffering from an infectious illness; I caught the plague on my journey, and I tremble for your life if you approach me.

  164. Timar fancied things would always go on thus, and he could live this life to the end of his days.

  165. I shall want something to sweeten my life in that desert.

  166. Never in my life did I earn so much money by the hardest work.

  167. The circle in which he had spent his former life was trodden under foot, and he had attained a new center of gravity.

  168. Then, too, I long for a quiet, contemplative life after all my trials; after the sybarite existence I have led, I long for the rustic joys of the golden age.

  169. How could he ever look again on the woman who had defended him in his rival's presence with such holy sorrow, when she learned that he was the very opposite of all she had admired in her husband, and that his whole life was a lie?

  170. She had not strength to cast life away; she gazed at herself in the glass--was all that beauty to be annihilated?

  171. But you may be sure that on all this round world there is no one who prays for your life as I do.

  172. He was very sensitive to the great life of nature.

  173. I get a gulden and my food; so I have forty kreutzers more reason to venture my life than you.

  174. Why the devil do you come here to venture your life for twenty kreutzers a day?

  175. Michael had for the first time in his life heard it said that some one loved him.

  176. But then, as I began to realize and to visualize what it was to mean in my life that my boy was dead there came a great pain.

  177. They were leaving behind them all the good things, all the pleasant things, of life as, in time of peace, every one of them had learned to live it and to know it.

  178. It is the breath of life to us to know that folks are pleased by what we do for them.

  179. The refinements of life were lacking, to be sure--but who cared?

  180. God is not going to let everything end for us just because the mortal life quits the shell we call the body.

  181. I trusted in the British navy, which had guarded the sea lane so well that not a man had lost his life as the result of a Hun attack, although many millions had gone back and forth to France since the beginning of the war.

  182. Life was left to them, to be sure; most of these boys were sure to live.

  183. They cheered as they squatted down in a circle about us, me in my kilt, and Johnson tinkling away as if his very life depended upon it, at his wee piano!

  184. I think I never sang with less restraint in all my life than I did that quiet morning on the Boulogne road.

  185. And life would not be worth the living for me did I not believe that each day brings me nearer to seeing him again.

  186. It might kill some man whose life was of the utmost value to the enemy.

  187. I was thrilled and excited as I had never been in all my life before.

  188. They might not show, on the surface, that they took life and their work seriously.

  189. There were to be gayety and life and light and sparkle all about me.

  190. And when I see it, I should advise you, according to the rules of Antisthenes the pupil of Socrates, to relieve yourselves of life if you stick to such food as this.

  191. But life for us is full of fun and laughter.

  192. And Teleclides puts it better than the man whom I have just quoted, in his Amphictyons, where he says-- I will tell you now the life Which I have prepared for men.

  193. And a man will not be much out who calls the life of that young Cyprian a wet one.

  194. Accordingly, Alexis says in his Liar-- A flatterer's life but a brief space endures, For no one likes a hoary parasite.

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