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Example sentences for "your life"

  • You never was in that parlour in your life.

  • Did you ever hear in your life of such a natural curiosity as a Bow Street Runner?

  • Your life, surely, ought to be pleasant enough.

  • Not on your life," his young companion intervened.

  • Not on your life, sir," Mr. Dunster declared vigorously.

  • It is just as if all the furniture had been taken out of the house, and your furniture is your life.

  • You will feel that those little ones are akin to every drop in your veins, that they are the very flower of your life (and what else are they?

  • If you were a pallid creature of the mollusk order, you would have nothing to fear, but it is different when you have the hot blood of a lion and are ready to get into a score of scrapes every day of your life.

  • Yet it seems to me your life is hardly secure while she stays.

  • Yet I have been with good people; far better than you: a hundred times better people; possessed of ideas and views you never entertained in your life: quite more refined and exalted.

  • Your life's not safe an hour--unless, indeed, you get soldiers to guard it.

  • You that never ruled a house in your life--" "I can learn.

  • But at least you will stay tall all your life!

  • Don't you think it would be interesting if you really could read the story of your life--written perfectly truthfully by an omniscient author?

  • You can't imagine what fun it is to shop and pay with a real five-dollar bill and get some change--when you've never had more than a few cents in your life.

  • When you meet her, you will be ashamed to remember that you ever loved Mrs. Van Brandt--you will look on your separation from that woman as the happiest event of your life.

  • Must I remind you, for the first time in your life, of what is due to your mother?

  • Be quick about it," I said; "and you shall have more money for yourself than ever you had in your life!

  • If it's you, Dermody, it shall be the worst day's work you ever did in your life.

  • The mystery of your life," answered I, surprised into the truth by the unexpectedness of her attack.

  • Did you ever see a happy woman in your life?

  • You have only to choose which you would prefer, to become its ruler to the end of your life.

  • Take these fish and carry them to the Sultan, who will give you more money for them than you have ever had in your life.

  • The Golden Door, alone, forbear to open, as you value your own peace, and the happiness of your life.

  • If you are gay and jovial about it, if you feel no darts of torture flashing through be fastnesses of your life, do not flatter yourself that you are making radical changes.

  • You cannot pull it up or dig it up, or in any way displace it, without setting the very foundations of your life a-quivering.

  • It is as much as your life is worth to ask these people about lost articles.

  • The earth must be small indeed that we should have blundered like this into your life.

  • You won't see him again in your life once we get clear.

  • I should be glad to be a something in your life.

  • If you do not do all that I wish for the rest of your life, you will be the most ungrateful fellow in the world.

  • You think that you have hit upon the truth; you were never more mistaken in your life.

  • You are acting like a reasonable man for once in your life," said he.

  • Oh, don't be unkind to me for the first time in your life!

  • If you go to Varleigh tomorrow, you will repent it to the last day of your life.

  • What has made this wonderful change in your life?

  • For once in your life, Linda, you have done something strictly worth while.

  • When you're thrown on your own for four of the longest, lonesomest years of your life, you learn to think," said Linda soberly.

  • Thing to do, when you build a house, is to build it the way you want it for the remainder of your life, so you don't have to tear up the scenery every few years, dragging in lumber for expansion.

  • The more you fuss up, the less handsome you are, and you never owned anything in your life so becoming as that old red blouse.

  • Linda, have you definitely decided that when you come to your home-making hour, Donald is the man with whom you want to spend the remainder of your life?

  • And in your life let my remembrance linger, As something not to trouble and disturb it, But to complete it, adding life to life.

  • Your life is mine; and what shall now withhold me From sending your vile soul to its account?

  • Your life is forfeit Unto the law; and you shall surely die, And shall not live.

  • I charge you on your life, Believe not what she says, for she is mad, And comes here not to die, but to be healed.

  • All the shame and sorrow of your life shall be forgotten--as if they had never been.

  • You can't change the one habit--the purpose of your life.

  • Then I'll have you whipped within an inch of your life," replied Tull, harshly.

  • I think of your great hate toward him who--I think of your life's implacable purpose.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "your life" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

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