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declaration; declarations; declarative; declaratory; declare; declaredly; declarer; declarers; declares; declarest
  1. Here, in quiet and great comfort, he made his second change of clothing, first carefully removing from each garment all the little tags and trademarks which declared it St. Louis-bought.

  2. If we hadn't declared war before, we've done it now.

  3. Erös Béla's formally declared engagement to Kapus Elsa had been a very severe blow.

  4. He declared that he would strangle me or else tell father if I set foot outside this house.

  5. Those who watched her--and there were many--declared that not only did she never stop crying for a moment during Mass, but that her eyes were swollen and her cheeks puffy from having cried all the night and all the day before.

  6. Pater Bonifácius himself, who had seen the letter, declared that the wording of it was very curt and vague--much more curt and vague than such letters usually were.

  7. She merely told the first neighbour whom she came across that Lakatos Andor had come back, just as she, for one, had always declared that he would.

  8. At the castle of course everyone was greatly surprised: the noble Countess raised her aristocratic eyebrows and declared her abhorrence of hearing of these horrors.

  9. The truth of these two circumstances was declared (and not before known) by the dying confession of each party.

  10. Perry declared he recognized it as a veritable piece of that rare faïence made by Pierre Clerissy for the Grand Monarch when he coined all his plate to pay the army in Flanders.

  11. His lordship took the word literally, and declared he did not understand the matter.

  12. She declared she would rather die than marry one who had been guilty of such outrageous conduct.

  13. My dear sir," said I to the captain, "has war been declared between England and Russia?

  14. I think I can interest you for an hour, gentlemen," declared the bearded one, as he slipped a key in the lock of the door.

  15. Oh, that was all right," declared their host, smiling good-humoredly.

  16. The ship's doctor put off in a lifeboat, and soon declared his patient fit to be removed to the liner.

  17. Under that vigorous treatment Walter Carruthers, as the young man afterwards declared himself to be, was quickly brought around.

  18. Cable's gone from this buoy," declared Captain Jack, as Hal rowed close.

  19. Williamson was called too, but declared that he felt like turning in early.

  20. No one of our crowd will go ashore, unless ordered there by Mr. Mayhew," declared Benson, with emphasis.

  21. I'm hitting something, and it is hardly a rock, either," declared young Benson.

  22. I believe I would like to take just a run through the village," declared Jack, turning to his chum.

  23. But Meek, in the first flush of speculative shrewdness declared that as he had bought the goods for his own wife, he could not find it in his heart to sell them.

  24. On finding his conjecture confirmed, Meek declared his intention, should no game be found before next day night, of killing and eating Al, to get back the stolen bacon.

  25. The Sioux are declared amenable to the laws of the United States; and Congress shall secure to them an orderly government and protect individual property, person, and life.

  26. When Craig returned to the camp-fire, and beheld the place vacant where a rabbit so late was nicely roasting, his passion knew no bounds, and he declared his intention of cutting it out of the stomach that contained it.

  27. Such were the tales told in San Francisco of the wonderful fortunes of some of the miners that young Lane became infected with the universal fever and declared his intention to try mining with the rest.

  28. Further on he met fugitives from the army, who declared that all was lost.

  29. The bird then lodged a complaint against the dog as an open and flagrant robber, but it was all no good, as the dog declared that he had found forged letters upon the sausage, so that he deserved to lose his life.

  30. Then she went to the king and declared that his wife was an eater of human flesh.

  31. The king called his council together, and all declared that such a feather was worth more than the whole kingdom.

  32. All declared it unmistakably the voice of Charles Ashmore; all agreed that it seemed to come from a great distance, faintly, yet with entire distinctness of articulation; yet none could determine its direction, nor repeat its words.

  33. The boy James Wren had declared at first that he SAW the disappearance, but there is nothing of this in his testimony given in court.

  34. The propensity to contentment declared by this well-turned saying delighted Sakra in a still higher degree.

  35. For no action is declared by competent judges in the science of politics to be well-managed which is not attended by good reputation, satisfaction, and interest.

  36. Brusquely disregarding the royal command, though it was declared to them in gentle terms, the Sibis, moved by anger, order you to be banished from the kingdom, my prince.

  37. We don't have no chiefs here," declared the young man with a determined setting of his jaw.

  38. He had declared his love with tumultuous force--and it seemed to Blossom that, after all, the moon was hers without crying for it.

  39. I didn't mean to startle you," he declared reassuringly, "I only wanted information.

  40. Thet would only bring on more trouble," he declared steadfastly.

  41. I asked and obtained Barrington's permission to tell how we were ourselves involved with this Major Stapylton, and he quickly declared that, while the man stood thus accused, there could be no thought of according him a satisfaction.

  42. I stood stoutly to you through it all, and declared that when the niggers was up at Jamaica, we had n't time to take the names of the prisoners, and we always cut one of their ears off to know them again.

  43. Proctor, on hearing all this, recalled me to England; and declared that he had traced enough to this man's charge to show he was one whom no gentleman could meet.

  44. I did worse; I took a copy of my letter, and declared that I would read it to the officers in the mess-room.

  45. As we sat over our wine together, we got upon this case, and Stamer declared that it was the only criminal cause in his whole life wherein he regretted the escape of the guilty party.

  46. Rigorous people say, I ought to have explicity declared the truth.

  47. The moment I had come to this resolution, I declared it, wishing not to diminish the magnitude of the sacrifice by giving her the least trouble to obtain it.

  48. After having made a third attempt with so much care and circumspection that I thought the time long, he declared there was no stone, but that the prostate gland was schirrous and considerably thickened.

  49. I had declared to her my connection with Theresa, and everything that had resulted from it, without concealing the manner in which I had disposed of my children.

  50. Antony surrendered it to the kings of Pontus, after it had been declared free by Divus Cæsar.

  51. These were governors by permission of the king, but upon his overthrow they attached themselves to the Romans, were declared independent, and had the title of kings.

  52. Captain Abe often encountered sharks under water, but declared that, as a rule, there is little to be feared from them.

  53. However, the man whose suit I had borrowed, smiled at my enthusiasm, and declared with something akin to contempt that there was a good deal of difference between deep-sea diving and grubbing about the East River for a lost anchor.

  54. The only unpleasant sensation of my stay below was a slight drumming in the ears--walking under the water I found an easy matter--and when hauled to the surface I declared my first attempt at diving a wholly successful one.

  55. He raved over the cowardice of the dark skinned soldiers he commanded, and profanely declared that, with half a dozen marines of the United States at his back, he would undertake to whip the entire Salvadorean army.

  56. You have explained yourself so completely, in this clear way, to the Italians that they have declared war on you, and if you go on explaining yourself so clearly to the Americans they may quite possibly do the same.

  57. Upon which the young man declared it was shameful swindling, and the merchant, throwing at him an iron weight of nine pounds, killed him on the spot.

  58. All the men declared the joke was excellent, and that General Meyer was a clever rascal; they told me I should undoubtedly meet him at New Orleans, but it would be of no use.

  59. However, he never saw his home again; for, a long time afterwards, the Umbiquas declared that not one ever returned from that fatal horse-stealing expedition.

  60. Each of our new companions had some little Texian history to relate, which they declared to be the most rascally, but smartish trick in the world.

  61. The savages swore they would scalp him; the Canadians vowed that they would make him dance to death; the English declared that they would hang him; and the Yankees, they would put him to Indian torture.

  62. All the corpses were shockingly mangled and scalped, and as the assailants were painted in the Indian fashion, the few inhabitants who had escaped and gained the Texian camp declared that the marauders were Comanches.

  63. In the spring of 1831, Smith, Rigdon, and others declared themselves directed by revelation to go on a journey to Missouri, and there the Lord was to shew them the place of the New Jerusalem.

  64. The great Medecines declared that the country would soon be drowned in the blood of their nation.

  65. Houston, whose military talents and well-known courage obtained for him the presidency, has declared his intention to do the same, and to retire to the United States, to follow up his original profession of a lawyer.

  66. Who hath declared this from ancient time?

  67. Those who ordained these sacrifices, knew their uselessness; those who have declared their uselessness, have not ceased to practise them.

  68. So we cannot give might to justice, because might has gainsaid justice, and has declared that it is she herself who is just.

  69. Will it be said that, as men have declared that righteousness has departed the earth, they therefore knew of original sin?

  70. I have declared the former things from the beginning; I did them suddenly; and they came to pass.

  71. Cap'n Wiley had no authority from me to engage anybody," declared Merry.

  72. Dan paralyzes him the first time he hits him," declared one.

  73. That I don't know," declared Dulzura, shaking his head.

  74. But you have one in your pocket now," declared Frank positively.

  75. You couldn't make your way through that tangle in broad daylight," declared Merry.

  76. I will look out for Felicia," declared little Abe, whose violin was hung over his back by a cord.

  77. No, none of that," declared the one called Mat.

  78. Mighty quar sounds for a wild critter to make," declared the other.

  79. One cry, one sound, even a murmur from your lips, will cause me to shoot you on the spot," declared the young American.

  80. In this instance," declared Frank, "you're simply the man before the mast.

  81. This is even better than salt horse," declared Wiley, munching away.

  82. He looks more like a missionary than a mining man," declared Curry.

  83. Old Joe came up to them from the valley and declared that the men on the other side had been driven away.

  84. But he will get free all right," declared Frank.

  85. I told you nothing but the truth," declared Joaquin.

  86. Porter Barkley, not yet exactly of the proper drunkenness to find courage for his recently declared purpose, had concluded to go to sleep instead.

  87. Both the young ladies solemnly and truthfully declared that they had never noticed any such thing; and pointed out that parrots, in their belief, did not eat candy.

  88. He declared himself as at length ready to abandon his faith in Heart's Desire, and to depart in search of a community offering conditions more encouraging.

  89. It proved to be Tom Osby, who later declared that he had found himself unable to sleep.

  90. Mr. Barkley declared that there must be a fundamental revolution as to the old ideas of Heart's Desire.

  91. The people were forced to pay Berkeley a thousand pounds sterling as his salary, and he declared he ought to get three times as much even as that.

  92. They controlled the House of Commons, and made themselves felt there, till James declared that he preferred a hermitage to ruling such a pack of malcontents.

  93. Lord Mansfield thereupon declared that the Americans must be reduced to entire obedience before their alleged grievances could be considered.

  94. In the Commons, General Howard declared that if it were passed, rather than imbrue his hands in the blood of his countrymen, he would sheathe his sword in his own body.

  95. Under Copley, the first royal governor, the Church of England was declared to be established; but dissenters were afterward protected; only the Catholics were treated with intolerance in the garden themselves had made.

  96. In New York a writer declared that while there was no disposition among the colonies to break with England as long as they were permitted their full rights, yet they would be "satisfied with no less.

  97. There was great uneasiness at this absurd showing; and Burke declared that "the idea of a military establishment in America is all wrong.

  98. They were industrious, peaceable, religious and moral, and they declared against any form of slavery.

  99. The latter petulantly declared that "since you will misconceive our endeavors, we shall not lose more of our labors upon you"; and they departed to Maine, where they met with a less mortifying reception.

  100. Baltimore, taking his stand on his charter, declared these doings mutinous; and Cromwell supported him.

  101. Well, he raved like a madman, declared that I had taken advantage of his absence to insinuate myself into the king's favor, and commanded me to obey him as the head of the house, in the name of my father.

  102. A wavering wildness of expression, caused by the passing spasms of a slight colic which had declared itself suddenly, and the rattling teeth of repressed panic, had a genuineness which impressed the envoy.

  103. He did not care, he declared boldly; he seized every opportunity to tell her that though she had managed to make a Blanco journalist of him, he was no patriot.

  104. With his lips touching Decoud's ear he declared his belief that there was somebody else besides themselves upon the lighter.

  105. But Mrs. Gould bent forward, self-possessed, and declared her conviction that still more glory awaited the general in the near future.

  106. For the people," declared old Viola, sternly.

  107. He declared to Charles Gould that he had the means of keeping Sotillo from joining his forces with Montero, at least for the present.

  108. In that attitude, he declared suddenly that the highest expression of democracy was Caesarism: the imperial rule based upon the direct popular vote.

  109. She declared she could never understand why the survey engineers ever talked of demolishing that old building.

  110. Upon my word, I don't know," declared Decoud, in a slightly surprised tone.

  111. When the business was concluded he declared suddenly his intention of seeing the precious consignment delivered safely in Sulaco.

  112. Least of all may we compare him to Racine, whose two great tragedies of Iphigenie and Athalie Voltaire himself declared to mark the nearest approach ever made to dramatic perfection.

  113. He declared that a new heaven and a new earth had opened to him.

  114. De Brosses, no doubt truly, declared that he had only ordered the wood to be delivered on Voltaire's account.

  115. He declared that he was like the man who fell from the top of a high tower, and finding himself softly supported in the air, cried out, Good, if it only lasts.

  116. An eminent German writer on Voltaire has recently declared the secret of the French classic dramaturgy to be that the drama was a diversion of the court.

  117. There were women who declared that they had seen these things.

  118. In one of his letters Voltaire declared that Locke was the only reasonable metaphysician that he knew, and that next to him he placed Hume.

  119. So, at least, she had declared to herself last night.

  120. And the woman declared she believed, from what she could make out, that her mistress was going to France.

  121. Whereupon Augustus indulged in very strong language respecting his dead cousin; and declared that the terms of the will were a pointed and intentional insult to him, who was his child's natural guardian.

  122. When he did so, Mrs. Simpson declared it was time for her to go, and got up from her chair.

  123. Both of them were very fond of May; and Aunt Jane loudly hoped that Owen appreciated his good fortune, and declared it was far above his deserts, though in her heart she thought no girl in England too good for her favourite nephew.

  124. She declared that Granny had been father and mother and friend to her, and that she did not feel she owed any filial duty except to Granny.

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