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Example sentences for "declaration"

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declamations; declamatory; declar; declaracion; declarant; declarations; declarative; declaratory; declare; declared
  1. We leave our readers to judge whether this simple declaration was not honourable to the princess, and whether it does not correspond with every speech delivered by this gentleman in his public and private defence of her royal highness.

  2. A Declaration of egregious Popish Impostures, to withdraw the harts of her Maiesties Subiects from their allegeance, and from the truth of Christian Religion professed in England, vnder the pretence of casting out deuils.

  3. A Declaration of the Practises and Treasons attempted and committed by Robert late Earle of Essex.

  4. Sir, I place myself upon the Constitution, in the presence of a nation who have the Declaration of Independence read to them every Fourth of July, and profess to believe it.

  5. Captain," said the Mexican, "it does not take long to make a declaration of war when both sides are determined to have one.

  6. The news of the first fighting would therefore be slow in reaching the President and Congress at Washington, so that they might lawfully make what is called a formal declaration of war.

  7. Nobody seemed to be much impressed by Jarvis' declaration of innocence.

  8. Among the facts stated by Becker, there are two that deserve further notice: first, the declaration that the chief object of marriage was the procreation of children in lawful wedlock; and second, the seclusion of women to insure this result.

  9. At the beginning of the American revolution the Iroquois were unable to agree upon a declaration of war against our confederacy for want of unanimity in council.

  10. Niebuhr has also shown that the gens was an ancient and universal organization among the Greeks and Romans, which renders his preceding declaration the more incomprehensible.

  11. The dispute on the correct conception of purgatory led to a new and important declaration by Luther as to the power of the Church in relation to Scripture.

  12. It was now objected to him that herein he was going counter to an express and duly recorded declaration of a pope, Clement VI.

  13. On this, the Cardinal-legate took his chief stand on the express declaration of Pope Clement: he could not believe that Luther would venture to resist a Papal bull, and thought he had probably not read it.

  14. But that declaration of his, which he could not retract, must stand.

  15. Arrayed against the theory of that primacy were the history of the previous centuries, the authority of the Council of Nice in 325, and the express declaration of Scripture.

  16. It is reported that Alexander consented to his admission, at the joint request of the nobility of both kingdoms, and that he insisted for, and obtained a written declaration from the Legate, that this should not be drawn into a precedent.

  17. After a bold declaration of independence, a taunting allusion was made to the conquerors of England.

  18. My declaration was sufficient to determine the ratification of the contract on the next day.

  19. You are an alien; and we do not suppose that the object of dear old Aunt Bab's property would induce you to become an American citizen, even if your declaration of such an intention would save it, which is doubtful.

  20. The Declaration of Paris is neither implicitly nor explicitly adopted by the Declaration of London, "as a part of the common law of nations which can no longer be disputed.

  21. A non-signatory of the Declaration of Paris may investigate and penalise, in addition to the above-mentioned list of offences, the carriage of enemy goods.

  22. The elaborate classification of contraband had to be at once thrown overboard, and most of the remaining provisions of the Declaration proved to be inapplicable to modern warfare.

  23. To this declaration neither Great Britain nor the United States are parties, and it is waste-paper, except for Powers on whose behalf it has not only been signed, but has also been subsequently ratified.

  24. The doctrine of "continuous voyages" was by the Declaration of London, Art.

  25. The experiment was tried in the short interval between the Declaration of Independence and the adoption of the Constitution, and was found impracticable.

  26. An odd declaration by Dickens that he did not mean Leigh Hunt by Harold Skimpole.

  27. Early in the following year came the trial of those Seven Bishops who refused to publish in church the King's declaration of liberty of conscience.

  28. Declaration being founded on such a dispensing power as might at pleasure set aside all laws ecclesiastical, it appeared to them illegal and .

  29. The form of her declaration was dry, almost peremptory-- but not its ton.

  30. I expressed no regret at missing Captain Anthony and we proceeded in silence till, on approaching the holiday cottage, Fyne suddenly and unexpectedly broke it by the hurried declaration that he would go on with me a little farther.

  31. This declaration on the part of Germany was followed three days later by a declaration on the part of the United States.

  32. What Captain Len Guy said was true; but, in common with all the readers of the romance, I had taken this declaration for an artifice of the novelist.

  33. A long silence had followed the astounding declaration of the half-breed.

  34. This amazing declaration in open convention produced as much consternation on the platform as if Farr had dropped a bomb there.

  35. So fearful were the Catholics of her influence in matters of faith that they sent to her a distinguished ecclesiastic, who demanded from her a declaration of her religious creed.

  36. The declaration is made; the diamond ring presented and graciously accepted; consent obtained, and the happy day set.

  37. The latter declaration called up Mr. Wilberforce again, who observed, that he had no intention of misrepresenting any fact.

  38. He desired to add to this the declaration of General Prevost in his public letter from Dominica.

  39. This declaration brought up the Lords Stanhope and Lauderdale, who charged them with inconsistency as professed friends of the cause.

  40. This declaration was so industriously circulated, that a guard of soldiers was sent to search the committee-room; but these were soon satisfied, when they found only two or three books and some waste paper.

  41. Justice and truth, I am convinced, demand some little declaration on this subject at my hands.

  42. The caricatures which follow are simply dated May; but, from their internal evidence, they precede the declaration of war.

  43. Declaration of War to both Houses of Parliament, and Nelson hoisted his flag on board the Victory, at Portsmouth, the same day.

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