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  1. The diamond is precious from its scarcity, and, for the same reason, a new thought is beyond all price.

  2. It is to get the money to pay Willis's bill that I have written this story of "The Mystery of Pinkham's Diamond Stud.

  3. I am not aware," said I, "that you ever told the story of Pinkham's diamond stud.

  4. In his leisure hours, however, he lived at the Hotel Walledup-Hysteria, in New York, where he likewise had to wear the same diamond stud to keep him from being a marked man.

  5. A six-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl could hardly be suspected of stealing a diamond stud.

  6. Who was Pinkham, and what kind of a diamond stud was it--first-water or Rhine?

  7. Two attempts have been made to sink a caisson in the outer Diamond Shoal off Cape Hatteras on the Atlantic coast of the United States, but these have proved futile.

  8. I stood watching them bear away to the north, and as mechanically I shuffled the cards of memory a picture flashed out clear as the ace of spades in a diamond suit.

  9. I shall not write of her death, or the finding of the will, or the surprise that I was left nothing but a thousand pounds, and a diamond ring.

  10. The diamond serpent she has given me has emerald eyes--and such a pointed tongue.

  11. I went to my room after my ride, and took off a light cloak which was fastened with three pins, each having a diamond in its head.

  12. So, when Nick took that key and went toward that room he did not expect to find the three diamond pins in the position described by the lady.

  13. Probably he took some money and a diamond ring.

  14. I placed the diamond clasp on the very top of the pile of jewels within.

  15. All was the same, except that on the dressing-table was the cushion bearing two diamond pins instead of three.

  16. If such a person had been in the game, he would not have taken one of those diamond pins; he would have taken all three.

  17. As he stepped forward Horace Richmond was just closing the little case which had held the diamond clasp.

  18. It was not the diamond clasp, but an ordinary pocket-knife of large size.

  19. I mean the strange appearance of that diamond pin in the box on the occasion of Mrs. Stevens' first visit.

  20. It was a delicate enameled casket, and inside was a splendid diamond ring with a letter which contained a folded bit of colored paper and these words:-- Pray wear this ring when I come at twelve in sign of our betrothal.

  21. You did not need money on that diamond ring.

  22. Bring with you the diamond ring that Sir Hugo gave you.

  23. He wanted to top it all now, and do something that tremendous that it would shake the whole island from Fale a Lupo to Diamond Rock.

  24. I shared their lives, their secrets, their happy days and their tragic days "in the diamond morning of long ago.

  25. O that my Bottle one whole Diamond were, So fild with Nectar that a Flye might sup, 90 And at one draught that thou mightst drinke it vp, Yet a Carouse not good enough I feare.

  26. Amour 21 Letters and lynes, we see, are soone defaced, Mettles doe waste and fret with cankers rust; The Diamond shall once consume to dust, And freshest colours with foule staines disgraced.

  27. Every time he thought I was going to pitch there, he would have the diamond doctored for me in the morning.

  28. Always he wears on his right hand, which is his salary or decision wing, a large diamond that sparkles in the sunlight every time he calls a man out.

  29. Every once in a while some group would break through the restraining ropes and scurry across the diamond to what appeared to be a better point of vantage.

  30. Wait till he pitches again," said Tinker by way of conclusion, as he took his diamond ring from the trainer and left the clubhouse.

  31. I always think of the horse show when I play in Pittsburg, for they have the diamond horse-shoe of boxes there, you know.

  32. Any way, the diamond horse-shoe of boxes was doing business at Forbes Field that Saturday afternoon.

  33. Diamond assured me that the bits of fat, etc.

  34. Paid off and sorrowfully said "Good-bye" to Diamond and Umtini, my two nigger servants.

  35. I filled my carbine bucket with some of the fat, as I knew my two boys, Diamond and M'tini, would very greatly value it.

  36. And we'll have some flowers in three weeks--the first I shall have had since the Diamond Jubilee.

  37. The vision flashed like a diamond through these gloomy groves, and with the soughing of the skates in his ears and the thought of Pauline's hands criss-cross in his own, Guy's first attack on love ended in complete surrender.

  38. Next morning, when Guy was ready to start, Michael presented him with a glazier's diamond pencil.

  39. I ought to have brought my diamond pencil," he said.

  40. And he looks up despairingly at the diamond lights that are peering through the rift in the clouds.

  41. Better wear the bracelet that goes with your diamond set.

  42. There was another article which lay in her box beside the diamond pendant; Ralph Duncombe's ring.

  43. He went straight off to Bond Street, to the jeweler's of whom he had purchased the diamond pendant and the plain gold locket, and stood for a minute or two outside looking at the things in the window.

  44. She opened her hand and showed him the diamond pendant.

  45. The dinner came in soon afterwards; and the two men talked of the approaching marriage, of the plans for the winter, of the game at Rothbury, of everything but the diamond pendant.

  46. While he was paying for it, the shopman, who knew him quite well, brought forward a tray of diamond ornaments.

  47. He gazed at the rows of diamond ornaments, for the first time in his life covetously.

  48. But, after Ralph Duncombe had gone, he opened his hand and looked at the diamond pendant, which still lay in his palm.

  49. What would she have considered the diamond pendant he had sent to Finetta?

  50. There was something else also that she must return--the diamond pendant which Yorke had given her.

  51. As it was, he had bound himself to the simple return of the diamond pendant.

  52. Ralph Duncombe, as he drove along the road to White Place with the diamond pendant in his pocket, felt like a man struggling with a tremendous enigma.

  53. Sir George Burns was made a Baronet by Queen Victoria on the occasion of her Golden Jubilee, and his son was raised to the Peerage on Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee under the title of Lord Inverclyde.

  54. The discovery of a diamond mine would not have given me so much pleasure, as the meeting him at this lucky moment!

  55. Lamothe-Valois implicated in the affair of the Diamond Necklace.

  56. His shirt-front of lace, had two handsome diamond pins, connected together by a little delicate gold chain, glistening in the midst of it.

  57. The Duchess of Diamond hopes Mr. Tuft will not forget to bring with him this evening," &c.

  58. They say, the proof of a true diamond is to glitter in the dark: I think my master had best take my lady into some by-corner, and try whose diamond will sparkle best.

  59. Answer me first: did you give me a diamond and a purse of gold?

  60. I see a little trifling diamond upon your finger; and I am proud enough to think it would become mine too.

  61. I take a single diamond and become thief No.

  62. And you, Mr. Underwriter, if you understand these things, what do you value this diamond at?

  63. And if so, one among them, the diamond locket with the portrait which is so like her, must have been recognized by her.

  64. You understand hay and maize, and perhaps never saw a diamond in your life.

  65. There is no diamond in the world, however precious, that I should prefer to your eyes when you open them.

  66. Sir Benjamin Pine, with some fancy and a great deal of truth, styles the diamond of the Kimberley mines the bloodstone of South Africa.

  67. The vine-leaves clustering round Robert's window fluttered with a joyous rustling, shaking the rain-drops in diamond showers from every spray and tendril.

  68. Why, one of those diamond things would set us up in life, Phoebe, he said, turning a bracelet over and over in his big red hands.

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