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  1. They then took Mrs. Herbeson and the two other children to the top of the hill, where they stopped until they tied up the plunder they had got.

  2. As we drew near the spot, I observed the lion sitting on the top of the bank, exactly where he had been seen last by my people.

  3. On proceeding to reconnoitre from our side, they beheld the majestic beast they dreaded walk slowly up the opposite bank from the dead buffalo, and take up a position on the top of the bank under some shady thorn-trees.

  4. Ye see, Ma’am, if ye wet yore finger an’ rub the top of yore left air, that makes folks bite their tongue when they talk about ye.

  5. Well,” explained Chan Bullock, resting his hands for the time on the top of his mattock handle.

  6. It looks right fine, up on top of the hill.

  7. He done dug a long sort of trench, like, whar the ground was level, up on top of the hill.

  8. A dishevelled fifth-termer burst through the swing doors and shouted at the top of his voice “Mobilise!

  9. A dry dock is constructed with two galleries at the top built into the stone-work, and is reached by a flight of steps usually standing back about twenty feet from the edge.

  10. The corporation ought to buy him, starch him up stiff, cut a hole for a clock in his hat, and use him for a steeple; only Downing wouldn’t like to trust himself on the top of such a ricketty concern.

  11. Catch hold ov the top ov that black-jack,’ sez I.

  12. You’ve only got to tumble one a top of t’other, and it won’t hurt.

  13. Good night, fellers,” said Linkum, at the top of the steps, as the door closed after him.

  14. Certainly if Neb had any important matter to communicate to his master he could not employ a more sure or more rapid messenger, who could pass where neither the colonists could, nor even Top himself.

  15. But suddenly, in the middle of a foaming circle, Top reappeared.

  16. To spring into the lift, hoist themselves up to the door of Granite House, where Top and Jup had been shut up since the evening before, to rush into the large room, was the work of a minute only.

  17. In about seven or eight minutes Top stopped in a glade surrounded with tall trees.

  18. Was it he who threw Top out of the lake, and killed the dugong?

  19. However, more than once Pencroft hoisted him on his back, which Top never complained of.

  20. But Top had disappeared at the same time as his master, and had probably perished with him.

  21. Herbert much regretted that Top had not been able to catch one of these carnivora.

  22. But what was still more inexplicable was, that Top was neither tired, nor exhausted, nor even soiled with mud or sand!

  23. Almost immediately, hundreds of little animals, similar to rabbits, fled in every direction, with such rapidity that even Top could not overtake them.

  24. Cyrus Harding and his companions remained an hour at the top of the mountain.

  25. Il jette feu et flamme = He frets and fumes; He is in a great rage.

  26. Il voudrait avoir le drap et l’argent = He would like to have his cake and eat it too.

  27. On connaît les amis au besoin = A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  28. He wished to do harm to another but it recoiled on himself.

  29. This year, 1525, saw the parting of the ways in the movement for reform.

  30. The last years of Luther's life were spent in incessant labour disturbed by almost continuous ill-health.

  31. The last provision meant that the growing Protestantism was to be fought by harrassing litigation--nicht fechten sondern rechten was the phrase.

  32. Valse, mazurka, and nocturne, prelude and polonaise Clamour and wander and wail on the opiate air, Piercing our hearts with echo of passionate days, Peopling a top front lodging with shapes of care.

  33. The same house was later occupied by the gouty dyspeptic Smollett, who wrote all his books at the top of his bad temper.

  34. The socman sprang back, looking to left and to right for some stick or stone which might serve him for weapon; but finding none, he turned and ran at the top of his speed for the house, blowing the while upon a shrill whistle.

  35. It was a rugged course, rocky and uneven, yet the two knights, choosing their men, dashed onwards at the top of their speed, while the gallant Spaniards flew as swiftly to meet them.

  36. Seeing himself discovered, the man rushed out from his hiding-place, and bounded at the top of his speed down the line of archers, keeping a good hundred paces to the front of them.

  37. Within an hour these had become clearer and nearer, until they might be seen to come from the reflection from the head-pieces of two horsemen who were riding at the top of their speed in the direction of Bordeaux.

  38. The day for their departure had almost come, and the two youths spurred it over the lonely downs at the top of their speed on their homeward course, for evening had fallen and there was much to be done.

  39. He had thrown off his steel cap and his brigandine, and had placed them with his sword, his quiver and his painted long-bow, on the top of his varied heap of plunder in the corner.

  40. He turned and ran to the camp, shouting an alarm at the top of his voice.

  41. Here and there on the top the irregular stems of the thick steppe-brooms showed in dark relief against the blue sky.

  42. Still people say there is in some distant land a tree whose top reaches to heaven, and that God descends by it on the earth, the night before Easter.

  43. But at the top of the sheet, where the director generally writes his name, I inscribed "Ferdinand VIII.

  44. He suddenly found himself back on the poop by her side, and his foot stumbled on the top step because his eyes would not leave her piquant face.

  45. He did not notice a man coming up behind him, who now stood scrutinizing him admiringly from top to toe.

  46. In a few seconds the pain had darted from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, rushing up and down like a stream of fire, but being confined nevertheless to my right side only.

  47. We noticed on our march a lofty rock--and one of our guides told us that the renowned Korouglu had lived on the top of it.

  48. I went quite near them and listened with the utmost attention, but could not catch a solitary word, although both teacher and pupils were screaming at the top of their lungs.

  49. But just then he tripped and fell flat, and the body of the Masai fell right on the top of him, moving convulsively in the death struggle.

  50. Good ceased his sighing, and began to murder Zu-Vendi at the top of his voice, and Sir Henry whistled and looked silly.

  51. But on the top she seemed to gather herself together, and rattled down the slope with long, convulsive strides, breathing in gasps.

  52. Crab paid no attention to his prayers and cries, but walked on the bottom of the sea until he felt sure that his enemy was dead, when he let go of him, and Raven came up and floated lifeless on the top of the waves.

  53. Then the Screech Owl tried, and he flew to the top of the burning tree from which he looked down on the hot coals, and got the red eyes that he has had ever since.

  54. The course lay over four ridges, and the Rabbit told the Terrapin to go ahead to the top of the first ridge, so that when the signal to start was given he was already out of sight.

  55. He went to the very top of the hill, rushed down violently, and struck the tree with such force that he was killed instantly.

  56. Beaver did as he was told, and was taken to the top of a very tall tree and left to himself.

  57. The Terrapin had several friends who looked exactly like himself, so he stationed one of them at the top of each of the first three ridges, with orders to hide in the long grass as soon as the Rabbit came near.

  58. When the Rabbit reached the top of the first ridge, he was surprised to catch a glimpse of the Terrapin almost at the top of the second.

  59. Twenty-six years before, when word had come of the fall of Sebastopol, a bonfire had been lighted on the top of Craig Gowan, and now there was another in honor of the Egyptian victory.

  60. The people in the valleys knew what it meant, and they too hurried to the top of the hill.

  61. Theodorus, commander of guards; sent to the top of Mt.

  62. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "top" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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