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Example sentences for "tootling"

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  1. Once or twice the silence seemed to say they had; but after a bit the tootling began again, and a disappointed pair of eyes peeping curiously, recklessly, would see a dim figure running madly to the assault again.

  2. She was awakened from them by the trampling of hoofs and the cheerful tootling of a horn.

  3. He had finished breakfast and had gone, and so I followed him over to the weather side, where, as usual, he was sitting under his tarpaulin in the graveyard, tootling for all he was worth.

  4. Gaptain," he returned in the tone of a clarionet tootling a love passage in grand opera, "me and Rosalie invites you all to the Bublic Hall Thursday night to dance at our wedding!

  5. But the tootling of an up-coming steamer forced me to business.

  6. Some vessels passed down river, coming suddenly to view, a rush of paddles, and were gone, tootling their whistles.

  7. He collected himself and spat again, further than before, she followed him, and in this idyllic contest they remained till the tootling horn warned them to take their places.

  8. At that moment a man came out of the public-house with a horn in his hand; her heart gave a great jump, for if there was anything she adored it was to drive along to the tootling of a horn.

  9. And from that hour, the tootling of the flageolet cheered our way.

  10. I see you tootling away there on your floot, 'eavenly, but I couldn't catch your eye.

  11. Ay, him as come fishing with the others, and sat out on the weir yonder, tootling on that little pipe of his?

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