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Example sentences for "toothwort"

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toothless; toothlike; toothpick; toothpicks; toothsome; toothy; tooting; tootle; tootling; top
  1. The delicate blossoms of the wood anemone might at first be confounded with those of the toothwort by the careless observer, but a moment's reflection will quickly distinguish them.

  2. During the latter part of April or in May we will find white, crosslike flowers of Toothwort often growing side by side with Anemones.

  3. The Toothwort (Lathraea) is so called because its scales have a sort of resemblance to human teeth.

  4. Some are able to grow quite well without any such extraneous help, but the Broomrape and Toothwort are entirely dependent on others' labours.

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