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Example sentences for "youths"

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youthful; youthfull; youthfully; youthfulness; youthly; youve; yoven; yow; yowe; yower
  1. Hence youths as they generally are, full, fermenting, tortured above all things by boredom, and women who lack work that fully occupies their soul, require that art of delightful disorder.

  2. There are no youths in Iran brave as thou.

  3. The youths standing in the shadow of the trees watched until the second time that night the two uttered a simultaneous cry.

  4. Colonel Talbot and Lieutenant-Colonel St. Hilaire, who had a large tent together, invited the youths to stay awhile with them as their guests and talk.

  5. Harry, in the forest, felt only contempt for these youths of Central Europe who could not tell one point of the compass from another.

  6. The members of the Mosaic Club, although older men, made much of them, and Harry and Dalton, being youths of sprighty wit, were able to hold their own in such company.

  7. They were alert, keen and vigorous men, or lads rather, as young as himself, and they rode as if they had been Southern youths almost born in the saddle.

  8. But most of them who that relation plead Are such ungracious youths as wish you dead; They gape at rich revenues which you hold, And fain would nibble at your grandame gold.

  9. What country under heaven has not thousands of such youths to rejoice in, youths on whom the safety of the human race depends?

  10. Youths not born in the State, and whose fathers have obtained letters of naturalization or full franchise before they (the youth) had reached the age of sixteen years, have the same franchise as their father.

  11. The youths who attract me may be of any class, though preferably, I think, of a class a little lower than myself.

  12. I am not quite sure of this, however, as circumstances may have contributed more than deliberate choice to bring certain youths under my notice.

  13. There student youths without their tubes behold The spangled heavens their mystic maze unfold, And crowded schools their cheerful chambers grace With all the spheres that cleave the vast of space.

  14. So leapt our youths to meet the invading hordes, Fame fired their courage, freedom edged their swords.

  15. The girls were very shy, and when the older youths already assembled came out to meet them, they ran away in all directions, and had to be brought in one by one.

  16. And youths and maidens should in every respect imitate her example, honouring the goddess, both with a view to the actual necessities of war and to the festivals.

  17. Then came 365 youths in scarlet, to represent the days of the year, and the colour of fire.

  18. The naked wantons, as the youths appear, Shrill through the woods resound the shriek of fear.

  19. Enamour'd youths and tender damsels seem To chant their loves beside a purling stream.

  20. Everyone, youths and advanced in years and even the women, could read and write according to our manner of script.

  21. Your eyes are charmed by the whirling of a million lights and the mad whirling of millions of beautiful girls and happy youths under the lights.

  22. Fine linen the maidens had on, and the youths well-woven doublets, faintly glistening with oil.

  23. Fair wreaths had the maidens, and the youths daggers of gold hanging from silver baldrics.

  24. There were youths dancing and maidens of costly wooing, their hands upon one another's wrists.

  25. Far more pathetic is the story of the Princess Ariadne, daughter of King Minos of Crete, who fell in love with the Athenian hero Theseus when he came to rescue the Athenian youths and maidens from the terrible Minotaur.

  26. This class attached themselves especially to young and inexperienced men, preferably to youths who were still under parental control.

  27. To purloin and sell a mother's jewels and to contract debts in a father's name were frequent devices to which youths resorted whose parents kept a tight hold on the purse strings.

  28. This carefully regulated comradeship between youths and maidens was encouraged with a view to stimulating the young men to deeds of valor.

  29. Hardly waiting till he had vanished, the youths stepped back into the path and resumed the rapid pace at which they had been traveling.

  30. He agreed to their wishes, and in doing so, indulged in one of his smiles, the depth of whose meaning neither of the youths fully comprehended.

  31. Prowling around the spot in a circle, with his nose close to the ground, he discovered that the three youths had started along the bank of the brook toward its head.

  32. KEEP TO THE TRAIL" It was an interesting scene on which the three youths looked.

  33. The latter is generally looked upon as one of the indispensables by a party of campers, and it was not likely that the youths would have to travel far before finding what they wanted.

  34. After piling up the fuel for the night, the youths threw some branches on the ground, near the rear of the cavern, and then spread their blankets over them.

  35. The youths answered that they could not very well look in the direction indicated by their friend, without seeing the stream to which he directed their attention.

  36. Page 67] whatever their age and temperament, but especially to youths like you who are just beginning to take up the study.

  37. This book is a birthday present which deals with the art of speech, and so will be found particularly useful to youths who look forward to a public career.

  38. Who wore the laurel wreath That saved all Sicily a spreading blush The day the Carthaginian youths were sent Defeated home?

  39. And how stolidly he looked the other way when in one or two of those youths he recognised a schoolfellow.

  40. How he used to envy the smart youths in the short black jackets and the shiny hats--all doing something--all earning something!

  41. Bursting like a flood in battle, Fought the valiant youths of Sgatha "Uatha taught them in their youth.

  42. The hunters are no more on the hills; The valiant youths of Connai Cairni.

  43. Carry, O Youths and Maidens," he seems to say.

  44. O these sentimentalists, with their Beatrices crossing the Ponte Vecchio, and their sad youths looking on!

  45. Sodalities of the Children of Mary already existed among the numberless youths educated by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus.

  46. Three years later, the Sovereign Pontiff extended a similar favor to the youths educated by the Priests of the Mission; also, to the little boys in charge of the Daughters of Charity.

  47. The youths of the tribe Acamantis were victors, Theon was the flute player, Lysiades an Athenian was the instructor of the Chorus, Euainetos was Archon.

  48. On the custom of dedicating hair by youths reaching manhood, see Daremberg and Saglio, loc.

  49. Two youths on horseback, probably the Dioscuri, though the conical cap, pileus, by which they are distinguished is wanting.

  50. They are of vigorous make and square build, but somewhat heavy when compared with the graceful youths of the Parthenon frieze.

  51. During the ceremony the youths of the village look on with becoming gravity and admiration.

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