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Example sentences for "dancing"

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dancer; dancers; dances; danceth; dancin; danda; dandelion; dandelions; dander; dandi
  1. They are dancing preludes, and often tiny single poems of great poetic intensity and passionate plaint.

  2. There is no more brilliant chapter than this Hungarian's on the dancing of the Mazurka by the Poles.

  3. These things with tales of sombre clouds and shining skies and whisperings of strange creatures dancing timidly in pavonine twilights, he traced upon the ivory keys of his instrument and the world was richer for a poet.

  4. It is certainly an early effusion of no great value, although a good dancing tune.

  5. The third section with the appoggiaturas realizes a vivid vision of country couples dancing determinedly.

  6. The dancing would be of necessity more picturesque and less conventional than required by the average valse, and there must be fluctuations of tempo, sudden surprises and abrupt languors.

  7. At its best it is a dancing anecdote, a story told in a charming variety of steps and gestures.

  8. I remember once more how I met the Spring at Thumping Dick, like a dryad dancing through the wood, caught her in the very act of climbing up from the cove below to find a road to take her north.

  9. Then darkness gathers, the reflected lights in the blackening water grow more golden, and suddenly, perhaps, a duck swims across a tenth story window and sets it dancing in golden ripples.

  10. Dancing is the favorite amusement in Paris, and these exercises are conducted on a grand scale, even during the summer season.

  11. Dancing is very general among the poor people, almost universal in every cabin.

  12. Dancing is so universal among them, that there are everywhere itinerant dancing-masters, to whom the cottars pay sixpence a quarter for teaching their families.

  13. A carroty-headed little gamin about my size came dancing out in front of me, flinging his arms about and demanding, "Kin you fight?

  14. Presently his bow cut loose a drone of dancing rhythm, and feet began to tap the plain pine boards of the floor.

  15. For the first time since we had been little children together, playing by the dam where the water-wheel across the river tossed its dancing diamonds in the air, I held her and kissed her and would not let her go.

  16. This was followed instantly by a blow in each eye, and I saw light dancing in all directions.

  17. Jean, turning to me with an enthusiasm dancing in her eyes which, under any other circumstances, it would have been good to see.

  18. Those were not the days of dancing that is little more than a walk; one danced with all his heart and body, and was not afraid to shake the floors and ceilings.

  19. The dancing would be of the "square-dance" variety which was no novelty to us or to the Burkes, and which the others would soon pick up under the guidance of Professer Jake.

  20. Once more the stately house opened wide its doors to a stately gathering, and again there was music and dancing and feasting.

  21. England's nobles as a musical band at the head of a marching and dancing population, pictured happily an old Conservative country, that retained its members of aristocracy in the foremost places while subjecting them to downright uses.

  22. And it was rather vexatious to see girls dancing in good time to the band-music.

  23. The folly of rowing consisted mainly in not being able to row; but this folly of dancing does not consist in not being able to dance, but in dancing well with evil purpose; and the better the dancing, the worse the result.

  24. He remembered that Sidonie was giving a grand musical and dancing party, which she had excused him from attending, by the way, knowing that he was very busy.

  25. There, girls and boys were dancing to the sound of a pipe, or still smaller children were playing at marbles, or amusing themselves with the toys they had just purchased.

  26. With Pal dancing eagerly ahead, he started up the path.

  27. His blue eyes were dancing and his smile broadened.

  28. Huge, a wild and savage-appearing thing, even in the full light of day, he was even more so by the fire's dancing glow.

  29. Mrs. Legrange listened to every thing with the most profound attention, asking now and then a question, or uttering an exclamation; even smiling faintly at mention of the child's graceful dancing and sweet voice in singing.

  30. Then came the story of her acquaintance with Giovanni; her passion for dancing and singing with him; and finally their flight, and the consternation and sorrow of her adopted mother.

  31. To-day it is no more than a fleeting pastime for women and youths, and later on its last atavistic survival will be the dancing of children.

  32. The sea separates and unites countries; thus musical art separates and unites the two extreme poles of human art, dancing and poetry.

  33. In another instant his arm was round her waist, they were dancing together.

  34. I don't see that dancing well need prevent a man's doing other things well too," she observed, coldly.

  35. It was a round dance, but Mr Cheviott marched on down the room as if perfectly oblivious that dancing of any kind was in question.

  36. You should by rights be dancing over there, should you not?

  37. I enjoy it, of course--even dancing with Frank Bury is better than not dancing at all.

  38. And she is dancing with her cousin, Captain Beverley.

  39. Do you know the gentleman she is dancing with?

  40. I have never regretted anything more in my whole life than dancing with him that night.

  41. See the pretty clothes the mountain-children gave me, for dancing with them to the music of their harps.

  42. I hide my head beneath the clothes And shut my eyes up tight, And then I see queer dancing wheels And spots of coloured light.

  43. Generally she imagined herself dancing with him.

  44. They ended with half an hour's dancing and went home a little after ten.

  45. Their nightly dancing ring I always dread, Nor let my sheep within that circle tread; When round and round all night, in moonlight fair, They dance to some strange music in the air.

  46. Some rustics assert that if you run nine times round a tumulus, and then put your ear against it, you will hear the fairies dancing and singing in the interior.

  47. A village feast, followed by dancing round the May-pole, generally formed the conclusion to the day's festivities.

  48. At sunrise they returned, and decorated the lattices and doors with the sweet-smelling spoil of their joyous journey, and spent the rest of the day in sports and pastimes, and dancing round the Maypole.

  49. Then there were the fairy rings formed by the dancing of their merry feet.

  50. Down again, rolling like mad, and dancing about amongst the rubbish--the wreck of the house.

  51. First came a group of women, dancing and throwing themselves into a variety of slow, languid, and lascivious postures, to the sound of some very primitive string-instrument.

  52. The water raised by rude machinery from the wells is always dancing along in little runnels.

  53. Before another is a man dancing as indelicately as a Moorish woman of the coast.

  54. Thee was dancing last night, in the house of the vain man Ebenezer Wild.

  55. Singing and dancing were more practised than hard work.

  56. They had no sooner begun the diversion, than I was seized with an unaccountable desire to join them, which I did, dancing with all my might, and singing and clapping my hands, the merriest and happiest of them all.

  57. I, jumping on my hind legs, and dancing about to avoid his lashes, "what do you mean?

  58. The music struck up, the dancing began again, the two other girls, quickly provided with partners, began to waltz, the superfluous men stood up together and went at it with gravity and grace.

  59. Shortly after his entrance the sound of music and dancing abruptly stopped.

  60. It was not this world where the dancing feet Kept pace with joy and leaped through lanes of perfect hours; It was that far-off world that sang with birds and flowers, And all the raptures sweet.

  61. It's swing your pardners, honey, And swing them all the night; The good times call the measures And we're dancing to the light!

  62. The happy days we'll meet; For the Christmas times are coming And the dancing of the feet.

  63. Her usual life is of the housekeeping order; she has great supplies of food in her hlut, or residence, and she goes on dancing each day until evening.

  64. In the early morning before dancing she built a fire outside and sat down at it.

  65. Under whatever name he appears this benefactor is really that warm light which we see quivering, waving, and dancing above the earth in fine weather.

  66. Only one woman and a young girl were dancing in the middle of the house, Nop Pokte and Nop Loimis.

  67. Soon all the people stopped dancing and went to their houses.

  68. This benefactor and food-giver is no other than that warm air which we see dancing and quivering above the earth in fine weather.

  69. When they heard this, the dancers stopped dancing and ran west.

  70. I have seen none; but in the far east I hear shouting, with dancing and singing.

  71. She has another name: Hluyuk Tikimit, which means the dancing porcupine.

  72. Nine days more passed, and Sanihas Yupchi was dancing all the time.

  73. I was dancing with Tede Wiu, and sitting with him, and going away with him before I knew what I was doing.

  74. The old nurse watched her in surprise as she came down the walk, her feet lagging instead of skipping and dancing in their usual manner.

  75. For some time, he forgot the little girl, and sat watching the dancing flames and thinking of the great steamer plowing its way through the dark waters of the Atlantic.

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