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Example sentences for "dandelion"

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  1. Its favorite food is dandelion seeds, and it destroys many thousands of seeds, but as the dandelion does no real injury this habit does not offset all the harm done.

  2. The dandelion is especially favoured as an oracle of children, and of those who are but "children of a larger growth.

  3. Similarly, the dandelion is consulted as to whether the lover lives east, west, north, or south, and whether he is coming or not.

  4. The dandelion is called the rustic oracle; its flowers always open about 5 A.

  5. Drawing of milkweed pods and seeds, and drawing of the dandelion seed-ball and the seeds when floating in the air.

  6. By way of preparation for an exercise of this kind, the interest of the pupils in the dandelion must first be aroused.

  7. Find where the leaves of the dandelion are, and bring a leaf to school next morning, and also observe how the leaves are grouped or placed.

  8. The white balls of the dandelion are next examined, the tiny seeds are found standing on tiptoe on a raised platform, each grasping a tiny parachute and waiting for a puff of wind to start them off.

  9. The bright yellow colour of the dandelion attracts attention.

  10. Dandelion flowers close up in the evening; the green leaves beneath the head wrap closely around the flowers to form a snug covering.

  11. The common dandelion of the East has found its way into our lawns, but it never adapts itself as a wild plant to the vicissitudes of our dry summer climate.

  12. Nature has given us a dandelion of our own, of a different genus, which is quite as beautiful, though its flowers are not so vivid a gold.

  13. The dandelion and the chicory are examples of a head made up entirely of ray-flowers, while the thistle consists of tubular flowers only.

  14. There was a dandelion blooming in a tuft of grass between the loosened bricks of the pavement, and I imprisoned it in my bare toes while I waited impatiently for her answer.

  15. I asked, and my toes pinched the head of the dandelion until it dropped from its stem.

  16. By this shortening process the top or crown of a dandelion or plantain is pulled down beneath the surface of the ground.

  17. In spring the dandelion is almost everywhere to be found; every one knows it--the child to admire, the gardener to despise.

  18. After a while, on some bright morning, the dandelion stalk is seen standing erect again, and is probably surrounded by many others in a similar position.

  19. Heads of the dandelion in fruit, closed and open.

  20. If flowers like the Dandelion or Pimpernel are closed or shut up it fortells rain and bad weather, but if quite open fine weather.

  21. In what ways are the leaves not like the dandelion leaves?

  22. Illustration] When the dandelion looks up at the sun, it shakes out its golden tresses from the green flower-cup.

  23. But look out for that dandelion knife, boys," warned Elmer, as the three of them reached the spot.

  24. With such a blade he remembered seeing the Italian women from the settlement just outside Hickory Ridge wandering around in the early spring, digging dandelion plants for "greens.

  25. Well, with the dandelion and the violet we know with reasonable certainty how the matter stands.

  26. A dandelion is opening on the same sheltered bank; farther on the gorse is sprinkled with golden spots of bloom.

  27. Those who have read 'Dandelion Cottage' will need no urging to follow further.

  28. Then seeing a fine large butterfly on a dandelion close by, he climbed up and managed to get astride it.

  29. We may dig dandelion roots for coffee, we can boil water with hot stones in a wooden jug, which we can make, and there are roots which will serve us for bread," said Charley.

  30. We shall have a thaw before the winter sets in; dig up all the dandelion roots you can find; dry them in the sun or in your oven for keeping; roast them before use; and cut them up and grind them as you would coffee-berries.

  31. The table was beautifully set and decorated and flowers bloomed everywhere in Dandelion Cottage.

  32. If she doesn't fit Dandelion Cottage, she can't stay.

  33. The four mothers, satisfied that their little daughters were safe in Dandelion Cottage, left them in undisturbed possession.

  34. It was easy to see how Dandelion Cottage came by its name at first, for growing all about it were great, fluffy, golden dandelions; but afterwards there was another good reason why the name was appropriate, as you will discover shortly.

  35. That afternoon the four girls realized for the first time that Dandelion Cottage was provided with a doorbell.

  36. It was always Mrs. Crane to whom the Dandelion Cottagers turned whenever they were in need of consolation and, as in this case, consolation was usually forthcoming.

  37. Of course all the neighbors and all the girls' relatives had to come in afterwards to see what Bettie called "the very dandelioniest room in Dandelion Cottage.

  38. Mabel was in favor of giving it at once, but the other girls were more cautious, so the little mistresses of Dandelion Cottage finally decided to postpone the party until after Miss Blossom had paid her rent in full.

  39. A day or two later, the girls of Dandelion Cottage were invited to a party in another portion of the town.

  40. I didnt know a dandelion from a toadstool and was quite content to keep my distance from nature.

  41. Instead, tufted and fluffy, like dandelion seed or thistledown, it floated upward in incredible quantities, so that for hundreds of miles the sky was obscured by this cloud bearing the germ of the inoculated grass.

  42. Infuse one ounce of dandelion in a jug with a pint of boiling water for fifteen minutes; sweeten with brown sugar or honey, and drink several tea-cupfuls during the day.

  43. After that any dandelion that showed its yellow face was simply inviting destruction.

  44. Even the golden dandelion was ruthlessly cut down, and Mary, who was strong on experiments, found out that its roots were good to eat.

  45. I would sate my soul with spinach And dandelion greens.

  46. How silly he'd been--putting that absurd dandelion stem into his pocket, as though it really had some magic!

  47. Lily, you are so lazy," the Dandelion sternly admonished her fair sister.

  48. Now you will love everybody and everybody will love you," Nancy laughed, placing the dandelion stem in his outstretched hand.

  49. At this moment he has fifty thousand zealots working in the countryside collecting and burning dandelion seeds so as to reduce the crop next spring.

  50. We composed a little song-recipe for dandelion wine, sending thousands of minstrels to sing it about the country until the people should memorize it.

  51. The editor solaced himself with another beaker of the dandelion wine and they finished their meal in thoughtful silence.

  52. The flagon of dandelion vintage played its due part in the repast, and Mr. Bleak began to entertain a new respect for this common flower of which he had been unduly inappreciative.

  53. Speaking of that, Have a little of the dandelion wine.

  54. As a newspaper man he was able to get a passport to go into the country, on the pretext of observing the movements of the troops of the Pan-Antis, who were vigorously attacking the dandelion fields and gooseberry vineyards.

  55. It is easily distinguishable from that despised, but useful plant, by the scales upon its stem, the stalk of the dandelion being perfectly smooth.

  56. The leaves and flowers of the dandelion open, moreover, simultaneously.

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