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Example sentences for "didnt"

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didi; didicit; didn; didna; didnae; didst; die; diebus; died; diede
  1. Bursting into tears] And you are most unkind to say I didnt care for you.

  2. She didnt seem to have any control over herself when she fell in love.

  3. Yes; but I didnt know that when we were married I should be legally responsible if she libelled anybody, though all her property is protected against me as if I were the lowest thief and cadger.

  4. What would you do if you were fool enough to marry a woman thirty years younger than yourself, and then found that she didnt care for you, and was in love with a young fellow with a face like a mushroom.

  5. All I said was that I didnt know the law when I asked you to be my wife.

  6. I told him I should look through the keyhole if he didnt answer.

  7. She never gave them a chance: she didnt indeed.

  8. I didnt say I wanted to marry them: I only said I should like to marry them.

  9. But, as usual, he didnt follow up the idea.

  10. And we were a couple of fools: he gave us good advice --told us what to do when we didnt know.

  11. He didnt seem no different from any other man.

  12. In about a year, maybe less, he come back and he told me I didnt have to work for Old Goforth, I was free, sure enough free, and I went with him and he got me a job railroading.

  13. So we didnt know nothing about what was going on, no more than a hog.

  14. I were very busy at the time, an' if they was any excitement I didnt know it.

  15. Even the idea of going along with Maison didnt worry me then, I having been on tower many a time when the No.

  16. Cant find anybody who didnt vote the winning ticket.

  17. Well of course I didnt look over at him but I couldnt help noticing he called a waiter and wrote a note on a piece of paper and that the waiter brought it over to me.

  18. But she didnt get it any better than she had my line of talk, and only kept on looking scared.

  19. We finally got it over with signs and shoves, because the bird didnt speak nothing but German and we hadnt a word of it among us.

  20. Not that he didnt admire me, either, but that he was just as refined as me and more so and was Jim's pal beside.

  21. I hop youll be very very angry with him because its my birthday and I didnt get your parsel.

  22. DEAR UNCLE,--I thought it was such a long time my parsel didnt come I would write to you dear Uncle.

  23. If he didnt shut it up powerful quick, he'd lose a lie, every time.

  24. Spose he contracted to do a thing, and you paid him, and didnt set down there and see that he done it--what did he do?

  25. Nobody didnt know how humerous wind-instrymants was till he did it.

  26. I didnt mean to give him sech a addulating when I started—I do hope it wont make him prowd and horty] The Wunnudiddit N^o 52.

  27. It is a grate pity he didnt teach his son how to spell he seems to get worse and worse—he is a =perfeckt dissgrase=.

  28. By abowt six o'clock in the morning I was drest in my full uniform; and I didnt know how to pass the interveaning hours.

  29. We didnt take much luggitch--my wife's things in the ushal bandboxes--mine in a potmancho.

  30. The men didnt like it but I got a squad of men to look out for an my first duty is to keep fit.

  31. They was quite a few things I didnt kno even at that.

  32. Where our tents is would make a good place for a Rocky Mountin goat if he didnt break his neck.

  33. It looks like they didnt know just what they did want you to do.

  34. Everyone is sore at him cause we didnt kick at none of his food for more than a weak thinkin that when wed et it all wed go away.

  35. I didnt say nothin to the Sargent though cause sargents have an idea that if they dont get a lot of fellos to go out to drill with them they dont look popular.

  36. An when she went home she sent Max an officers hat cord cause she said she didnt think it would fade as quick as that old blue thing he was wearin.

  37. I didnt expect you to kno what it meant though.

  38. But you dont want to feel bad about that cause I got lots of others an didnt need it anyway.

  39. I hate to butt in Mable but it didnt seem right.

  40. He didnt quite finish it cause he only had three quarters of an hour.

  41. The Captins been watchin me rise an he didnt like it.

  42. I didnt give her no chanst to get embarassed.

  43. As I says to the girl what sold em when she says she didnt have nothin cheaper "Nothins to good for where there goin.

  44. I didnt say nothin cause after all she was payin for the dinner.

  45. I guess he didnt here me Mable cause hed just gone out.

  46. But the indians had gone because it was spring and it didnt matter because he really was dead this time and people come looking for him from town and found him and buryed him there and called the place after him.

  47. When they all bowed their heads at prayer time Miss Jemima Parr didnt but set bolt uprite and my mothers uncle Thomas bent over and wispered in her ear.

  48. Of course my mothers uncle Thomas didnt steal the horse.

  49. You Dont Remember Dying least, thats what the Old Londoner told me who didnt learn to relax till well past fifty, seated alongside his two mates: a Norwegian: Youre not the same person now as you were ten years ago.

  50. R & B, jazzman, film star (didnt Jack Nicholson say get on over to Hollywood?

  51. You didnt find sufficient fog in San Francisco to cover as the Great American Op.

  52. And he goes on tellin how french cookin agrees with him and the censer didnt cut that out, but he cut out the best part I guess.

  53. Deer Miss Secretary, I didnt say you were deceivin, I just want to tell you the boy you give me was a girl so you wood not make that mistake agen.

  54. I didnt call you no names excep dere godchild and kid and you are both, and a godchild is a godchild and sometimes a kid is a goat and sometimes a goat is a kid and if you dont stop your kiddin you'll get my goat see?

  55. Mebbe you didn't mene to be fresh and if you didnt will call it square and say no more about it, ennyway I guess you use that bloomin dickshunary two much.

  56. I told him I didnt meen nothin by it enyway, cos I didnt xpect eny gurl'd think he was good lookin enuf to marry him.

  57. The peepel all looked like Barnum's skellyton man, ony they didnt have no skin over there bones, and there eyes was maid of fire balls and eech of em had a long tail, like a snake.

  58. Since the big reduckshun in price of the mornin papers, them wot didnt cum down much hav ben usin all sorts of skeems to keep up their circulashuns, so yesterday Mr. Gilley desided to run a cuppel of collums of free wanted advertisin.

  59. Then she fleeced a he ram, and of the wool thereof she formed a big bussel, and Adam got mashed on her fine does, and she turned up her knoes at the washerwomans darter wot didnt have on nothin but a palm leef jursey, wot fit her too soon.

  60. Soon as the ladie went to sit down, she hadnt calkerlated on eny obstercal, and didnt try to control her gravytal momentum, so she cum plump down on top of the pepper box.

  61. The peeple didnt pare to xhibit much inthusyism over the fellers remarks, cos he haled from out in Oio, and citizens out in such far away and semiuncivylized states, aint sposed to kno as much as us New Yorkers enyway.

  62. Even if there wasnt any Bentley: even if you didnt care (and I really dont see why you should care so much) still, we never could be on conventional terms with one another again.

  63. Anyhow, theyre the failures and refuse of business (hardly a man of them that didnt begin in an office) and we're the successes of it.

  64. But what I cant understand is why he didnt lick it out of you when you were a kid.

  65. Pity your father didnt give your thin skin a jolly good lacing with a cane--!

  66. No; but you asked me to come down here and talk to you; and you mentioned casually that if I didnt youd have nobody to talk about me to but Bentley.

  67. I didnt know: youll excuse my mistake, I hope.

  68. I didnt hear it: I only saw it on a program.

  69. They pretended to like me because I kept their brothers from murdering them; but I didnt like them.

  70. I didnt know which way to look when she began talking about it: I thought theyd all have got up and gone out of the room.

  71. You told me that you didnt want to be an old man's nurse, and that you didnt want to have undersized children like Bentley.

  72. I didnt turn my back on your mother when she came to me in her trouble.

  73. I didnt make them: I dont like them: I wont keep them.

  74. It's rude to be curious and ask questions; but then it's inhuman to be indifferent, as if you didnt care.

  75. Hypatia] Why didnt you accept him, you young idiot?

  76. October 25: F came aboard with the other scientists and immediately wanted to know why we didnt set sail.

  77. Besides, I didnt expect to be straitened indefinitely and I believed in being ready to take proper advantage of opportunity when it came.

  78. Why didnt I hide myself before they told us to clear out?

  79. I didnt know a dandelion from a toadstool and was quite content to keep my distance from nature.

  80. Anyway, Miss Francis had been concerned with putting it in the irrigation water--which didnt apply in this case.

  81. No, Weener--I didnt mean to tie your hands.

  82. Work in the laboratory didnt indicate it.

  83. But a resolve to forget the Metamorphizer didnt enable me to escape Mrs Dinkman's lawn.

  84. No one could say Albert Weener didnt reward service handsomely.

  85. The few reputable scientists who condescended to answer her at all and didnt treat her views with dignified silence quickly demonstrated the absurdity of her objections.

  86. I didnt feel like wasting any more time listening to her soliloquy.

  87. I won't say I didnt read the occasional accounts of the weed appearing in Time or the newspapers, or watch films of it in the movies with more than common interest, but it was no longer an engrossing factor in my life.

  88. You didnt tell him because you knew you couldnt trust him; and now you see how right you were.

  89. We didnt come here to talk about the sunset, and what a pretty house you have, and so forth.

  90. I know you did; but I didnt think you were in earnest.

  91. Didnt your common sense tell you that a meeting between him and me must be particularly awkward for both of us?

  92. It's a pity you didnt find that out a little sooner, isnt it?

  93. We didnt talk about mathematics and classics.

  94. George Lind'--pity they didnt engage Jenny Lind on purpose to sing with you.

  95. Sometimes she used to defy me, and say she would drink, she didnt care whether she was killing herself or not.

  96. The surgeon didnt know, and said so; but he appealed to the first officer, who explained it.

  97. I didnt tell him that I had been in earnest: perhaps you can imagine how I felt about it.

  98. I didnt notice it before--you are down fifteen times!

  99. Other times she cried; implored me to save her from destroying herself; asked me why I didnt thrash the life out of her whenever I caught her drunk; promised on her oath never to touch another drop.

  100. I have never made any claims on her since she found out that she didnt care for me; and she might have known from that that I was not the man to keep her against her will and play dog in the manger with a fellow like Douglas.

  101. Anyhow, why didnt he stay at home and look after you?

  102. At last she came caressingly to his shoulder again, and said: "Why didnt you tell me about her yourself?

  103. Well I didnt have any i dear that Charley Davis would be there because I had told Prudence I wasnt going to go near him & just because I said that I cant be expect it to sneek into toun like as if I was a convick can I Ethen.

  104. Those fellos didnt seem to care how many shovels they wore out.

  105. Nobody minded much cause he didnt look as tho hed spent the night in no dry cleaners himself.

  106. Just at the last minit they ishued us a lot of replacement troops as if we didnt have enuff to carry.

  107. I didnt care about anything tho when I read that Archie Wainwright had gone an married that little snub nosed thing across the street.

  108. I got hold of the Lootenant in a friendly way an told him Id go halves on my bunk with him cause I didnt think it was safe to sleep with that fello.

  109. After a while I undid a couple of blanket rolls that didnt seem to belong to anyone an I was just gettin as comfortable as a fello can on top of a caisson in the pourin rain.

  110. She was all right an it wasnt her falt she didnt have vilet eyes.

  111. Its a wonder the Captin didnt make us crawl up on our hands an knees.

  112. I got so cocky about it I stopped to light a cigaret just to show the doboys that a battle or so didnt make no difference to me one way or the other.

  113. I didnt feel as if I was goin to rot for quite a while but I didnt like to get left behind so I tagged along.

  114. We didnt deboat in Paris as I was expectin.

  115. The only reason we didnt murder nobody was because we didnt have room.

  116. We didnt have no trouble findin the Captin cause we knew just where to look.

  117. Im glad you an your mother did as I told you an didnt pay any atenshun to those slips I sent you for curiosities.

  118. It didnt sound reasonable to me cause it was gettin dark then an it would be time to turn in before we could get any place.

  119. I ast him why he didnt catch one on the back of his neck like the fello does the cannon balls in the vawdeville show.

  120. Convulsively] Oh, why didnt you drink as I used to?

  121. Why didnt you take the necklace if you must steal something?

  122. Why didnt you drink as I was led to by the Lord for my good, until the time came for me to give it up?

  123. It was very stuffy; and I didnt like the people much, because they didnt seem to be enjoying themselves; but the stage was splendid and the music lovely.

  124. Besides, I didnt know what to offer them.

  125. Well, I dont know: I didnt like to tell you: you have enough to worry you without that; but Gilbey's been very queer ever since it happened.

  126. It seems unnatural, as if they all knew and didnt care.

  127. I am almost sorry you didnt give the gentleman his full terms.

  128. I heard words that I didnt even know that I knew, coming out of my mouth just as if somebody else had spoken them.

  129. The heroine gets into trouble by defying the law (if she didnt get into trouble, thered be no drama) and plays for sympathy all the time as hard as she can.

  130. But I do say that she didnt know what we know: I mean the way certain temptations get a sudden hold that no goodness nor self-control is any use against.

  131. I didnt do it for a lark, Bob: I did it out of the very depths of my nature.

  132. You shouldnt have prayed for me to be enlightened if you didnt want me to be enlightened.

  133. Your prayer didnt get answered by halves, mother.

  134. I didnt mean to ask you to do this, Mr Juggins.

  135. I wish those guns didnt make such a devil of a noise.

  136. The country didnt know you were going to do that or it would never have stood it.

  137. He got a stinger on his trousers, Sir; but it didnt penetrate.

  138. I mean a woman who would play the very devil if the other women didnt keep her in pretty strict order.

  139. I looked the other way all the time I was talkin to her cause I didnt want to embarass her.

  140. I sat next to a lady what didnt seem to have much on but a lot of jewels as far as I could see.

  141. She said she didnt expect to live more than forty-eight (48) hours or however long it took for her son to get home.

  142. I was goin to tell him that mine didnt need it.

  143. Its a piece I came across in a book by a fello I never heard of so I didnt think any of the fellos would know it.

  144. I guess the Lieutenant didnt see em though cause he had us cease firin.

  145. I felt sorry for him cause I knew hed be lookin at fotygraphs pretty soon if he didnt buck up.

  146. Angus says that he didnt have no figger for that but wed come in an get warm.

  147. It struck me that I might have worked that out myself but I didnt say nothin.

  148. An I says back right out loud "There aint anybody goin to get all in these things, you big overgrown boob," only he happened to be away down the street and didnt hear me.

  149. I didnt go back to the same battery I was in before cause youll remember that the Captin and I didnt get along very well.

  150. I was going to offer her my coat but I didnt see why I should take cold if she wanted to.

  151. I didnt see nothin of no park when we came up.

  152. Well, you must choose as if she didnt exist: thats clear.

  153. Suddenly remembering] I say: I recollect now: I passed my cigaret case to Dubedat and he didnt return it.

  154. He said he didnt really want 50 pounds; that he was only joking; that all he wanted was a couple of sovereigns.

  155. I never knew a lawyer who didnt threaten to put me in prison sooner or later.

  156. But I didnt grudge it; and she didnt grudge her few pounds either, the brave little lassie.

  157. I beg your pardon: I didnt mean to say anything wrong.

  158. You didnt appreciate his drawing, I think.

  159. They wouldnt come if it didnt amuse them, anyhow.

  160. Lord bless you, my dear fellow, I didnt need any explanations.

  161. He didnt mean any harm: he never thinks about things like that, sir.

  162. I asked myself why didnt the missionary die of typhoid on top of tetanus, and the beadle of tetanus on top of typhoid?

  163. I never knew a parson who didnt threaten me with damnation.

  164. Well, of course I shouldnt suggest it if I didnt want the money.

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