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littered; littering; litteris; litters; littery; littleness; littlenesses; littler; littles; littlest
  1. And first, along the sheltered nooks, The crocus runs in little brooks Of joyance, till by light made bold They show the gladness of their looks In shining pools of white and gold.

  2. When Homer sang of the galleys of Greece that conquered the Trojan shore, And Solomon lauded the barks of Tyre that brought great wealth to his door, 'Twas little they knew, those ancient men, what would come of the sail and the oar.

  3. He started off and did get lost, but, somehow or other, he managed to get down near to the trail, and was found by a man who was hunting deer for a little train that was coming along.

  4. The little fawns, which could not have been more than six weeks or two months old, were the embodiment of grace and lightness.

  5. Most of them, they say, were captured down in Mexico as little children and brought up and raised in the tribe, and now, so far as their feelings go, are just as pure Navajo as anybody could be.

  6. Then he said the next day they had quite a little excitement in town--let's see, Mason, that must have been about the time you were there.

  7. On some of those nights you can see the electricity on your horse, a sort of blue light running up from your horse's ears and then maybe a little blue flame running down the back of his neck toward your saddle.

  8. I may have to get Rube and Mason and Hugh to go; but Hugh is getting a little bit old for work of that kind.

  9. I had been riding around the beeves and had stopped my horse and was sitting quiet on him, watching the cattle, when, suddenly, a little off to one side, I saw an antelope.

  10. I'm going off now, but I thought I'd come in and have a little talk with you before I left.

  11. For a little while Jack had more excitement than had ever been compressed into a like space of time in his experience.

  12. Look at the way the big fellow is pushing back the little fellow now!

  13. As soon as the cow had reached the edge of the herd the little pony galloped forward, driving straight toward her except when she tried to break back, and then always getting in her way.

  14. Evidently this had been a pretty fruitful gather, for there must have been more than three hundred cattle brought along by Vicente and by Joe, and as yet it was only a little after noon.

  15. That we ought to make a great difference between the acts of the understanding and those of the will: that the first were comparatively of little value, and the others, all.

  16. That we ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of GOD, who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed.

  17. Let us profit by the example and the sentiments of this brother, who is little known of the world, but known of GOD, and extremely caressed by Him.

  18. I wonder that you have not given me your thoughts of the little book I sent to you, and which you must have received.

  19. Yes, we often stop this torrent by the little value we set upon it.

  20. No one will notice it, and nothing is easier than to repeat often in the day these little internal adorations.

  21. Let us make way for grace; let us redeem the lost time, for perhaps we have but little left.

  22. If sometimes he is a little too much absent from that Divine Presence, GOD presently makes Himself to be felt in his soul to recall him, which often happens when he is most engaged in his outward business.

  23. That this appeared plainly by their works, and was the reason why we see so little solid virtue.

  24. Such prayers, indeed, are a little hard to nature, but most acceptable to GOD, and sweet to those that love Him.

  25. Lift up your heart to Him, sometimes even at your meals, and when you are in company: the least little remembrance will always be acceptable to Him.

  26. GOD often permits that we should suffer a little to purify our souls and oblige us to continue with Him.

  27. We own that sermons have a little to say for themselves; above all, that the impossibility of replying to them has its advantages in a case like this.

  28. It is hard to recognise the proud beauty, the vivacious flirt, the sentimental poetess of days gone by in the practical little woman who watches by Harry's sick-bed or hurries off with blankets and broth down the lane.

  29. The little royalty of home is the last place where a woman cares to shine, and the most uninteresting of all the domains she seeks to govern.

  30. Had Delilah been a little woman she would never have taken the trouble to shear Samson's locks.

  31. But, whatever may be the causes of the disinclination, there can be but little doubt that it exists, and the worst part of the matter is, that it is found among rich men no less than among poor.

  32. Even the most ardent of worshippers at such a shrine must, one would think, desire in their deity a little more sweetness and light.

  33. Venus herself without a dowry would be only a pretty sea-side girl with a Newtown pippin in her hand; but Miss Kilmansegg would be something worth thinking of, if but little worth looking at.

  34. There is a little perhaps in the champagne.

  35. The recent death of Mrs. Proudie, who was so well known and so little loved by the readers of Mr. Trollope's novels, is one of those occasions which ought not to be allowed to pass away without being improved.

  36. But how can there be any health with high eating, little exercise, above all, with the mind left absolutely vacant of all interests?

  37. But it is to these small details, these little pleasures and little anxieties and little disappointments and little ambitions, that a wife generally manages to bend the temper of her spouse.

  38. One man delights in a smart, vivacious little woman of the irrepressible kind.

  39. I should want a beau of mine to have a little more spunk than that.

  40. Mrs. Bates had stepped to her single little window.

  41. It was a cramped little room with a breadth or two of worn oilcloth on the floor.

  42. Nice little thing," admitted Truesdale, inwardly; "but Aunt Lydia has got to leave me alone.

  43. So you have concluded to give us a little attention, finally?

  44. She felt, too, that not a dozen persons had ever penetrated to this little chamber.

  45. She scooped up some water from a hallow puddle with a battered tin can, and began the formation of an oozy little pocket in the middle of the mortar-bed.

  46. Truesdale commented briefly on his appearance, suggested as briefly a little trip into the country, and after these few passes at filial duty he concentrated his attention upon his own personal affairs.

  47. Yes, I had a little class down on Wabash Avenue near Hubbard Court, in a church basement.

  48. You don't know how pleasant it would be to have a nice little home of your own, and your own little wifey to meet you every evening with a kiss!

  49. It was a chubby little book bound in brown leather, with an embossed stamp, and print a great deal too fine for my eyes.

  50. Our dear little Reginald was coming down with something--or so we thought.

  51. Little children with ready and twisted movements when sitting, and when standing up in shy and timid attitudes.

  52. But there was little opening in the Medicean circle for the young painter, who had first to gain fame abroad.

  53. Little to nature do they owe, since it is merely by chance they wear the human form, and but for it I might include them with herds of cattle.

  54. We know well that an experienced and competent artist will not make mistakes of this kind; on the contrary, acting on sound rules, he will remove so little at a time that his work will be brought to a successful close.

  55. Nevertheless there is but little invention in it, and painting on copper with colours of enamel is far more lasting.

  56. Thou dost destroy all things, and consumest all things with the hard teeth of old age, little by little in a slow death.

  57. Sculpture with little labour shows what in painting seems to be a miraculous thing to do: to make impalpable objects appear palpable, to give the semblance of relief to flat objects, and distance to objects that are near.

  58. For four more days I followed the little man without approaching a solution to this riddle.

  59. The only excuse the frightened little ruffian had to offer was, that he had dropped a needle on the road, and had to return for it.

  60. Little heed did I give to this at first, imagining that one of the ministers, on retiring, had omitted to remove his boots and leave them in the hall, and was now returning to place them there.

  61. But, after all, little did he know Plain Jack.

  62. All we can tell you for certain is that neither of them is the Duchess,' and the poor little creatures redoubled their cries.

  63. As many as were able bought some small thing or other out of kindness to the little merchant, and the good-natured old monarch invited him to tea.

  64. At last the wicket opened and the face of the respectable Mayor appeared in the little opening, but so altered that at first Bill hardly recognised his good host of the day before, so upset and disturbed did he seem.

  65. Without wearying you with a long list, nearly every known bird was represented in my aunt's collection, from the fierce saw-beaked stork of Tuscaroca to the mild and pretty little Gossawary chick.

  66. And the indignant woman, having finished her story, once more attempted to drag the affrighted little merchant away.

  67. He was in once after that and got a little money, and then he got down with yellow fever and they took him to the hospital, and he died in three days.

  68. This outburst of the society leader, uttered in the hearing of a crowded piazza, had occurred after a conversation she had had with Lucy concerning little Ellen.

  69. And they tell me you have brought a little angel with you to bring up and share your loneliness?

  70. No, she brings a little child with her, the son of a friend, she writes.

  71. I don't think playing cards is very bad; and I don't blame him for throwing anything he could lay his hands on at this little wretch of Martha's.

  72. All right, little man; don't cry; it's all over.

  73. Your somebodies are always thin air, little girl; you know everything I have ever done in my whole life," Max answered gravely.

  74. Wonder, little Pond Lily, if the weather's goin' to be any warmer?

  75. I know; some one came in to say Darlton wanted him in the little music-room.

  76. They were walking together arm in arm, and he was fumbling with the little bunch of trinkets on her watch chain.

  77. A few minutes later his attention was turned to the line of skirmishers, who were moving, some little distance away, in a direction parallel to the march of the square.

  78. For the time being this little joke gave rise to a rather strained relationship between the members of the Sixth and Fifth Forms.

  79. The little image was taken out, and while it was being examined Barbara picked up the little leather case on which it usually stood.

  80. A little group of factory boys were standing close by, and, just as the engine started, one of them thought fit to enliven the proceedings with a joke.

  81. Jack noticed it at once, and saw, too, that the little silver locket still had its place among the gold trinkets on her watch chain; and the sight of it very nearly brought him down upon his knees at her feet.

  82. Helen's just gone and got married; and little Bar's just the same as ever, only a bit older.

  83. With some little difficulty the obstacle was removed, and on examination proved to be a fragment of a broken key.

  84. The boys shouted again, and Barbara drew a little closer to Jack.

  85. For more than an hour the little square had been doggedly pursuing its forward movement, and now the enemy were seen in black masses on the low hills to the left front.

  86. Papa's illness makes him a little melancholy,' said Clara.

  87. All the little intricacies of the question presented themselves to Will's imagination.

  88. As Sir Anthony said this he raised himself a little with his two sticks and spoke out in a bolder voice.

  89. How little you can know of Lady Aylmer's position and character!

  90. The Mrs Winterfields of this world allow themselves little spiteful pleasures of this kind, repenting of them, no doubt, in those frequent moments in which they talk to their friends of their own terrible vilenesses.

  91. She must let her cousin know how little chance there was that she would be at home at Christmas, explaining to him at the same time that his visit to her father would on that account be all the more welcome.

  92. She looked at Mr Belton, and Will caught her eye, and understood that he was being rebuked for not having carried out that little scheme which, had been prepared for him.

  93. With this lady in Perivale, which I maintain to be the dullest little town in England, Miss Amedroz was staying when the news reached her father, and when it was brought direct from London to herself.

  94. The horse was very aged, and, I fear, a little rheumatic.

  95. And on a little Chinese table in a corner lay some crochet-work.

  96. And now you see the reason why I want you to attend to that little affair of the gravestone.

  97. If there's any one on earth that every fellow ought to stand up for, it's little Louie.

  98. Old Fletcher closed his eyes, folded his arms, and appeared either buried in thought or in sleep--probably a little of both.

  99. The little group of spectators only added to the loneliness of the scene.

  100. As he had done that very same thing before, I began to think that he was going a little too far.

  101. At length we came to a little settlement consisting of a half-dozen houses, one of which bore a sign on which we read the words Hôtel de France.

  102. She will, of course, expect me to settle it all up, from her timid little hints; and I must settle it up, and not break my faith with her.

  103. I was longing to get her into a corner, and have a little comfort, and a little good advice.

  104. You would not believe what sweetness and happiness there was in sitting in his poor little room!

  105. I have lived in Little Russia, I love it and know the language.

  106. Alexandra Pavlovna had the glance and the smile of a child; other ladies found her a little simple.

  107. In all that, there is much egoism, much vanity, but little truth, little love.

  108. I myself am not excessively devoted to it, and I know little enough about it; but our principal misfortunes do not come from philosophy!

  109. You know how; I wore the nail of my little finger long.

  110. Stop a minute, my pretty little dear,' Konstantin Diomiditch was beginning.

  111. Mlle, Boncourt gave him a sidelong look out of her little French eyes.

  112. Pandalevsky was a little afraid of Rudin, and cautiously tried to win his favour.

  113. The old woman raised her head and drew herself a little towards Alexandra Pavlovna.

  114. Hastily but orderly, his schoolmates began to take up the silver, his own little brown fellows timidly holding back.

  115. I know little of the Polar bear, and so say nothing positively of him.

  116. Of all the real bears, Mr. Miller treats of five in the pages of this little book.

  117. As we advanced up the canyon, Mr. Monnehan was dimly visible on the high ridge to the right, and father now and then was to be seen with little brother and his pitchfork to the left.

  118. I ought to mention that this little Mexican bear, though he has but little hair on his body, has a great deal on his feet, making him look as if he wore pantalets, little short pantalets badly frayed out at the bottoms.

  119. There is a pretty little Mexican town on the line between Mexico and California--Tia Juana--pronounced Te Wanna.

  120. As a rule, he did not show fight when once in the toils of the lasso; but in a few hours, making the best of the situation like a little philosopher, he would lead along like a dog.

  121. And so, whipping out our hooks and lines, we set off with the editor up a little mountain brook, and in less than an hour were far up among the fields of eternal snow, and finely loaded with trout.

  122. He wanted very much to see his Mexican mother and his six little Mexican brothers, and his sixty, more or less, little Mexican cousins.

  123. A man can escape almost any bear by running down hill, except this little fellow along the foothills by the Mexican seas.

  124. In a second the big brown fellow was on his hind feet looking us full in the face and blinking his little black eyes as if trying to make us out.

  125. One of the professors then took a piece of gold from his pocket and gave it to the little Bear-Slayer.

  126. He peered into the opaque tin vessel; pushed his little finger into its neck to remove the loose cork or other substance that impeded the genial flow; then shook it, and listened curiously for a splash or gurgle.

  127. I inspected every thing with an interest inspired by all I had been hearing of the poor priest, and turned over the little volumes of his humble library to trace, if I might, some clew to his habits in his readings.

  128. Why he is unknown is then probably a question which will suggest itself to the minds of many, and the answer must be, because he did so little for the world to remember him by.

  129. The little "Prince Albert" is to be sent out, it is hoped, under happier auspices than attended her former voyage.

  130. The master of the magazine took up a shell which chance placed under his hand, and presented it to a tall man, hoary with age, who was silently seated, according to his custom, a little on one side.

  131. Moore, Philadelphia, has published a useful little volume for students in design, entitled The Theory of Effect, by An Artist.

  132. Curious to behold the saintly effigy so carefully enshrined, I drew aside the curtain, and what was my astonishment to find a little colored sketch of a boy about twelve years old, dressed in the tawdry and much-worn uniform of a drummer.

  133. No; she is a high-coloured little skeleton!

  134. Instead of the young cynic defiantly buttoning her boots in the teeth of the law, she sees a little pious figure in a white nightgown, kneeling by its nurse's side.

  135. Seen in the hell-light of his renewed bondage, his plan for that one little halcyon week ahead seems to him to have been a monstrosity of folly and unreason.

  136. She is as little able to hinder her sister from forcing her mad way into the young man's room as she would be to stop God's lightning from splitting the tree it is appointed to rend.

  137. Always standing on precisely the same spot; the poor little figure rigidly upright; the flushed cheekbones; the straining eyes.

  138. If I had been a little farther off the Vicar,' laughing, 'I would have read it during the sermon.

  139. The briony garland has fallen from her hat, and a little hairy dog is now galloping about the lawn boastfully with it, his head held very high.

  140. You know that the only reason I ever had for wishing it was that I might come back a little less unworthy of you--with wider experience and larger horizons.

  141. Why isn’t the little beast higher in his form then?

  142. A little rustle and stir went round chapel, and all that any one had known of David came and stood quite close to him.

  143. But it was heavenly to see Manton’s malicious little eyes beaming at him through his spectacles, and notice what an awful scug he looked with his hair, rather long behind, lying outside his collar.

  144. You know you would have been furious with me if I had told you, even only last holidays, that you were only a little boy.

  145. But in a little while Maddox and Tomlin began to speak in undertones, and David rose, with the sense that private conversation was going forward.

  146. Oh Monarch and missus,” he said affectionately, “you little devils.

  147. Pity it wasn’t a little harder; it was dead on the line.

  148. Maddox did his best with him, tried to encourage him to look the world in the face a little more, and wash a little more, and not drag his feet as he walked; but it was a dismal change from being attended to by the adroit and willing David.

  149. Let’s have a procession of the unemployed, who want to work like good little saps, and can’t work in the dark.

  150. He’s turning into rather a jolly little kid.

  151. This Adams told them, and perhaps they talked for a little of David, recalling some incident of past days.

  152. There would be little or no classification of freights.

  153. Wagons containing only a small quantity of goods are often sent long distances at little profit, if not at a loss.

  154. Here, too, there is, comparatively speaking, very little Sunday duty, which is far from being the case abroad.

  155. In all the recent discussions of rates much was heard of those who were discontented, but very little of those who, being satisfied, were silent.

  156. If such works were studied by merchants and merchants’ clerks a little more, a good deal of ignorance which prevails on the subject of British and Foreign Railway rates would be cleared away.

  157. As to principles, there was little agreement; there was, if possible, still less as to details.

  158. Such schemes are now little heard of; they have given place to proposals essentially different, which may in their turn make way for others.

  159. Obviously cost of conveyance bears no relation to value of goods--the mere transit of some descriptions of very valuable goods costs as little as that of low priced articles.

  160. If railways in England did not compete with transport by the sea they would in many cases be of comparatively little use to manufacturers and merchants.

  161. As remarked in the case of the long- styled plants, some even of these capsules were perhaps the product of a little pollen accidentally fallen from the adjoining flowers of the other form on to the stigmas, or transported by Thrips.

  162. As the ovary grows the two anthers together with the shrivelled corolla, all attached by the dried pollen-tubes to the stigma, are torn off and carried upwards in the shape of a little cap.

  163. There can therefore be little doubt that this plant generally propagates itself throughout an immense area by cleistogamic seeds, and that it can hardly ever be invigorated by cross- fertilisation.

  164. These stand just above the numerous anthers and a little beneath the tips of the petals.

  165. Negative evidence is of little value; but the following facts may be worth giving:--Some cowslips which had been transplanted from the fields into a shrubbery were again transplanted into highly manured land.

  166. Siebold and Zuccarini describe the long-styled form, and give figures of two forms; so that there can be little doubt, as he remarks, about the plant being dimorphic.

  167. Other species bear much less conspicuous flowers which secrete little or no nectar, and consequently are rarely visited by insects; these are adapted for self-fertilisation, though still capable of cross-fertilisation.

  168. This plant exists under two forms, occurring in about equal numbers, which differ little in structure, but greatly in function.

  169. I'm sure to find that mine; but it will take a little capital to work it.

  170. During the night the current was supplied to the wires from a storage battery, through an intensifying coil, so that the charge was only a little less deadly than when coming direct from a dynamo.

  171. There were many little details to look after, not the least of which was the patrolling of the stretch of ocean over which the great projectiles would soar in reaching the far-off targets at which Tom had planned to shoot.

  172. Little while after Master come back from where him say big gun all go smash, man come to shop when Master out one day.

  173. If we can turn enough of the water into the other valley, where no one lives, and where it can escape into the big river there, the amount that will flow down this valley will be so small that only a little damage will be done.

  174. Let's take a little flight in the Humming Bird.

  175. In about two weeks, during which time he and Ned perfected several little matters about the cannon, there came an official-looking document.

  176. I think I can get a little flatter trajectory, and that will give a greater distance.

  177. And the first thing I do I'm going to have a little flight in the Humming Bird to get my nerves in trim.

  178. I'm a little nervous about it after that fire.

  179. The projectile one watcher reported, had gone about three hundred yards over the top of the barbette and then dropped into the sea, very little of the force of the explosive having been expended on that.

  180. Tom and Ned had seen little of the German officer that day, nor, in fact, since he came aboard.

  181. Den in a little while dere wasn't no s'picious man any mo'.

  182. Tom, plunging down into the little chamber.

  183. Ned a little later, when they were again back in the office, the excitement having calmed down.

  184. Under cover of the night the little band rode through the island with the news, ringing the church bells far and near to call the people to arms.

  185. The clergy fared little better than the laymen in that age, but then it was their own fault.

  186. They gave it to me this year," said Finsen, with his sad little smile, "because they knew that next year it would have been too late.

  187. He kept minute account of his children's socks and little shirts, and found ways of providing money for his war-ships and for countless building schemes he had in hand both in Denmark and Norway.

  188. Meanwhile the ships had drifted close enough to speak through the trumpet, and Captain Wessel shouted over from his quarter-deck that "if he could lend him a little powder, they might still go on.

  189. Tradition has it that while Christian was King, the brave little woman never dared show her face in the house again.

  190. They sent only little skiffs that could hold not over three or four, and as fast as they were landed they were overpowered and bound.

  191. In a little while the shadow overtook her there, and pussy moved once more.

  192. He had for a patient Burgomaster Cliffort, a rich old hypochondriac with whom he could do nothing because he would insist on living high and taking too little exercise.

  193. They little dreamed that they were industriously paving the way for his greater work and for his undying fame.

  194. Footnote 4: That all this in no way affected the personal relations of the two men Saxo assures us in one of the little human touches with which his chronicle abounds.

  195. The pretext was of little account: there was always cause enough.

  196. Bishop's Court, however, is a little out of the way for those who wish to cross the hills from Kirkmichael to Ramsey.

  197. Kirkmichael itself is a hard-featured little village stretching in a single, long street along the main road to Ramsey, and distant half a mile from the sea.

  198. Even the little church, in this case, has some touches of mediaevalism (thirteenth-century lancets) that redeem it from the general charge of Manx ecclesiological dulness.

  199. Of Ramsey I have little to say: there seems little to say about it.

  200. Stat suus cuique honor: each may be praised without dispraising its rival; though the writer, were he asked, would find little difficulty in giving his casting vote between the two.

  201. At Glen Maye the line of cliff is abruptly interrupted by the little stream that here descends from Glen Rushen.

  202. The first of these is to follow the Douglas road as far as Tynwald Hill, and thence turn north towards Kirkmichael by the side of the little River Neb, which flows from the recesses of Glen Helen.

  203. A little beyond this, when Snaefell is now behind us, and growing smaller in the distance, the eye begins to measure the profound and solemn depths of green and pastoral Glen Auldyn.

  204. We hear little more of old chief Oshkosh, until fifteen years later.

  205. Then they returned to Chequamegon Bay, where they built another little fort, and from which they visited some Indians on the northwest shore of Lake Superior.

  206. They even won some little attention in France, but far less than here, for several other men had claimed to be the lost dauphin, so that the pretension was not a new one over there.

  207. In 1685 he appeared once more at Green Bay, this time holding the position of Commandant of the West, with a little company of twenty soldiers.

  208. There being little legal machinery west of Lake Michigan, before Wisconsin Territory was erected, local government was slow to establish itself.

  209. Your children have good constitutions and you have good nurses, I see no reason why they should not pull through easily," said Doctor Wheeler when Mr. Hamlin asked her opinion as to the prospects of the recovery of his little folks.

  210. Will anybody say little Faith did not do what she could?

  211. You understand, the little folks at home are all on the high road to recovery, and it is on your account that you are not to go home.

  212. Not so little Faith whose story I am going to tell you.

  213. She is a little Roman flower-girl, Miss Sherrill; they live on Parker street.

  214. Try hard to make yours what in your honest little heart you think it ought to be.

  215. At last, one bolder than the rest, stepped towards her: "Little girl, where did you come from?

  216. I thought a minute, then I said I didn't believe he did; for if he had, I should have remembered a little bit about it.

  217. One day while my mistress' little girl was sitting reading by the window, a gentleman came in who had made his appearance during the last few days, and whom the children called uncle.

  218. Publishers have their little theories, their little superstitions, and their blind faith in the great god Chance, which we all worship.

  219. He must still have a low rank among practical people; and he will be regarded by the great mass of Americans as perhaps a little off, a little funny, a little soft!

  220. If it will serve to make my meaning a little clearer we will suppose that a poet has been crossed in love, or has suffered some real sorrow, like the loss of a wife or child.

  221. A curious fact, however, is that this vast newspaper publicity seems to have very little to do with an author's popularity, though ever so much with his notoriety.

  222. As I have hinted, it is but a little while that he has had any standing at all.

  223. If I insist a little upon the high office which this modern form of publication fulfils in the literary world, it is because I am impatient of the antiquated and ignorant prejudice which classes the magazines as ephemeral.

  224. There is nothing to prevent you from looking at their books, except your own innermost belief and fear that their books are correct, and that your literature has brought you so little because it has sold so little.

  225. Still, I would not have him attach too little consequence to the influence of the press.

  226. In the social world, as well as in the business world, the artist is anomalous, in the actual conditions, and he is perhaps a little ridiculous.

  227. At the end of the second act, the little girl was called out, and much to her inward discomfiture the magistrate presented her with a bouquet and the audience with a written speech.

  228. With that transition came a sudden sense of isolation and loneliness; the little burial ground seemed the world; the sky, its walls and ceiling.

  229. His little puppet should yet sit in the chair where Louis XIV had lorded it!

  230. Don't," she returned, with a little shiver.

  231. As Mauville proceeded Susan remained motionless, her eyes growing larger and larger, until they shone like two lovely sapphires, but when he concluded she gave a little sigh of pleasure and leaned back with a pleased smile.

  232. There was a military banquet last night," interposed the quiet, little man.

  233. Strength would count but little against such agility; the land baron was an incomparable swordsman.

  234. In the partial darkness the little man ill discerned the figures, but divined their bearing in the relation of outlines limned against the obscure background.

  235. He paused with his horse before the front door and she stood a moment near the little porch, on either side of which grew sweet-williams, four-o'clocks and larkspur.

  236. The general directs you to take this message to the commanding general," continued the little aide.

  237. I thought it nice to be one of the little princes in Richard III and wear white satin clothes.

  238. No sleep to-night, little the night before, less the night before that.

  239. Time passed; half-hour or hour or two hours, she had little idea.

  240. Over their breakfast in the little wayside restaurant, with its untidy tables and greasy lunch-counter, it was Gratton who did all of the talking.

  241. Besides, he had very little to do with the matter.

  242. The first sound broke from Gratton's lips now, a little gurgling moan.

  243. For he came upon a little brown cub whimpering dismally.

  244. The glorious Gloria, all slender delicacy, like a little mountain flower, the Gloria for whom it had been his duty and his high privilege to labour.

  245. She let her hands remain in his but her eyes were all for the little brown bundle of fur at King's feet, that began now to whine and pull back at its chain.

  246. There seemed to be so little blood left in the pale, battered body!

  247. Gloria tranquilly "He would have been very rude if he hadn't been thinking of your little daughter.

  248. He moved a little to draw his blankets closer about him and, as an awaking impression, found that his strength, even though slowly, was surely returning to him.

  249. She wound King's watch, guessing at the time; she judged it sensible to force a little nourishment upon him at regular intervals and brought him his broth every two hours.

  250. She felt like some hapless little princess in a fairy-tale who had wandered into a monstrous land of black sorcery.

  251. She started out of a reverie to find King standing up, his body rigid as he stood in the attitude of one who listens, his head a little to one side, his eyes narrowed.

  252. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "little" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    abject; abominable; ace; arrant; atom; atrocious; authoritarian; barely; base; beggarly; bigoted; bit; breath; brief; cheesy; closed; compact; compendious; concise; constricted; contemptible; crack; cramped; crummy; cursory; curt; deaf; debased; deficient; depraved; depthless; despicable; diminutive; dinky; dirty; disgusting; dispensable; dole; dot; dram; dribble; driblet; dwarf; earshot; elfin; execrable; exiguous; fanatical; farthing; few; flagrant; foul; fragment; fulsome; grain; granule; grave; groat; gross; gunshot; hair; hairbreadth; handful; hardly; heinous; hidebound; illiberal; immaterial; imperfect; imperfectly; inadequate; inappreciable; inch; incompetent; inconsequential; inconsiderable; inferior; infrequently; insignificant; instant; instantaneous; insufficient; insular; iota; irrelevant; jot; light; lightly; limited; little; low; maladroit; meager; mean; measly; mediocre; miniature; minim; minimally; minimum; minor; minute; minutely; minutiae; miserable; mite; modicum; molecule; moment; monkey; monstrous; mote; narrow; nearsighted; nefarious; negligible; niggardly; nonessential; nutshell; obnoxious; odious; ounce; paltry; parochial; particle; pebble; petite; petty; picayune; piddling; pinch; pitiful; pittance; point; poky; poor; portable; provincial; puny; purblind; rank; rarely; reptilian; scabby; scanty; scarcely; scrubby; scruple; scurvy; seldom; shabby; shallow; shoddy; short; shortsighted; slender; slight; slightly; small; span; sparse; speck; spot; spurt; squalid; step; stingy; stuffy; stunted; succinct; summary; superficial; technical; thought; tiny; tittle; transient; trifle; trifling; trivial; uncharitable; undersized; unessential; ungenerous; unimpressive; unmentionable; unskillful; vile; weakly; whit; woman; wretched

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    little before his death; little book; little boy; little gentleman; little grim; little horse; little inclined; little likely; little mite; little part; little pile; little purpose; little puzzled; little spirit; little stiffly; little sweetheart; little temple; little things; little tired; little tree; little village; little warm; little ways; little weary; little when; little world