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Example sentences for "dram"

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draining; drainings; drains; drakes; drale; drama; dramas; dramatic; dramatical; dramatically
  1. Drink tae the memory o' him, Kate: ye kent him weel, and he had aye a dram for a ceilidher.

  2. It's long since I will have been at the smuggling," and then there came singing of Gaelic songs that you can be hearing yet, and at that McCook took off his dram and went out at the door, for he would be early on the road the next day.

  3. Well, for that I will not be saying, but she would aye have a dram for kent folk, and Dan McBride took me with him there many a time.

  4. He had gone there, taken the silver cross off his neck and asked for a dram for it.

  5. At that point there is a great block of buildings, entirely let out in dram shops and eating-houses; women were continually running in and out, bare-headed and in their indoor clothes.

  6. Now when I entered, I fell down at full length and throwing the knife and the dram weight from my hand, I fainted clean away.

  7. However, she took another dram of wine; for so it might be called to her, who was the most temperate of women, and never exceeded three glasses on any occasion.

  8. The sudden shock so affected me, that, had it not been for a dram which the pawnbroker gave me, I believe I should have sunk on the spot.

  9. However I was glad to see the boy so cheerful, and I gave him a dram (out of our patron's case of bottles) to cheer him up.

  10. He had now got over his fright, and his spirits being a little raised with the dram I had given him, he was very cheerful, and told me, as before, he would die when I bid die.

  11. So I went and fetched a good dram of rum and gave him; for I had been so good a husband of my rum, that I had a great deal left.

  12. He perceived the surprise, and immediately pulls a bottle out of his pocket, and gave me a dram of cordial, which he had brought on purpose for me.

  13. Yes, good faith, every dram of it; and I will not 215 bate thee a scruple.

  14. Hamish, laughing; "for giving me a dram that was too strong, and which my head still feels this morning, or for hiding my bonnet to keep me an instant longer?

  15. Johnson reports a case of poisoning from a dram of hydrochloric acid.

  16. There is recorded an account of a man of sixty-four who was killed by a solution containing slightly over a dram of phenol.

  17. Tardieu has seen a fluid-dram of the tincture of digitalis cause alarming symptoms in a young woman who was pregnant.

  18. Burman mentions recovery after the ingestion of a dram of dilute hydrocyanic acid of Scheele's strength (2.

  19. About a dram of pus followed the exit of the arrow-head.

  20. How much of their pleasure would be abated if they were but endowed with one dram of wisdom?

  21. Among all the trophies that for tokens of gratitude are hung upon the walls and ceilings of churches, you shall find no relics presented as a memorandum of any that were ever cured of Folly, or had been made one dram the wiser.

  22. Andra, if this place of yours wasn't so damned teetotal and we had a dram apiece, we might get his tongue loosened.

  23. It is like the first secret dram swallowed in the forenoon--the first pawning of the silver spoons--or any other terrible first step downwards you may please to liken it to.

  24. De decanters wuz all set out on de sideboard wid de glasses, an' de wine an' brandy wuz so ole dat one good size dram would make yo' willin' to go to de jail house for sixty days.

  25. I sailed right over dat broom stick same as a cricket, but when Exter jump he done had a big dram an' his feets was so big an' clumsy dat dey got all tangled up in dat broom an' he fell head long.

  26. All de niggers come to de feas' an' Marse George had a dram for everybody.

  27. Dat mean dat I wuz to mix de special dram dat I done learned from my gran'pappy.

  28. My cripple got him on's feet, and gave him a dram of his aqua-vitae bottle, and made much of him, in order to know what was the occasion of the quarrel.

  29. The first fellow they assisted as they had done t'other, and gave him a dram out of the leather bottle, but the last fellow was past their care, so they came away.

  30. A hones' dram tuck now an' then, prayerfully, is a good thing for any religion.

  31. I've knowed many a man to take a dram jes' in time to keep him out of a divorce court.

  32. Then out comes Gammer Hocus, when the Goddess had called for a Dram in the second Line, and sings with an Air, seeing her Goddessship as dirty as the Devil.

  33. We all went to the bar, and when Jack took his big dram I noticed that he drank out of a different bottle from the rest of us.

  34. After getting another dram into old Jack I asked him if he would show us the tickets.

  35. The cow-boy bet another man $200 and won, then asked him for a dram out of his bottle.

  36. I went into a place what thar was a big glass full of beer painted on the winder to get a dram, and a nice- looking chap got talking to me, and perty soon he asked me to have a dram along with him.

  37. Up whar I live you can get a dram for 5 cents; but let's have her, even if she does cost 15 cents.

  38. I bet, and my friend was pleased to see what a fool I was; and I told my friend to bet him another dram that he could pick it up.

  39. But to this kind of soup the king and the queen always take a dram or two, and one sandwich at least.

  40. She went straight to a cupboard and brought out the brandy bottle, dram glasses, butter and cheese, smoked beef and veal, until at last the table looked as if it were decked out for company.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dram" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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