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  1. A characteristic form is a palely tinted rod with several deeply stained granules (metachromatic bodies), or with one such granule at each end.

  2. Naturally these researches offer extraordinary difficulties since only the coincidence of a number of lucky circumstances would allow the passage of dissolved granule substance into the neighbourhood to be followed.

  3. With faint staining, a thin peripheral layer of the eosinophil granule is seen more deeply stained than the interior.

  4. Hence it is even possible to decide whether an isolated granule belonged to an old or to a young cell.

  5. The granule of venom has an affinity for eosin; it is never excreted in granular form, but after intracellular dissolution.

  6. During cytoplasmic activity the granule of venogen and the ergastoplasmic venogen disappear.

  7. The granule of venogen is distinguished from the granule of elaborated venom by its affinity for Unna’s blue, safranin, and fuchsin.

  8. The bacteria multiply, like the chromacea, by simple segmentation; as soon as the structureless plasma-granule has reached a certain size by simple growth, it is constricted and splits into two halves.

  9. The formation of a thin membrane at the surface of the structureless plasma granule may be explained as a purely physical process--that of surface strain.

  10. The latter have an especial interest for us, because in the simplest specimens the entire organism is merely a globular bluish-green granule of plasm.

  11. The homogeneous tinted plasma granule which makes up the entire organism in the simplest case (chroococcus) exhibits no plasma structure (honeycomb, threads, etc.

  12. At one side of the nucleus one observes a small dot or granule surrounded by a denser area of cytoplasm.

  13. So that what really happens in mitosis in the splitting of the chromosomes is a precise halving of the series of individual granules of which each chromosome is constituted, or in other words each granule has reproduced itself.

  14. Note that each starch granule shows an eccentric hilum with concentric markings.

  15. Each granule becomes blue, while the markings become more distinct.

  16. A very simple and striking method of determining whether any granule is composed of starch or not, consists in adding to it, when placed in water on a slide, a drop of solution of iodine.

  17. Style of Crocus, with pollen-granule and-tube.

  18. As soon as this touches the granule, it assumes a beautiful purple colour, the depth of tint depending upon the quantity of the iodine-solution; if this be very considerable, the granule appears almost black.

  19. According to him the granule formation is rather variable, and may be induced or suppressed by cultural methods.

  20. Further, although the granule formation persists largely in milk, the organisms soon revert to the non-granular type if cultivated on agar.

  21. The similarity in the pictures ought to serve as a proof of the near relation of the granule form and non-granule varieties.

  22. The Cultural Characteristics of the Bacillus Bulgaricus Group The cultural characteristics of all the strains of Bacillus bulgaricus (granule bacillus) are as follows: In Whey Agar.

  23. Luerssen and Kuhn, will be generally noticed in the granule bacillus.

  24. Granule Bacillus from Yoghourt, cultivated after the usual Agar method, for twenty-four hours at 37 deg.

  25. The great resemblance this colony bears to those formed by the granule bacillus from Yoghourt will be apparent.

  26. This is the appearance already mentioned by Dueggeli, Luerssen and Kuehn, and Kuntze, and from which the granule bacillus derives its name.

  27. Although plate cultures made direct from calves' stomachs do not exhibit the regular contours generally shown by the granule bacillus, yet this growth may be induced by preceding cultivation in lactose bouillon to which 0.

  28. In fact, by the combined action of granule bacilli, and of diplostreptococci from calf's stomach, together with a Yoghourt yeast, it is possible to prepare normal Yoghourt.

  29. Granule formation was transient in this culture, and the organisms eventually became inactive.

  30. The pollen is a most highly differenced, electrical product; the seed-granule a wholly indifferent, and tranquil mucous mass.

  31. The integral forms of the planet impart the crystalline granule or its joints.

  32. The cellular substance is the last division of the point-substance, because the nervous granule becomes hollow.

  33. Now, as the seeds are the whole plant upon a small scale, so is the granule or ovum the entire animal; it is liberated through the pharynx and continues to grow merely by increasing in size.

  34. The granule unfolds or bursts when exposed to heat.

  35. With intense "dry" heat, as in toasting, the granule expands and opens, and the contents change to dextrin.

  36. In boiling water, the granule expands and finally bursts, and frees the content, the pure starch, and the whole mass thickens.

  37. In their course through the granule layer they give off a number of branching collaterals, some turning back and passing between the cells of Purkinje into the molecular layer.

  38. The large granule cells are multipolar cells, many of the branchings penetrating well into the molecular layer.

  39. It contains two types of nerve cells, the small granule cells and the large granule cells.

  40. There is also an abundant plexus of fine medullated fibres within the granule layer.

  41. America as our British advisor and brought to us the British granule formula.

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