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  1. The syrup should be used for inflammation of the tonsils; the gargle for inflammation of the fauces or pharynx.

  2. In putrid cases, not only the syrup, but also the gargle will do good service.

  3. The temperature of the gargle should be about 70°-75° Fahrenheit.

  4. Gargle the mouth (teeth and gums) with a teaspoonful of this liquid, diluted with an equal quantity of rose-water.

  5. When bad breath is occasioned by teeth, or any local cause, use a gargle consisting of a spoonful of solution of chloride of lime in half a tumbler of water.

  6. If the throat is only reddened, a teaspoonful of chlorate of potash dissolved in a cupful of hot water and when cold used as a gargle and a teaspoonful of the solution swallowed at the same time every two hours is all that is necessary.

  7. Make a solution of chlorate of potassa by dissolving one teaspoonful in a teacupful of hot water, and when cooled off, have the child gargle every hour or two, and swallow a half to a teaspoonful of the solution at the same time.

  8. You can make a tea of the common garden thyme and gargle or rinse your mouth and throat with it every half to one hour.

  9. It is used as a gargle in sore mouth and throat in dose of a dram to a pint of water.

  10. For sore throat, mouth and gums gargle freely with the decoction.

  11. It is also good as a gargle for tonsilitis and sore throat.

  12. Decoction used as a wash or gargle in sore throat.

  13. Persons having a tendency to them will seldom be sick if they gargle daily with a solution of peroxide of hydrogen and water in equal parts for adults.

  14. Peroxide of hydrogen, one-sixth to one- half to full strength, is good in many cases, used as a gargle and a swab.

  15. This decoction is used as an injection in leucorrhea, piles and as a gargle in sore mouth, etc.

  16. Use the watery decoction as a gargle for sore mouth and throat.

  17. Spray and gargle with solutions advised for throat trouble.

  18. Good for sore throat when used as a gargle and a little swallowed frequently.

  19. One-fourth teaspoonful borax in one cup of hot water, gargle frequently.

  20. Simmer down to one pint, gargle the throat every fifteen minutes, or for small children use a swab.

  21. The infusion will do as a gargle and a wash.

  22. You can also put one teaspoonful of it in one-half glass of very hot water and gargle if you do not use it locally.

  23. The cayenne pepper and honey gargle should also be kept ready mixed, and used when the first symptoms appear; or in a violent attack, a plaster of snuff and lard may be applied with benefit, keeping it on only a few minutes at a time.

  24. Quince seeds dried, and boiling water poured on them, make a useful gargle for sore throat.

  25. Gargle the throat frequently with a solution of a teaspoonful of salt in a pint of water, or thirty grains of chlorate of potash in a wineglass of water.

  26. Water kept in a room over night is therefore unfit for drinking, and should not be used even to brush the teeth or to gargle in the throat.

  27. Ma'sh rosemary is the gargle that I always use," said Miss Roxy; "it cleans out your throat so.

  28. It is used to gargle the mouth with, either by itself, or diluted with water, as occasion may require.

  29. Or take the green Leaves of a Plum-tree, or of Rosemary, and boil them in Lees of Wine or Vinegar; gargle the mouth with the Wine as hot as you can bear it, and repeat it frequently.

  30. To tinge Vulnerary Water, put any quantity into a glass matrass, and infuse in it some bruised Cochineal; then filter the Vulnerary Water, and use it to gargle the mouth, after which the teeth are to be cleaned with Tooth Powder.

  31. The Tincture is then filtred through paper, and used to gargle the mouth in the same manner as the Vulnerary-water.

  32. Gargle the mouth with a little of this liquor every morning while necessary.

  33. Gargle the mouth every night or morning, with a tea spoonful of this Tincture diluted with an equal quantity of Rose-water.

  34. Diluted with 40 parts of water, it is used as a gargle or as a cleansing wash for diseased surface.

  35. For ordinary ulcerated sore throat arising from cold, chronic inflammation of the part, or a low state of health, the best course will be to gargle the throat four or five times daily with either of the following gargles: 1.

  36. A gargle containing a little hydrated sulphide of iron will instantly remove the metallic taste caused by putting a little corrosive sublimate into the mouth.

  37. Dissolved in water, it forms a useful and pleasant cooling drink or gargle in fevers, sore throats, hoarseness, &c.

  38. Has been used in the form of gargle and troches for sore throat (swallowing the latter may be dangerous).

  39. It serves a similar purpose when used as a gargle in mild sore throat.

  40. A remedy for unsound gums, is a gargle made of one ounce of coarsely powdered Peruvian bark steeped in half a pint of brandy for two weeks.

  41. Put a teaspoonful of this into a tablespoonful of water, and gargle the mouth twice a day.

  42. When it is occasioned by the teeth or other local case, use a gargle consisting of a spoonful of solution of chloride of lime in half a tumbler of water.

  43. One as a gargle in one-half glass hot water every two to four hours in tonsilitis and pharyngitis.

  44. Sore Throat Gargle the throat with warm water and some salt added, and then bind a woolen sock around it.

  45. A leading physician confirms the opinion that the best gargle for daily use is that of warm water and salt.

  46. Gargle the throat night and morning with salt and water.

  47. Used as colouring and for a test; mixed with vinegar and sweetened with honey, it forms a popular gargle in sore throat.

  48. A good gargle for scurvy of the fauces and pharynx, vulgarly called the 'inward scurvy.

  49. Used as a gastric stimulant, and as a gargle in the relaxation of the uvula.

  50. Used as a gargle in ulcerated sore throat, relaxation of the uvula, &c.

  51. A saturated solution of borax in the form of a gargle should be first used, and used without stint.

  52. A teacupful 3 or 4 times a day; also used as an astringent gargle and lotion.

  53. As a diaphoretic stimulant, and tonic, in fevers, and as a gargle in sore throat.

  54. Apparently, though, the spray and gargle had helped a little, since his nose felt somewhat clearer and his eyes were definitely better.

  55. Nothing you can do, except try salt water gargle and spray; you've got stuff for that.

  56. The same decoction, with a little honey added thereto, is good to gargle a sore throat.

  57. The flowers boiled in oil or water (as every one is disposed) whereunto a little honey and allum is put, is an excellent gargle to wash, cleanse or heal any sore mouth or throat in a short space.

  58. Plum-tree leaves boiled in wine, are good to wash and gargle the mouth and throat, to dry the flux of rheum coming to the palate, gums, or almonds of the ear.

  59. The juice of the other green husks boiled with honey is an excellent gargle for sore mouths, or the heat and inflammations in the throat and stomach.

  60. The decoction of them is good to gargle and wash the mouth, throat and teeth, when there is any defluxions of blood to stay it, or of humours, which causes the pains and swellings.

  61. The juice also put to honey of roses, and barley-water, is very good to gargle the mouth and throat of those that have sores and ulcers in them, and will quickly heal them.

  62. To be used as a gargle or mouth wash in sore mouth or affection of the gums.

  63. The red sage, mixed with honey and vinegar, is used for a gargle in sore throats.

  64. When the purgative effect has ceased, he gives cold drinks acidulated with lemons, limes, or hydrochloric acid, and every two hours a gargle composed of lime-water and milk.

  65. An excellent gargle for general use is:-- Chloras Potass.

  66. For bronchial trouble or bleeding at the lungs, gargle the throat often; but for general cleanliness, gargle a little every morning; for catarrh, not only gargle but snuff some up the nose.

  67. Dilute in equal parts of water, and gargle every half hour in a severe case for the first three hours.

  68. A very cold gargle or one as hot as can be held without burning is better than a tepid one.

  69. When people around you have colds, avoid getting close to them, gargle often, take deep breaths of fresh air whenever possible, wash your hands often and keep them away from your nose and mouth.

  70. Salt may be used as a gargle in the same way as soda, and even mixed with soda, also for enemas.

  71. Use at least six separate mouthfuls each time you gargle, and hold long enough at the back of the throat for the gargle to reach every part.

  72. A thoughtful mother teaches it while the child is well, and if the gargle is composed of raspberry vinegar and water, the lesson is learnt without tears.

  73. Business men gargle daily to check colds and sore throat Why is Listerine to be found in the offices of a majority of American business men?

  74. Why do they sometimes halt important meetings, to gargle with it?

  75. An ordinary sore throat will be relieved by a gargle of sulphur and water--one tablespoonful to a glass of water, and use frequently.

  76. In every family the flour of sulphur should be always kept ready for use, and at the appearance of irritation or cankered spots, a gargle should be given, or the powder blown through a paper tube directly into the throat.

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