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  1. It is recommended, in addition, to scrape the tongue with a spatula, and to douche it with a spray of mercuric chloride, 1:500.

  2. Warm baths, and cold douches to the abdomen, compresses of cold water or of alcohol, the cold douche to the spine while in the hot bath, are all beneficial.

  3. Deafness, earache, and otitis media will sometimes follow the operation, even when the use of a nasal douche has been carefully avoided.

  4. This douche of air is then followed by an irrigation of warm normal saline solution.

  5. The patient is placed in the lateral or lithotomy position and a vaginal douche given.

  6. The packing should be removed in twenty-four hours, and an antiseptic douche given.

  7. After completion of the operation it is well to give an antiseptic intra-uterine douche by means of a Bozemann’s tube.

  8. For this purpose a hot vaginal douche should be taken two or three times a day.

  9. This douche should be made astringent by adding to a pint of water a quarter ounce of alum or tannin.

  10. The patient should remain in a recumbent position for some hours after the douche if possible.

  11. If at the time of the period the pain still continues, an enema or vaginal douche will usually give the necessary relief unless the patient should be exposed to cold by allowing the hands, arms, feet or legs to become chilled.

  12. A certain remark had been dropped by Mademoiselle Brunelle as the two were carrying their burthen to the salon, which was like a douche of icy water.

  13. Boil the douche bag and its rubber tubing and the glass douche tube (do not use the hard rubber nozzle that comes with the ordinary douche bag).

  14. When the physician calls, place the patient on a clean warm douche pan while he is sterilizing his hands and making the solution ready.

  15. A nurse should never give a vaginal douche without instructions from the physician.

  16. If your physician should suggest a mild douche for itching of the vagina as the result of a discharge, it may be promptly relieved by using Borolyptol in the water.

  17. When the dedication was printed, this title was cancelled and a new one printed, still with the words "Douche and Latyn," with the reverse blank.

  18. England, stating that it is translated from the "Douche and Latyn?

  19. Ordinarily plain hot water is all that is necessary to use, but where the discharge is acrid and scalding, the plain hot-water douche should be followed by a warm douche containing one teaspoonful of borax to a pint of water.

  20. To be of service except for mere cleansing purposes the douche must be taken in the horizontal position, either on a couch or, if it is not cold, on the floor.

  21. To make the woman more comfortable there should be a pillow under the head, and she must have a shawl or some light woolen material to throw over her while taking the douche to prevent chilling; thus doing more harm than good.

  22. The best time for taking a douche is at night just before retiring; there is also less danger of taking cold when the douche is taken at this time.

  23. On lying down to take the douche the nates must come down well over the pan and the clothing must be pushed well up to prevent the water from seeping up the back.

  24. Women who do not suffer from leuchorrhea need not take a vaginal douche more than once a week; after the menstrual flow the vaginal injection is advised to remove the detritus of the flow.

  25. In cases of inflammation of the uterus or its adnexa four quarts of water should be used, and the douche should be taken in the horizontal position.

  26. It really seemed a providence that Saunderson should come along the road when he was playing the fool like a puling boy, for if any man could give a douche to love-sickness it was the minister of Kilbogie.

  27. It was a terrible douche of prose, and Carmichael was still shivering when he reached the kindly shade of Tochty woods.

  28. Mary's sweet humility and strong trust come out wonderfully in her direction to the servants, which is the exact opposite of what might have been expected after the cold douche administered to her eagerness to prompt Jesus.

  29. The douche in itself is absolutely harmless.

  30. The employment of a vaginal douche of the proper temperature, medicated with a little pure alcohol, is not injurious and is the most reliable of all preventives, provided it is intelligently used and without delay.

  31. In the first place, the room in which the vaginal douche is administered must be comfortably warm, so as to preclude the possibility of chilling the patient; the windows or any other opening liable to cause draft must be closed.

  32. Massage, or kneading of the whole body, is carried out in this bath after which a steam douche or a warm spray is turned upon the affected parts, according to the nature of the case.

  33. The cold, douche bath is more powerful than the shower bath and should be given with the same precautions which govern the application of the latter.

  34. It is important, therefore, in using the Vaginal Douche to employ only a large tube that has grooves in its surface for the free clearing away of the fluid as it runs from the fountain.

  35. The douche should not be employed unless both nostrils are open and the flow is free.

  36. If any remains in the Douche it may be poured back into the stock solution for subsequent use, but a liquid that has once passed through the nasal cavity contains the germs of the disease and must not be used a second time.

  37. The medicine should be applied with the Douche at least twice a day, in the morning and at night on retiring.

  38. And these psychophysiological influences of the spoken words or similar agencies are thus indeed for therapeutic effect entirely coördinated with the douche and the bath and the electric current and the opiate.

  39. Some women use the douche before the sexual act as a preventive.

  40. Hang the filled douche bag high over the tub, and let the water flow freely into the vagina, to wash out the male sperm which was deposited during the act.

  41. If the woman should fall asleep directly after no harm can happen, and it is not necessary to take a douche until the following morning.

  42. Only a pint of solution is needed for this purpose, following the act a larger douche is used as a cleanser.

  43. Sponges and plugs can be recommended as perfectly safe, if followed by an antiseptic douche before the removal of the plug or sponge, thus preventing the sperm from entering the womb.

  44. Every woman should possess a good two quart rubber douche bag called fountain syringe.

  45. Buy, say, four ounces of tincture of iodine, and use two teaspoonsful in two quarts of hot water in a douche bag.

  46. Sometimes I order the use of the tincture of iodine and the lactic acid alternately: for one douche the tincture of iodine, for the next the lactic acid, and so on.

  47. A vaginal douche of lukewarm water is an excellent adjunct to the bathing of the parts.

  48. One point about the injections: they should be taken not in the standing or squatting position (in which position the fluid comes right out), but while laying down, over a douche pan.

  49. These women should get in touch with modern hygienic methods, and learn to use the douche at least during their menstrual periods.

  50. Never blow into a child's ear, never douche the nose without the doctor's orders, as this may wash germs into the tubes leading to the ears and bring about a serious condition.

  51. The douche bag should not be held higher than two feet above the patient's head.

  52. Use the small sized nozzle that comes with the douche bag.

  53. Fill half full an ordinary two-quart douche bag with water that is warm, but not too hot.

  54. The following procedure may be carried out, but only after a physician has made an examination and according to his directions: A hot water douche, given by means of a douche bag, is quite effective.

  55. An ordinary douche bag will do if a syringe of the above character cannot be obtained.

  56. She felt a sensation as of a douche of water falling from her crown over her limbs, and with a soft sigh she sank against the stone.

  57. On the stroke of three the shutters must be opened as a sign to the watchman that he was up, otherwise that official had orders to hunt his master out of bed with a douche of cold water.

  58. But Tundup Sonam realized the danger, and with a quick grasp tore loose a reserve oar, while Shukkur Ali backed with the leeward oar; after another douche we trimmed the boat again.

  59. A hot sitz bath, hot foot bath or hot vaginal douche taken just previous to the commencement of the period will aid in relieving the congestion and thus lessen the pain.

  60. But in taking a douche one always should remember to have the water warm.

  61. This is erroneous, for douches are necessary in the treatment of this condition and, except in very rare cases, a douche can be taken with an especially small douche point without injury to the parts.

  62. If a small douche point is used no harm will result.

  63. A douche should be taken at the close of the menstrual period especially.

  64. In her secret heart she knew how well he had behaved, and was grateful to him for his delicacy and tact; but at this moment she felt as though she had received a douche of cold water.

  65. The douche is dangerous when the body is unprepared--when the heart is affected--when apoplexy may be feared.

  66. Mr. Lane records some proofs of the force with which the douche falls:-- In a corner of one dressing-room is a broken chair.

  67. No patient is allowed to have the douche till he has been acclimated by at least a fortnight's treatment.

  68. Lytton speaks strongly on this point:-- Never let the eulogies which many will pass upon the douche tempt you to take it on the sly, unknown to your adviser.

  69. The douche consists of a stream of water, as thick as one's arm, falling from a height of twenty-four feet.

  70. She did not douche again for a fortnight.

  71. The douche consists of a stream of water, hot or cold, which is made to strike the body with force.

  72. The clothing should be removed quickly, the plunge or douche boldly taken, and immediately followed by a vigorous rubbing with a coarse towel.

  73. The Scottish Douche consists in the use of alternating streams of hot and cold water, which produces a powerfully stimulating action.

  74. The Shower Bath differs from the douche in the division of the streams of water, causing it to strike the body with less force.

  75. The douche may be taken at the same time with the bath, or before, as is most convenient.

  76. The hot douche and hot sitz bath are useful under the same circumstances.

  77. But this species of blister and douche bath combined is rarely given unless the patient be mad enough to let his wife, if he unluckily have one, learn what ails him.

  78. The cold water of Grand's query quenched my poetry, extinguished my electric lights, and sobered me like a douche bath.

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