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soluble; solum; solummodo; solus; solute; solutions; solve; solved; solvency; solvent
  1. The only solution of this difficulty seemed to be to pack the nickel in strong round tubes four inches long and about the size of a lead pencil, the sides of the tubes being finely perforated.

  2. The question must find practical solution at the hands of the naval architects of the immediate future, as turbine engines are now in use in several of the largest steamships afloat, and others are being installed in craft of all descriptions.

  3. At this time there were at least a score of inventors whose work added something of importance to the solution of the problem of electric traction.

  4. The solution came finally through the invention of the chronometer, which is in effect an exceedingly accurate watch.

  5. Then, like a flash, the solution of this extraordinary phenomenon revealed itself to me.

  6. Even as the solution came to me, I heard a faint slithering, scratching noise, and knew that another of the brutes was coming.

  7. Boil in a strong solution of soda, wash with soap and water, and when perfectly clean, dehydrate with boiling alcohol (Junker).

  8. Leave the bones in this solution for ten minutes, wash, and boil in plain water until all the muscle, etc.

  9. The other side of the fish must be treated in the same way, and the two halves united by the solution of plaster.

  10. When you are ready to begin, give the wood several coatings with a strong solution of the logwood, and when this is nearly dry, brush over with the vinegar.

  11. All these efforts were fruitless; from none of the huntsmen did my poor friend obtain a reply which left him any nearer a solution of the mystery that surrounded us.

  12. We must go back over some ground which we have cursorily traversed, and look closer at the elements of society, to find a fitting solution to the spirit and conduct of the mob.

  13. I had a sense of nearness to the solution of the mystery that thrilled me.

  14. For months the great chemist brought all his skill to bear on Miss Cook's mediumship without detecting any fraud or finding any solution of the mystery.

  15. The problem suggested to Koenig was put to another mathematician, Cramer, whose solution came even closer to that of the bees, viz.

  16. It is certain that all the attention man could devote would not be excessive for the solution of the problems that would arise, or for the turning to fullest account the help thus offered by a magnificent providence.

  17. Cover with the solution and put in a place slightly warm, so that the gradual evaporation of the water will help in the slow formation of the crystals.

  18. The flakes can be made in another way, thus: Make a solution of alum water, dissolving five cents' worth of alum in a pint of water.

  19. But she brings to me beauty, innocence, the feminine solution of all intellectual concepts.

  20. After a vast deal of pondering, I arrived not very much nearer a solution of the problem.

  21. In 1881, Holland turned out a larger and better boat in which he led the world far and away in the solution of submarine problems, and for a couple of years demonstrated that he could perfectly control his craft in the vertical plane.

  22. The credit for bringing it to its present efficiency belongs chiefly to the Germans, who kept many of their scientists working together on the solution of the difficult problems of optics that were involved.

  23. But he was expressly relieved from all censure: it was merely recognized by the authorities that his unfortunate relations with the Assembly made it unlikely that he would be able to offer any assistance in a solution of the problem.

  24. In all seriousness, there seems but one solution to the problem; and it must be found, if at all, in the proposition already stated, that treason is an individual act.

  25. To live in the shadow of his friend, become at once his brother-in-law and his ideal--he did not dream of any other solution of his own destiny.

  26. This would be a solution of the problem, that she was a girl of extraordinary inward energy, who, both aware of her mother's intrigues and detesting them with an equal hatred, had planned to precipitate the two men upon each other.

  27. He resolved to seek once more for the solution of the living enigma which that singular girl was.

  28. Ayrton agreed with him, but was unable to find the least solution of the mystery.

  29. We must give our whole minds to the solution of this enigma.

  30. Gold in solution has been esteemed as a medicine--gold, being a perfect substance, should produce perfect health.

  31. Even when a problem seems to advance towards solution wholly through the reason, the imagination ceaselessly intervenes in the form of a succession of groupings, trials, guesses, and possibilities that it proposes.

  32. In order to get the ideal solution into practice, there is required a struggle against matter, and the bringing to an issue is the most thankless part of the inventor's work.

  33. It is the imagination that invents, that provides the rational faculties with their materials, with the position, and even the solution of their problems.

  34. Instinctively as well as voluntarily one brings to the solution of the problem all the materials that the eyes and ears can gather.

  35. However natural this solution may appear, it is illusory and can lead to naught.

  36. But all this is insufficient for the establishment of a thorough identity between the two cases and the solution of the question.

  37. Imagination fulfills the function of a substitute; it furnishes a subjective, conjectural solution in place of an objective, rational explanation.

  38. But I have in my hands here a little problem which may prove to be more difficult of solution than my small essay I thought reading.

  39. A second solution was at this stage obviously possible, and although I thought it exceedingly unlikely, I was determined to elucidate it before going further.

  40. They sought in it the comprehensive solution of all the riddles of life and time.

  41. This is the enigma, this the solution in faith and spirit, in which Mr. Gladstone lived and moved.

  42. It is assuredly only in this way that a permanent solution of these difficult questions will be given to the vast communities of India.

  43. As the work which the Nightingale Nurses had at this time to do was all new, there were many difficulties and most of them came up to Miss Nightingale for solution or advice.

  44. It is quite useless for either you or me to take upon ourselves the solution of this enormous difficulty: we must leave it to God.

  45. Let us accordingly turn for a moment to animal behaviour with the intention of determining what ideas of power, or of agency, are involved in their modes of action, and thus take a preliminary step towards the solution of our problem.

  46. Any solution will have the right to the name Religion that provides for the preservation and the perfectioning of life by means of faith in a superhuman psychic Power.

  47. But neither have I ventured to offer any detailed solution of the problem of loyalty to the state.

  48. I have not ventured to offer any detailed solution of the problem of loyalty to the church.

  49. I know no way of approaching the solution of this problem save from the standpoint of the Rational Social Will.

  50. It seems too easy a solution of our problems to seek dogmatic answers to our questionings by having recourse to the "natural light," that ready oracle of the philosopher, Descartes.

  51. This is the suggestion of Wakefield[999], and I believe it to be the satisfactory and conclusive solution of the whole question.

  52. To attempt a formal solution of the question, whether he believed or not in the dress of his religion, as well as in the religion itself, would, I fear, be frivolous.

  53. We offer no solution of the enigma, which awaits its Oedipus.

  54. For if one is to disavow all pride and priggishness, if one is to find the solution of life's problem in the rational enjoyment of one's sensations, why should one not use opium?

  55. If I were to confess this much to an intelligent working man I know that at once he would answer 'Socialism,' but Socialism is no more a solution of this problem than eating is a solution when one is lost in the wilderness and hungry.

  56. It seemed to Benham in those days that he had found the remedy and solution of all those sexual perplexities that distressed the world; Heroic Love to its highest note--and then you go about your business.

  57. And it was only very slowly and reluctantly that she was forced to abandon this satisfactory solution of his problem.

  58. And in the cellar they found the painful solution of the mystery--more painful far, to them, than a hundred times the death and suffering under ordinary circumstances.

  59. If a dark metal vessel be filled with a weak solution of Prussian blue, the liquid will appear quite dark and void of colour.

  60. The impregnated plug is then put into a flask containing in solution some gelatine-peptone.

  61. The effect was the same as before, the colour was blue, almost exactly of the same hue as a solution of Prussian blue.

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