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  1. Sanitary Inspectors and Medical Officers had enormous power in regard to other diseases.

  2. It's an enormous condescension on his part to come and plaster up my head.

  3. Awfully clever, don't you think, to get hold of such an enormous public?

  4. Both were from his great friend Bishop Moultrie, late of Simla and now rector of Great Petherwick in Norfolk, Canon of Norwich, and a sort of unofficial second suffragan in that enormous diocese.

  5. In these trances the nervous system is in a state of enormous tension.

  6. Besides, I began to believe in the girl's mission--I began to understand the enormous value of her work.

  7. Would it send them along through space at enormous speed?

  8. The air vibrated with the enormous speed of the valve wheels, and there was a prickling sensation as the power flowed into the positive and negative plates, by which the projectile was moved through space.

  9. On account of its enormous size it was not contained in a fortified camp, but a quadrangular wall was constructed round the baggage and most valuable material.

  10. Both commanders attempted an enormous task, the conquest of Asia; and both were forced to leave their work unfinished.

  11. In the latter part of the Republic it was carried to an enormous extent: the elephant, the rhinocerous, the lion, and other wild animals, were brought from Africa to Rome for these occasions.

  12. This will be such an enormous increase of power over what we now have that we cannot realize it.

  13. The general compass of this enormous literature is from an indefinite antiquity to about 1500 A.

  14. For the rest of pre-Buddhistic literature it seems to us incredible that it is necessary to require, either from the point of view of linguistic or of social and religious development, the enormous period of two thousand years.

  15. It was an imperial desert ungraced by any tree, undarkened by any shadow of man, untraversed by any flight of bird; it was desolation, enormous and solemn.

  16. The little dressing-room adjoining was hung with creamy cashmere, and on a table all enveloped in snowy muslin was displayed a set of toilet articles in oxidized silver, between two enormous full-blown white azaleas.

  17. In its place a broad platform, accessible by four steps and covered with red carpeting, had been erected, and over it had been stretched an enormous red velvet canopy, fringed with gold and divided into three compartments.

  18. Bohemia may be wanting in the wide views and deeper insight of later historians; but the evidence of enormous industry and hearty interest in the subject make a distinct mark in the progress of national feeling.

  19. At the same time he gave enormous power into the hands of the Bishop of the Church.

  20. The movement of the Russian Jews to this country in the last thirty years is seen to be steadily rising and to reach enormous dimensions in the last decade.

  21. Where could Noah have stowed a pair of such enormous beasts, supposing that they existed as late as when the ark was launched?

  22. It is said there are plenty of fish in it; but my most important captures hitherto have been a mud-turtle and an enormous eel.

  23. Their eggs are used in enormous numbers for commercial purposes and these islands being located, as they are, within easy distance from San Francisco, thousands of dozens of the eggs are sold yearly, chiefly to bakeries.

  24. Their nests are platforms of sticks, which, being used year after year and constantly added to, become of enormous proportions.

  25. They nest in enormous colonies on islands in the interior of the country and in smaller colonies on the coasts.

  26. These birds are familiar to every frequenter of the country, in their range; too familiar to many, for the enormous flocks do considerable damage to grain fields in the fall.

  27. The great clock of the belfry began to strike; numbers of sparrows flew down from an enormous ivy-plant which framed one of the windows of the apse.

  28. But the Cathedral at her right, the enormous mass which obstructed the sky, surprised her yet more.

  29. At the cross of the transept four enormous pillars made the four corners, and rose to a great height, then struck off to support the roof.

  30. She was enthusiastic over these crumbling ruins, and the scattered blocks of stone among the brambles, which showed how enormous the colossal structure must have been as, when first built, it commanded the two valleys.

  31. And the enormous depths of the organs' peals rolled and lost themselves by degrees in a hail of little sharp notes, which were swept away under the high arches, like the morning song of the lark.

  32. But Madame Foucart, an enormous woman, would not allow him to ask questions in the good order he had arranged them before going there.

  33. The greenhouses of the lower town had been thoroughly searched, but the only inodorous flowers that had been found were the peonies--great white peonies, enormous tufts of which adorned the table, like a shimmering of white lace.

  34. She loved it the best at night, when she saw the enormous mass detach itself like a huge block on the starry skies.

  35. There was a great carved chest of the Renaissance period, a table and chairs which dated from the reign of Louis XIII, an enormous bedstead, style Louis XIV, and a very handsome wardrobe, Louis XV.

  36. Curtained with an old-fashioned rose-coloured chintz, on which were bouquets of heather, so faded that the colour had become a scarcely perceptible pink, the enormous bedstead preserved above all the majesty of its great age.

  37. Rats of enormous size were jumping around us all night, and anxiously we waited for morning.

  38. These statistics will give the reader a better opportunity to judge of the enormous amount of business that this bank transacts annually.

  39. The ancient Peruvians were partially civilized; they constructed numerous and excellent roads, and also built stone palaces of enormous size; were skilled in making vessels of gold and silver, and cultivated the land with much care.

  40. They can long abstain from food, and can eat an enormous quantity without injury.

  41. When we arrived at the spot, we found him with an enormous land lobster, which he had attempted to catch, linked to his thumb so firmly as only to be removed by breaking the claw.

  42. Turtle are found here in great abundance, and of enormous size.

  43. The sperm whale attains to a great size; sometimes reaching the length of eighty feet; the head is of enormous bulk, and ends abruptly in front.

  44. Agastya and Srutarvan, with king Vradhnaswa then went to Purokutsa's son, Trasadasyu, of enormous wealth.

  45. And Agastya smilingly answered Ilwala, saying, 'We know thee, O Asura, to be possessed of great power and also enormous wealth.

  46. In modern society an enormous number of sexual unions, or marriages, are consummated without a trace of love, and are based on pure speculation, conventionality or fortune.

  47. This is due not only to the fact that our artificial and alcoholized civilization, with its specialized labor which disturbs vital equilibrium, has made women indolent and degenerate, but also to the enormous development of the human brain.

  48. A prostitute affected with gonorrhea may infect an enormous number of men, and in this case medical inspection of brothels is no guarantee.

  49. An enormous mass of the produce of human labor is thus dissipated in futilities, for the benefit of unbridled frivolity and luxury.

  50. The human brain, so powerful and so complicated, contains a little of all these things, with enormous individual variations.

  51. Originally the size of a small egg (a guinea fowl's) it exceeds the size of a human head, and there is an enormous increase of muscular tissue in its walls.

  52. What is deplorable, is the enormous proportion of persons who are infected with venereal diseases.

  53. All these trucks and vans are fitted with hand lever brakes, tarpaulins, chains, hooks, stanchions, and everything necessary for the handling of the no doubt enormous goods traffic of the road.

  54. Batsmen meeting the champion for the first time see an enormous man, with a great black beard waving in the breeze, rushing up to the wickets.

  55. Miss K├╝ssner, who is represented by a miniature of Lady Dudley, has already painted an enormous number of ivories.

  56. Our enormous burdens, instead of being carried on our shoulders, as had been the custom of old, are all snugly deposited in the luggage-van.

  57. At the back is a trimly kept garden of tufts of flowers, like enormous bouquets thrown on the green velvet sward, with here and there a sombre cypress or cedar in pleasant contrast.

  58. The white ant is also met with, and builds itself massive hills of enormous size.

  59. Now almost for the first time I noticed the enormous length of the Baron's legs.

  60. The deformed body of the cretin lay crushed beneath the weight of the enormous fragment.

  61. The waves were now so enormous that the vessel was soon on her beam ends.

  62. I began to fancy that the experiences of the past night might, after all, have been a dream, until I caught sight again of the enormous flea-bites on my hands, which still smarted.

  63. As a matter of fact the nobles killed each other off, and when Henry Tudor, a Lancastrian, became king, there was an enormous amount of power in his hands; and he used it so as to keep a closer grip of it.

  64. There were always the poor and the outcast in every town; but they did not exist in the enormous numbers of later years, or of the present day.

  65. Investigation has revealed the existence of mountains of marble, varied in colour and of a quality equal to Carara; while enormous deposits of gypsum exist.

  66. There was an enormous and fabulously rich extent of country stretching up to and beyond the Zambezi, occupied only by marauding savages under the rule of Lo Bengula, King of the Amandebele--and now known as Rhodesia.

  67. Enormous deposits of haematite iron and asbestos are known to exist, but so far have not been worked.

  68. She was listening intently to the sounds of an organ that came pealing forth into the dusk from within the enormous church before whose doors she was standing.

  69. Great as the French king's resources may appear, they are hardly sufficient to defray the enormous expence of his government.

  70. The country was in perfect peace, and the navy was in use even less than the army, and this, therefore, is why such an enormous difference between the European system and ours had come into existence.

  71. He impresses one at first sight with his enormous energy and intellectual power.

  72. Insects are now bred for this purpose in enormous numbers.

  73. At midnight, in calm weather, we found ourselves colliding with an enormous halcyon's nest; it was full seven miles round.

  74. These latter are also enormous birds, fledged with various herbs, and with quill-feathers resembling lettuce leaves.

  75. It considered Sunday rather as a heaven-sent opportunity for much comfortable beer-drinking, attendance on a Turn-verein, and for enormous family gatherings around a big dinner.

  76. In this room sat the monsieur of the family, a large man, smoking a large cigar, and reading an enormous newspaper.

  77. How black and empty that looked, that enormous stretch of pavement, like a great empty hole, outlined by the street lights on all four sides of it.

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