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Example sentences for "enormities"

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ennything; eno; enon; enorme; enormes; enormity; enormous; enormously; enough; enounced
  1. Even Roman Catholic laymen, of rank and intelligence, have no idea of the enormities committed by their priests.

  2. Effectual means are taken, by the Church of Rome, to conceal their enormities from the public eye.

  3. Monsieur; and, in 1789, was chosen a deputy of the first assembly, where he joined the factions, and in his speeches and writings defended all the enormities that dishonoured the beginning as well as the end of the Revolution.

  4. Most of the enormities now deplored in this country are the consequence of moral and religious licentiousness, that have succeeded to political anarchy, or rather were produced by it, and survive it.

  5. His example is one of many in which the worst acts of Indian ferocity have been thrown into shade by the enormities of white barbarians.

  6. Footnote 394: David Rittenhouse, in one of his letters, speaks with great horror of the enormities committed by the Paxton Boys, and enumerates various particulars of their conduct.

  7. Then it glances at the wrongs which the fathers suffered, and at the enormities which the slaves were enduring.

  8. Some private Enormities of the inquisition laid open, by a very singular occurrence.

  9. Stanislaus alone had the courage to tell him of his faults, when, taking a private opportunity, he freely displayed to him the enormities of his crimes.

  10. An account of the cruel handling and burning of Nicholas Burton, an English merchant, in Spain 73 Some private enormities of the Inquisition laid open by a very singular occurrence 76 The persecution of Dr.

  11. We come now to a period, when persecution under the guise of christianity, committed more enormities than ever disgraced the annals of paganism.

  12. Among the numberless enormities committed by the merciless and unfeeling Bonner, the murder of this innocent and unoffending child may be ranked as the most horrid.

  13. The next mail gave us reason to reproach ourselves with our credulity, and by presenting us with fresh crimes, and enormities still more dreadful, excited impressions of new astonishment and accumulated horror.

  14. In all these districts Locofocoism had stalked omnipotent before; but when the whole people were aroused by its enormities on those occasions, they put it down, never to rise again.

  15. The Judge regales us with the terrible enormities that take place by the mixture of races; that the inferior race bears the superior down.

  16. The reigns of virtuous emperors yield much to commend but little to describe; those of wicked emperors repel us by their enormities and disgust us by their follies.

  17. We have perhaps paid too much attention to the enormities of Caligula and Nero.

  18. It shows, as all history does from the time of Joseph, that, where there is a market for the persons of human beings, all kinds of enormities will be practised to obtain them.

  19. Las Casas tells us that Ferdinand could hardly have had a conception of the enormities of the system.

  20. For these enormities the enemy are equally responsible, whether with the power to prevent them they want the will or with the knowledge of a want of power they still avail themselves of such instruments.

  21. But perversity of Will, immoral and sinfull enormities walk with Adraste and Nemesis at their Backs, pursue us unto Judgment, and leave us viciously miserable.

  22. Pyramids, Arches, Obelisks, were but the irregularities of vain-glory, and wilde enormities of ancient magnanimity.

  23. Arriving, now, among them, at the sight Of such enormities would much be wroth.

  24. I had hated monarchy; but I had never contemplated the possibility of such enormities as I was then compelled to witness.

  25. Arbitrary imprisonment, confiscation of property, persecution and torture unprecedented in the inquisitions of the Romish Church, are among the palpable enormities that verify the affirmative.

  26. Other writers, of greater or less note, have gravely recorded the same fictions, adding, it is to be feared, enormities not even conveyed to them by tradition.

  27. The consternation was, moreover, increased by the reported murders and the cruelties of the savages--since all the efforts of General Burgoyne to dissuade them from the perpetration of their cruel enormities were ineffectual.

  28. At two o'clock of that day Mr. Wade had concluded that all he had ever heard of the enormities of the West was far below the actual fact.

  29. I submit that the cosmopolitan city of Paris (waiving, for the present, the enormities of which it is accused), is not to be adduced as a fair criterion of French morality.

  30. But you will tell me: Were not the authors of the Inquisition children of the Church, and did they not exercise their enormities in her name?

  31. No public complaint having been made against their conduct, we have thought it more prudent to pass over, for the present, the enormities of this wicked race with dissimulation, than exasperate them by a further relation.

  32. However, by degrees, he recovered a little spirit, confessed all the enormities of his past life, and begged pardon of God, and of the persons whom he had injured.

  33. He confessed very frankly the manifold crimes and horrid enormities in which he had involved himself.

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