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Example sentences for "guise"

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  1. In this guise he passed into European worship in the 3rd and 4th centuries A.

  2. There never was an age in which pruriency in any guise could cease to be indecent.

  3. He who came in the guise of a deliverer was really her evil genius.

  4. It was at this critical moment, when her whole being was in passionate revolt, when she was disgusted with her environment, and weary of life, that Matilda's evil genius appeared upon the scene in the guise of a deliverer.

  5. I thought he ought to know, lest folly assail us in unfamiliar guise and do us a harm.

  6. How expect understanding of a common human hurt from this being, who alternately appeared in the guise of a god and a gamin?

  7. New York appeared in her old guise of mammoth materialist, but now he had no heart to satirize her dishonor.

  8. These showed much interest in Stefan's new picture, a large study of Mary in the guise of Demeter, for which she was posing seated, robed in her Berber gown.

  9. It was rumoured that he escaped in the guise of a reaper bearing a sickle, according to the tidings of the last who saw and knew him, after which little or no information transpired respecting him nor of the place or name of his concealment.

  10. In the guise of an angel, the devil bewildered the architect of Irem by saluting him as a god.

  11. He had a dream in which Eldad, who had died during his wanderings, appeared to him in the guise of an angler, unloosening a large fish from his hook which he presented to the dreamer.

  12. Ah,--if it all were but a nightmare, including his father's death in the guise of the devil?

  13. After all thy tonsures and chorales, thy credos and sackcloth, wilt thou admit the Evil One in the guise of a melody, in whose chromatic intervals lie dimpled cheek and sunny tress!

  14. Besides, he came in such a questionable guise as a Symphoniker.

  15. Under the guise of progress and the equal rights of all religions, we will destroy the study of religion in Christian schools.

  16. The ballad-man has his own pithy judgment in the guise of an artless rhyme.

  17. Occasionally circumstances might speciously justify the publisher's appearance in the guise of a dedicator.

  18. The Dutch from the country districts were to assemble in the capital in the guise of excursionists who had come to town to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays.

  19. Under the guise of constitutional forms it had attained independence--virtual, though not nominal.

  20. The rule was for a Tory to hit a Whig or a Whig to hit a Tory, under whatever literary guise he appeared.

  21. The introduction of Mr. Meigs in the guise of an accepted family friend and traveling companion chilled King and cast a gloom over the landscape.

  22. The guise thou seest doth with my kinde agree.

  23. The seconds drew near, and De Guise gave it as his professional opinion that Dujarier was not in a condition to fight.

  24. Finding his persuasions futile, De Guise resigned himself to listen to a long and minute account of the quarrel with De Beauvoir.

  25. De Guise assured Dujarier the wound was not serious and told him to spit.

  26. He was a lion in the guise of a dove, an autocrat in the guise of a radical, a rigid disciplinarian in the guise of an army reformer.

  27. He could soon see two men in the guise of policemen, and another who was certainly a policeman, though not in that guise.

  28. His position as bandmaster at Vienna gave him opportunity to cultivate his native attributes in the guise of dance music, in addition to which he wrote an operetta entitled "Pfingsten in Florenz.

  29. Opera, symphony, chamber and church music alike blossomed and ripened at his magic touch; and the tonal tints of his scoring assumed a mellow guise foreign to the lighter shading of Haydn's orchestration.

  30. In Mexico itself the earliest general narrative was not cast in the usual historical form, but in the guise of a dialogue, held night after night, between a Spaniard and an Indian, the ancient history of the country was recounted.

  31. All this conveys an idea of the guise under which Christianity was presented originally to the Japanese.

  32. Prince Shotoku, in his capacity of regent, compiled them and issued them to officials in the guise of "instructions.

  33. His requests are said to have assumed the guise of appeals in behalf of famine-stricken people, but there is no evidence that any of the presents were devoted to that purpose.

  34. If you mean under the guise of a confidence to renew the insults you dared to pass upon me yesterday,' said I, 'I tell you at once I 'll not bear it.

  35. Save in such laughing guise as this she never approached the theme, nor cared for it.

  36. He is said to have followed that exploit by leaping into the sea, where he assumed the form of a huge dolphin (delphis), and in this guise he directed the course of a passing Cretan ship to the landing place at Itea, or Crissa.

  37. But once appear to him in the guise of friendship and he will prove himself the most obliging creature in the world.

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