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  1. Mrs. Eddy was Autocrat of the Church before, with limitless authority, and she kept her grip on that limitless authority when she took that fictitious title.

  2. The reader glows with the pleasure of an individual greeting, and a wide diocese of those whom the Autocrat never saw plume themselves proudly upon his personal acquaintance.

  3. The colloquial habit of the Autocrat is not lost in the stories, and it is so marked generally in Holmes's writings as to be called distinctive.

  4. Would any of them, or many, take precedence of the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table?

  5. In the New England Magazine for November in the same year, 1831, a short paper was published called the "Autocrat of the Breakfast Table".

  6. These traits in the Autocrat suggested that he would yet tell a distinct story, which indeed came while the trilogy of the Breakfast Table was yet proceeding.

  7. The colloquies of the Autocrat under the characteristic title of "Over the Tea-Cups" are full of the same shrewd sense and wise comment and tender thought.

  8. Whether or not Pompey aspired to become autocrat at Rome, many of his supporters not only believed but desired that he should.

  9. Strictly speaking, it is not a novel at all: it is another Autocrat volume, chatty, discursive, brilliant.

  10. Digressions are as frequent as even in the Autocrat papers.

  11. The "Autocrat of the Breakfast Table" is now over eighty, but he is as young as ever, and will die with a kind smile on his face and a merry twinkle in his eyes.

  12. Is it not absurd to talk in this way, when no secessionist has been hung for treason, and a silver crown a short time since, at a public meeting, was prepared by some admirer for the dethroned autocrat of our Poland?

  13. Unfortunately the nature of an absolute government and the character of an Eastern autocrat afforded him ample means of action.

  14. In fact I did not see these elder treasuries of literature and art between breakfasting with the Autocrat's publisher in the morning, and taking tea with the Autocrat himself in the evening, and that made a whole world's difference.

  15. The kindly Autocrat recognized some such quality of it in terms which were not the less precious and gracious for their humorous excess.

  16. The great talent, the beautiful and graceful fancy, the eager imagination of the Autocrat could not avail in this third attempt, and I suppose the Poet at the Breakfast Table must be confessed as near a failure as Doctor Holmes could come.

  17. I thought him as thoroughly in keeping with his romances as Doctor Holmes had seemed with his essays and poems, and I met him as I had met the Autocrat in the supreme hour of his fame.

  18. Lowell was never tired of saying, when he recurred to the first days of his editorship, that the magazine could never have gone at all without the Autocrat papers.

  19. Probably I failed to give the Autocrat any very clear image of our social frame in the West, but the fault was altogether mine, if I did.

  20. The Autocrat was often in the pages of the Atlantic, where one often found Whittier and Emerson, with many a fresh name now faded.

  21. One parlous time at the publisher's I have already recalled, when Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Autocrat clashed upon homeopathy, and it required all the tact of the host to lure them away from the dangerous theme.

  22. Beside the gifted hostess, there was the most charming of all the American essayists, and the Autocrat seemed at once to find himself singularly at home with the people who greeted him.

  23. He was more of an autocrat than any previous emperor had been--that is to say, he had less counsel and help.

  24. In the succeeding years he lived as an autocrat and a patriarch amid his farms and his herds, respected by many and feared by all.

  25. The rugged old autocrat declared that Schalk Burger was a traitor to his country for having signed such a document, and a new reactionary committee was chosen to report upon the report.

  26. Such obiter dicta may be amusing at a distance, but they are less entertaining when they come from an autocrat who has complete power over the conditions of your life.

  27. Alexander was twenty-four when, in 1801, he became the autocrat of all the Russias.

  28. With the empress-dowager he was an especial favorite, and was just the sort of man whom the autocrat of all the Russias would naturally like, especially for his love of hunting, and his success in shooting deer and bears.

  29. In Berlin, he resisted in the Reichstag the constitutional encroachments which the Liberal party aimed at,--ever an autocrat rather than minister, having no faith in governmental responsibility to parliament.

  30. He had perhaps disobeyed an autocrat father or possibly married a chorus girl instead of a blue blooded maiden.

  31. He saw that the autocrat broke every rule of the many which go to make a perfect drive yet sent his ball every inch of two hundred yards.

  32. The autocrat did not clearly understand the drift of his boyhood friend, but he saw enough to render the notion of reconstructing Poland in any form distasteful, and finally abandoned it.

  33. And perhaps the autocrat had not been quite awake when he received Golitzine's letter long before breakfast.

  34. One must keep back certain things even from an autocrat of Alexander's type.

  35. When an autocrat has delivered his fiat, argument on the part of even his most trusted servants is useless.

  36. The autocrat himself was attired in a loose dressing-gown.

  37. Holmes is especially distinguished for his humor in such poems as The Deacon's Masterpiece, or the Wonderful One-Hoss Shay and for the pleasant philosophy and humor in such artistic prose as The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.

  38. In the first number appeared The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.

  39. By the time that Longfellow had finished The Courtship of Miles Standish, and Holmes The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, messages had been cabled across the Atlantic.

  40. What most impresses you in reading selections from The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, the humor, sprightliness, and variety of the thought, or the style?

  41. His great conversational gift was now crystallized in these breakfast table talks, which the Autocrat all but monopolizes.

  42. From The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, the student may select any pages that he thinks his friends would enjoy hearing.

  43. This tribute from the beloved Autocrat touched her deeply, the more so that in the "Commonwealth"[35] she had recently reviewed some of his own work rather severely.

  44. He told us why, when he adopted the title of "Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table.

  45. The autocrat of the hour, the reigning power, was quite a different personage, although belonging to the woodpecker family.

  46. Indeed, to this merchant prince, they are what his marshals were to Napoleon, and, like him, this Autocrat of Trade sits enthroned in the insulated majesty of mercantile greatness.

  47. His aspect and manners are plain and simple to a remarkable degree, and a stranger would be surprised to acknowledge in that tall form and quiet countenance, the Autocrat of the Dry Goods Trade.

  48. The autocrat surveyed Billy Ricks briefly and gauged him accurately.

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