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Example sentences for "authority"

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authoritative; authoritatively; authoritativeness; authoritie; authorities; authorization; authorizations; authorize; authorized; authorizes
  1. It is infallible authority that speaks, and what does it declare?

  2. He saw us, not on our knees pleading for mercy, but scorning the humble attitude of suppliants, and raising our puny arms against the authority of Heaven.

  3. Warn all employees whose duties require them to work around the locomotive of its unsafe condition, then make report to those in authority so that it may be taken out of service until repairs are made.

  4. He should report at once to the person in authority so that necessary repairs may be made before engine goes into service.

  5. And he said unto them, Neither tell I you by what authority I do these things.

  6. But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them.

  7. And when he was come into the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people came unto him as he was teaching, and said, By what authority doest thou these things?

  8. And Jesus answered and said unto them, I also will ask you one thing, which if ye tell me, I in like wise will tell you by what authority I do these things.

  9. Nevertheless, he felt instinctively that the Admiral's behaviour was an outrage against the supreme authority vested in himself by right divine.

  10. After a while a tone of jovial roughness grew up between the two of them, and authority was relegated to the background, exactly as Doffen wished.

  11. They might be officers of Paraguay, with authority to make arrests in Peru, and they might be only four-flushers.

  12. Ned, as an official of the United States Secret Service, now knew that those high in authority in the government of Paraguay were involved in the attempt to defraud Lyman of his rights.

  13. This conditional abolition of the Papal authority was in due course made absolute, and the King assumed the title of Head of the Church.

  14. Wolsey had prepared the English to acquiesce in Henry's religious supremacy by his long tenure of the whole Papal authority within the realm and the consequent suspension of appeals to Rome.

  15. One authority wrote in 1515: "He is a youngling, cares for nothing but girls and hunting.

  16. Again, the New York Press authority follows Freeman in wishing to eject the word "ovation" from the language; surely a ridiculous literalism.

  17. Fate could not have devised a more ingenious and at the same time tactful way of making us feel at home; though at home, indeed, a Mile End 'bus conductor is scarcely the authority one would turn to for enlightened views upon the Laureateship.

  18. There seems to be no difference of opinion in high medical authority of the value of phosphoric acid, and no preparation has ever been offered to the public which seems to so happily meet the general want as this.

  19. As long as ebb-tide lasts his authority seems to be respected, and the problem of these diurnal encroachments of the sea upon the land seems to be solved.

  20. Is the authority claimed and exercised by the Church over the souls and minds of men to be unquestioned?

  21. It is one of the foremost characteristics of youth to demand from established authority satisfaction of those mental and physical desires which growth of consciousness entails.

  22. Weizs├Ącker is an authority of the very first rank.

  23. It must become at once the standard authority on its subject.

  24. Young people are encouraged to think for themselves; to accept authority only when there is evidence forthcoming of its right to be so acknowledged; to look for evidential testimony of all that they are called upon to receive as facts.

  25. Under precisely the same circumstances of ignorant youth, the so-called "uncivilised man" bows to the authority of what he believes to be supernatural power exerted upon him by the gods.

  26. The Catholic Church, as the accredited representative of the divine authority of Christ, teaches that by sacramental agency men may obtain remission and absolution of sins.

  27. See also Sabatier's "Religions of Authority and Religion of the Spirit," p.

  28. No name of draughtsman or place or authority of issue are indicated upon it.

  29. He gives no authority for this statement.

  30. Footnote 821: This comparison is exaggerated, with the intention, no doubt, of attacking the authority of the Bible, which boasts of the fertility of Palestine.

  31. The authority of the senate, in the nomination of the consuls, was exercised with such independent freedom, that no regard was paid to an irregular request of the emperor in favor of his brother Florianus.

  32. In rank and authority these officers seemed not inferior to the ancient proconsuls; but their station was dependent and precarious.

  33. Accept the empire from the authority of the senate.

  34. How precarious was his own authority over men whom he had taught to violate every social duty!

  35. That indefatigable writer, who had consumed his life in the study of the Scriptures, relies for their authenticity on the inspired authority of the church.

  36. The established authority of the emperors pervaded without an effort the wide extent of their dominions, and was exercised with the same facility on the banks of the Thames, or of the Nile, as on those of the Tyber.

  37. The dignity, the freedom, the authority of the senate was restored; and every virtuous senator might approach the person of the emperor without a fear and without a blush.

  38. The first book of Livy, and the second of Dionysius of Halicarnassus, show the authority of the people, even in the election of the kings.

  39. No less an authority than Karl Maria von Weber bestowed hearty praise upon the last-mentioned opera.

  40. Luther treated Christianity arbitrarily, mistook its spirit, and introduced a new letter, a totally new doctrine, that of the sacred and supreme authority of the Bible.

  41. Destitute of firm convictions, he could only conceive of two attitudes towards the principle of authority in matters of belief--wild revolt or unqualified submission.

  42. It was of Lady Cramly the wag said that her authority ought never to be doubted, for she must always be re-lied upon.

  43. Thus accoutred, it is their intention to effect, under the authority they very frequently have on their tongues, a total reformation in society.

  44. Cars must not be moved over highway crossings or in front of passenger stations detached from engine, other than at terminals, where express authority has been given so to do by the division superintendent.

  45. I am going to act upon my authority immediately, and take you away.

  46. I searched the shelves for Egypt, and was lucky enough to light upon several works of authority and then recent observation.

  47. I urge you with all my elder-sisterly authority to stay where you are.

  48. They are not,' whispered Elschen with all the authority of the lately married.

  49. The reverse type is emblematic of the rejection of the authority of Rome by England.

  50. The first medal issued by authority in England in this century is that given for the battle of Waterloo.

  51. Besides the medals issued by the authority of the Crown and those of the East India Company, there are a number of Regimental medals, of which some are exhibited.

  52. The command had been sent to them by the Princess, who was the one authority they recognised.

  53. That rough set owned no authority but hers; and when Herr Nordeck tried to enlighten them and show them he was master, they took to their rifles.

  54. Their revolt against authority had not been without some redeeming features, and an unbiased critic would have found it hard to blame them.

  55. If he called himself a Deputy Commissioner he was a rank impostor, and had no more authority to annex this island than you have.

  56. It took all of Mr. Clemm's authority to keep them quiet, and it got out that the Commissioner was expecting the end of the world, and the graves were for those that wouldn't go to heaven!

  57. And your police and other authority help him all they can.

  58. Do you, friend Jonathan, go to the agent of the ship and get from him letters to the agent in Galatz, with authority to make a search of the ship just as it was here.

  59. They alone are subject to blind authority who have no reliance on their own strength.

  60. On what authority were collections made in churches by brief; in what year was that mode of collection decreed; and when did it cease?

  61. And I myself am forcibly reminded of an old Irish legend I read long ago somewhere or other, of the disappearance of a city in the Lake of Killarney, of which, my authority stated, the towers were occasionally to be perceived.

  62. In the meantime, and until some competent authority has pronounced on the point, I propose that such of your readers as are interested in the question make experiments for themselves, dividing them into four classes, viz.

  63. And who can speak with greater authority upon such points?

  64. I remember that we all met at Carlton House; that we all signed some document, recognising the new sovereign, which I apprehend to be the authority for the proclamation; but that the Privy Councillors only went in to the presence.

  65. I beg you, Madam, that there may be no quarrells of jealousy between Your Ladyship and My Lady Carteret: I set her at work by the authority I claymed over her as your daughter.

  66. As to the Lord Mayor being Right Honorable, why need we look for other authority than usage?

  67. What authority is there for the accompanying statement respecting the death of Mr. Pitt?

  68. There is not a shadow of authority for the omission.

  69. I can quote authority for my views from Adam and Eve downwards, to the newspapers of yesterday.

  70. On the authority of my sister, I learn that when the ladies of Stowel do a little dusting in the morning the front blinds are pulled down.

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