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Example sentences for "connoisseur"

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  1. The satisfactions of the connoisseur are merely a refinement of less sophisticated forms of appreciation.

  2. Nobody had heard of Weber and Beethoven, and Mozart, dead more than a score of years, was mentioned by a well-known musical connoisseur as a young man of great promise!

  3. A dinner at Rossini's is calculated for the enjoyment of a 'gourmet,' and he himself proved to be the one, for he went through the very select menu as only a connoisseur would.

  4. The connoisseur in music, in painting, in architecture, in poetry, in medals, etc.

  5. We have before expressed our opinion that Sebastian ranks highest in merit, which is corroborated by the most experienced connoisseur of the present day.

  6. A respectable dealer who is known to be a connoisseur of experience, will never sell you a modern copy for an old Italian violin with a long story of how he got it in some wonderful way.

  7. There are many little points which to a casual or careless observer are invisible, but which a practised connoisseur detects immediately, and thereby is enabled to declare the maker.

  8. He is also a great connoisseur in old instruments, and has the honour of having formed most of the fine collections in this country.

  9. Particularly "The Folkungs" is such a happy combination of modern orchestration, abundance of fine melody, and northern characteristical coloring, that it charms the connoisseur as well as the unlearned.

  10. Unhappily, fortune does not permit every one to furnish his library luxuriously; the true connoisseur searches rather for Groliers, Eves, and Le Gascons, than concerns himself about modern workmanship.

  11. The enterprising journal before mentioned calculated that, counting the space actually occupied on the canvas by the policeman, the daring connoisseur had expended two guineas per square inch on the policeman.

  12. The French Government offered to buy the picture on behalf of the Republic at its customary price of five hundred francs, but Priam Farll sold it to the American connoisseur Whitney C.

  13. Shortly afterwards he sold the policeman, whom he had kept by him, to the same connoisseur for ten thousand dollars.

  14. And if the connoisseur meant anything at all, he was simply stultifying the rest of the article.

  15. I have my friend the notary here, who is a connoisseur in capons, so his wife tells me.

  16. I received it only last night from the greatest connoisseur of my art, certainly in England, perhaps in Europe.

  17. It is often difficult for one who is not himself an artist nor a connoisseur to judge whether the pencilled jottings in an impromptu sketch are by the hand of a professed master or a mere amateur.

  18. Defn: A connoisseur in eating and drinking; an epicure.

  19. A virtuoso skilled in gems or precious stones; a connoisseur of lapidary work.

  20. But the connoisseur buys the Seckel in place of it.

  21. President Morris: Shall we say that nuts for the connoisseur should not be bleached?

  22. Hence it is that the Japanese connoisseur draws a clear distinction between the decorative design and its technical execution, crediting the former to the pictorial artist and the latter to the sculptor.

  23. That the results achieved with these different materials are not comparable is a fact which every connoisseur must admit.

  24. There is a radical difference between the points of view of the Japanese and the Western connoisseur in estimating the merits of sculpture in metal.

  25. Many of Koun's sculptures appear unfinished to eyes trained in Occidental galleries, whereas the Japanese connoisseur detects evidence of a technical feat in their seeming roughness.

  26. In a general sense the European or American connoisseur is much less exacting than the Japanese.

  27. Papa, you know, he was, like grandpère, a true connoisseur of all those things that belong to the arts of beautiful living.

  28. You are not a connoisseur in ladies' dresses, I suppose.

  29. Gregory the millionaire; Gregory the connoisseur in wines, in pictures, in old violins, in pottery; the Connoisseur in humanity at whose gatherings the wisest and the most charming meet each other.

  30. He was a connoisseur of furniture, and there was something about this cabinet which told him it had belonged to the Montespan.

  31. The florid style of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Louis is not at all to my taste; and I am too little of a connoisseur to admire a beauty which has no personal appeal for me.

  32. There are certain indications which no connoisseur could mistake.

  33. Even the Laird, albeit no connoisseur in any shapes save those of his kine, was of opinion that since the thing was in the house it was a pity it should be lost.

  34. There was other furniture in the garret, certainly more interesting to a connoisseur and hunter of antiquities; but Barrie was neither.

  35. And the more I think of Scotland the more I tell myself she is like a wise connoisseur (I hope that's the word!

  36. As a connoisseur he seems to think that because he can pay for anything he fancies, he is accredited expert as well as potential owner.

  37. The soda biscuits and cakes were light as froth, the tea an especial blend imported by a prominent connoisseur and given every Christmas to his friends.

  38. No sooner had he seen it than he expressed much pleasure, and extolled it to the skies; wherefrom I gathered some hope that he might really be a connoisseur of art.

  39. He was a great connoisseur in the arts of design.

  40. I was on terms of the closest intimacy with one Messer Giovanni Gaddi, who was a clerk of the Camera, and a great connoisseur of the arts, although he had no practical acquaintance with any.

  41. We all know that you are a connoisseur of female beauty, and that you cannot live without love; nothing ever goes beyond these walls.

  42. I admit that the wife of such a connoisseur as you are may, perhaps, not be a scarecrow, but to compare her to Venus, or even to the Princess Teschen, that is a wretched joke.

  43. Herr Carovius was a connoisseur of faces.

  44. The same connoisseur found the composition of “Vineta” less ingenious, and its instrumentation suffering from the lean experience of a beginner.

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