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Example sentences for "connoisseurs"

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  1. In the streets devoted to the woolen industries, it was not permitted to give the manufacturers notice to quit their dwellings, nor to increase their rent, unless the connoisseurs in the industry had admitted a higher rate of profit.

  2. Then there is the endeavor to flatter the master, which is most effectually done by imitating his faults; and the fact that pretending connoisseurs are most cheaply satisfied by mannerism.

  3. The introduction to the knowledge of Latin literature and Latin oratory, such as had formerly been imparted by connoisseurs and masters of high position, had preserved a certain independence in relation to the Greeks.

  4. Crowe and Cavalcaselle have shown that Memlinc's work was well known and appreciated among Italian connoisseurs of the time.

  5. On the floor is a mysterious-looking object, which puzzled the connoisseurs for centuries.

  6. For more than a century it remained at Castle Howard, and many connoisseurs who saw it there wrote of it as one of the chief art-treasures of Great Britain.

  7. It is easy to be wise after the event, but it certainly seems strange that the connoisseurs of the time, even if technical differences had escaped them, should not have seen a lack of Rembrandt's power about this work.

  8. It is a feeling which the experienced connoisseurs in art, the pure "aesthetes," like to ignore.

  9. He meant in America, for these two art workers considered themselves connoisseurs of pen and ink and illustration generally.

  10. Kellner and Son were art connoisseurs in the best sense of the word, and although the German founder of the house had died many years before, its management and taste had never deteriorated.

  11. He thought of all the writers and artists and musicians and connoisseurs of pictures who would read this and remember him.

  12. Cibber declares that there was such enchantment in his voice alone, the multitude no more cared for sense in the words he spoke, "than our musical connoisseurs think it essential in the celebrated airs of an Italian Opera.

  13. A crowd of the "quality," connoisseurs and amateurs, had attended the rehearsal, with which they were so satisfied that a subscription was formed to support the performance of the opera.

  14. The advantage to me is only that I can by means of this receipt prove to connoisseurs and picture lovers that I have bought an original painting from you.

  15. Something of this impression moved the general mind of connoisseurs on her first dramatic appearance.

  16. Viardot who had for intelligent and thoughtful connoisseurs a charm more subtile and binding than that exercised by any of her rivals.

  17. At last he began an aria, but his voice was so choked by his rage and agitation that he broke down, at which the robber connoisseurs hissed.

  18. They were the historians of art, the connoisseurs of colour in the ranks of the painters.

  19. Some turn fiddlers, and pretend to compose: but all of them talk familiarly of the arts, and return finished connoisseurs and coxcombs, to their own country.

  20. I am one of those who think it very possible to imitate the best pieces in such a manner, that even the connoisseurs shall not be able to distinguish the original from the copy.

  21. Of their real value, the recent "Great Exhibition" in our metropolis gave connoisseurs the opportunity to form some estimate; and the conclusion arrived at is sufficiently denoted by the awarded gold medal.

  22. The connoisseurs were delighted by his originality and felicitous boldness, tempered as these qualities were by a pure and exalted taste.

  23. Let us shift the scene to Germany, and the time to the year 1828, when he was exhibiting before the people at Vienna, and exciting the admiration and astonishment of the most distinguished professors and connoisseurs of that critical city.

  24. Rameau is rightly considered by all connoisseurs to be the greatest musician who has ever lived" (Danzel Gottsched, p.

  25. I cannot describe the applause and sensation which it excited at Vienna from my own observation," says Niemetschek; "but I was a witness of the enthusiasm with which it was received at Prague by connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs.

  26. When he was playing to real musicians and connoisseurs he was indefatigable.

  27. Mozart's boyish fancy of only playing before connoisseurs naturally disappeared as he grew older and more sensible.

  28. Nicolai relates that he had heard in Vienna many genuine and accomplished musical connoisseurs speak of Ph.

  29. The music-loving public enjoyed his fresh and jovial creations with unrestrained delight, but the artists and connoisseurs took grave exception to them.

  30. As he was playing with special reference to the connoisseurs who were present, he brought the flights of his fancy lower and lower, and closed with the published variations on "Je suis Lindor.

  31. Even his own peculiar merits were no longer visible in his works, yet they continued to enjoy renown; although genuine connoisseurs and artists merely shrugged their shoulders when they saw his latest productions.

  32. For some time the works of one of his pupils had been attracting the attention of a small circle of connoisseurs and amateurs.

  33. When he attends a concert our semi-connoisseurs never take their eyes off him, seeking to read in his features, not always intelligible to every one, what ought to be their opinion of the music.

  34. Connoisseurs of art are not agreed as to whether the composition is correct or defective.

  35. Now come the celebrated "Stanzi" of Raphael, which are considered by painters and connoisseurs in art as the most costly and beautiful, not only in Rome, but in the whole world.

  36. As is natural to suppose, not only the colours are said to be bad, as is usual with all tapestries, but the drawing is also defective, so that connoisseurs in art esteem them but little.

  37. Being now solicited to play something myself, I thought that to such Artistes and Connoisseurs I could offer nothing more worthy than my favorite Quartetts of Beethoven.

  38. Wichmann, which on account of its speaking resemblance and artistic excellence has always been greatly admired both by connoisseurs and the general public.

  39. There's a Gallery which is admired by the Connoisseurs in Painting.

  40. The Inside of these three Piles of Building contains fine Paintings, particularly the Rape of the Sabines; and among the modern Statues, the Connoisseurs esteem the brazen Statue of Pope Urban VIII.

  41. Connoisseurs agree in rejecting its claims as a work of Raffaele; nor does it quite resemble his father's usual type, though it is difficult to substitute any more plausible theory for the conclusion of Passavant.

  42. Valleria, who had come to the Academy some time before from London, though she was a Baltimorean by birth--a sterling artist who is remembered by all connoisseurs with gratitude and admiration.

  43. His prose has merits so conspicuous and so dear to the critical mind, that one might have expected his welcome from the connoisseurs to be warm even beyond the limit of sincerity.

  44. Landor is perhaps the most striking instance in modern literature of a radical divergence of opinion between the connoisseurs and the mass of readers.

  45. He lived before the days of philosophers who talk about the organism and its environment, and of the connoisseurs who boast of an eclectic taste for all the delicate essences of art.

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