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Example sentences for "conniving"

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conniption; connivance; connive; connived; connives; connois; connoissance; connoissances; connoisseur; connoisseurs
  1. Stamens 4, curved and conniving under the upper lip.

  2. Pistils 2--5, separate, but their styles conniving or slightly united.

  3. Sometimes a native will serve a master satisfactorily for years, and then suddenly abscond, or commit some such hideous crime as conniving with a brigand band to murder the family and pillage the house.

  4. At the same time, letters from Formosa had also been received by the Chinese in Manila, and the Government at once accused them of conniving at rebellion.

  5. So, as things were, it might take some days for me to establish my real personality, and even when that were done I should still be held responsible for conniving at the prisoner's escape.

  6. After conniving at my captive's escape I deserted.

  7. The Quakers accused the Presbyterians of conniving at the act of murderers, of perverting Scripture for their defence, and of aiding the rioters with counsel and money in their audacious attempt against the public peace.

  8. To this they added a deep bitterness against the Quaker, greatly increased by a charge, most uncharitably brought by the latter against the whole Presbyterian sect, of conniving at and abetting the murders at Conestoga and Lancaster.

  9. To suspect Rattar of actually conniving at, or taking any part in the actual crime itself is, on the face of it, to convict either Rattar or oneself of lunacy!

  10. He had been arrested in his bed by the civil power on a charge of horse-stealing, and conniving at the escape of a negro from his master.

  11. The unfortunate victims of a mistake, were doubtless hunters or trappers, and perfectly innocent of conniving with the Indians, in their depredations upon the frontiers.

  12. Besides, sir, you cannot but be acquainted that Mr Allworthy himself would never forgive my conniving at such matters, and particularly with you.

  13. The ministry is charged with neglecting the protection of commerce, with oppressing the merchants, and with conniving at the enemy's preparations; that they who most eagerly solicited the war, may be the first that shall repent it.

  14. No," says Mr. Hastings, "the conniving at it procures a majority of votes.

  15. Her fastidious right hand tried to escape from the embrace of the stranger's fingers, but they clung devil-fishily, and Lady Webling's soft cushion palm was there conniving in the abduction.

  16. She felt that she had been conniving in one of the spy-plots that all the Empire was talking about.

  17. The law operated alike on conspiring employers and conniving employees.

  18. Can Mrs. Carlton be capable of conniving at it?

  19. This seems strikingly true in our conniving at the faults of our children.

  20. Now speedily these hypocrites and tongue-servers, bastards of Byzantium, shall know Israel has a God in whom they have no lot, and in what regard he holds conniving at the rape of his daughters.

  21. Among the prisoners was a capitan de partido (a local magistrate), who was committed on a charge of conniving at the slave-trade.

  22. How dare you insult me, sir, by charging me with conniving at your infamous and most unprofessional conduct?

  23. Inevitably, that he had either originally contrived, or, having long since discovered, was now conniving at, the imposture!

  24. And yet I can assure you, monsieur, that we had the best reasons for believing that you were conniving at his escape.

  25. In other words," put in Maas, "you are conniving at the escape of a Russian convict from Saghalien.

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