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Example sentences for "broke"

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broiled; broiler; broilers; broiling; broils; broken; brokenhearted; brokenly; brokenness; broker
  1. The surges broke on the distant shores in deep resounding murmurs, and the solemn pauses between the stormy gusts filled the mind with enthusiastic awe.

  2. Wordsworth's "Some casual shout that broke the silent air, Or the unimaginable touch of time.

  3. Thy powerful hand has broke the Gothic chain, And brought my bosom back to truth again.

  4. During the classical period it had accepted its standards of taste from France, and when it broke away from these, it did so upon impulse and gave either no reasons, or very superficial ones, for its new departure.

  5. The spray broke over their feet: the billows rose--rose--they were speechless.

  6. The shutters were only partially closed a faint light broke through, and rested on the bed: beside it bent two women.

  7. D'Aguilar and his scanty troop, after a desperate skirmish, broke again through the enemy's line drawn up against their retreat.

  8. A light, a scorching and intolerable light, broke upon him.

  9. The horror and suspense had been so great that when it broke with comic relief the house was really hysterical.

  10. It was all fun until some fellow's temper broke under the strain.

  11. I learned that when Mr. Reid and his fellows gave their word they never broke it.

  12. If we didn't leave our money in the office until the end of the month, we might blow it in at a bar, and when the wife wanted money to pay the rent and food bill we would have to tell her we were broke and she would have to hang her head.

  13. America was the land of children, and that's why parents broke their old-home ties and made the hard pilgrimage to America; it was for the benefit of their children.

  14. I broke some branches off a tree, and with this I brushed the fish out of the pool.

  15. The entire gallery broke into a whirlwind roar: "Yes!

  16. They broke out of the cover gallantly, and the ram, lowering his horns, charged straight at the line of Kaffirs.

  17. It broke suddenly upon the wearied eye after three weeks' perpetual contemplation of leaden-coloured water had tired the vision and caused a thirst for the green and earthy.

  18. My horse slipped down on his side, and nearly broke my ankle, as we were passing round a hill on the side of which the road sloped; the rain, that now fell with rapidity, having made the track greasy and slippery.

  19. A couple of the wild bush-pigs broke out of the cover, and had scarcely shown themselves for a second when an avalanche of spears and sticks came down upon them.

  20. At about fifty yards from us the first giant broke cover; he came out very quickly, gave a grumble, and ran down to the water, giving a shrill scream as he reached it.

  21. The clay first broke my heart, and then my back; And the back heals not.

  22. In that room at the gable a child Was born while the wind chilled a summer dawn: Never looked grey mind on a greyer one Than when the child's cry broke above the groans.

  23. For one day while her husband was in the fields, a short distance from the house, with their youngest son Thomas, a sudden shot from an Indian ambush broke the stillness of the woods and the father fell dead.

  24. He grasped the hand of the victor, proclaiming in the presence of his followers that Lincoln was the best fellow that ever broke into the settlement.

  25. In the heat of the fray, they forgot the rules of fair fighting and broke through the ring.

  26. So again at Peoria, Lincoln broke forth in impassioned utterances that took captive the judgment.

  27. All of their crack nags that have entered the list against him have come off the field crippled or broke down.

  28. With the arrival of spring in 1832, the Black Hawk War broke out.

  29. At last, from a little eminence on the road, the first view of London broke on Selina's delighted eye.

  30. They were naïve, perfectly likely to reveal themselves in their current awkwardness and ugliness of momentary expression which, by its very frankness, made a new law as it broke an old one.

  31. Then, as she made ready to go, she broke off and smote her hands together.

  32. I donno but we've broke our word to the Christmas paper.

  33. I, Costard, running out, that was safely within, Fell over the threshold and broke my shin.

  34. It is to the credit of the Inquisition that it broke up this speculative imposture by arresting her, in 1801, together with her mother and confessor as accomplices.

  35. When the Revolution of 1820 broke out, and the Seville tribunal contributed six thousand reales to the committee organized to resist the rising, it had no funds and was obliged to borrow the money on interest.

  36. Such training bore its fruits when autocracy broke down under the Revolution and the experiment of self-government was essayed.

  37. When the spirit of the Revolution broke in, it found a population sedulously trained to passive obedience to the State and submissiveness to the Church.

  38. On February 21st revolution broke out at Coruña and spread to Ferrol and Vigo, when the Count of San Roman abandoned Galicia without a struggle.

  39. Escap'd the dungeon, does the slave complain, Nor bless the friendly hand that broke the chain?

  40. It has a sandy stretch of shore, on which the long, green-yellow rollers of the Adriatic broke into creamy foam, beneath the waning saffron light over Pesaro and the rosy rising of a full moon.

  41. Her eyes, though scarcely raised above the ground, Sent me by stealth a ray divinely fair; But still her jealous hair Broke the bright beam, and veiled her from my gaze.

  42. Salvestro de' Medici was Gonfalonier of Justice at the time when the tumult first broke out.

  43. A touch upon my shoulder broke this trance; I turned and saw a boy beside me in a coastguard's uniform.

  44. The feuds of the Blacks and Whites broke up the city into factions, and produced such anarchy that at last it was found necessary to place the republic under the protection of foreign potentates.

  45. One hour before daybreak on Tuesday morning, the French broke up their camp and succeeded in clearing the valley.

  46. It was in the year 1378 that the proletariate broke out into rebellion.

  47. The industry with which he applied himself to the civil and ecclesiastical codes broke his health.

  48. If they broke the bonds assigned them, they were forthwith declared traitors and their property was confiscated.

  49. The blow broke the wing, and the bird lay down to die, for with a broken wing and a fish that would not go up nor down, there was no hope for him.

  50. The long mental inactivity of feudal Europe broke up like ice before a summer's sun.

  51. The plate struck the wall and broke into a thousand fragments.

  52. His brief, hectic career had no time for meticulous polishing of lines; if the statue did not come out as at first he desired, he broke it rather than recast the metal.

  53. Just as we were about to sail, the plague brought from the Levant broke out on board, and the admiral himself was stricken down by the fell disease.

  54. We passed over a high ridge which crossed the island, and descended on the other side, when a view broke on our sight which for picturesque beauty could scarcely be surpassed.

  55. Not a ripple broke the mirror-like surface of the deep.

  56. The crystal beads glistened upon her lashes in the fulness and joy of her deliverance from doubt and fear, and before she could twinkle them back, broke into smaller brilliants upon her cheeks and the bosom of her dress.

  57. They leaned together upon the window-sill, their young faces tinted by the changeful hues of the sky, both thoughtful and mute, until Rosa broke the silence by a heavy sigh.

  58. You see," broke in Mrs. Aylett's triumphant sarcasm.

  59. Chavigni made no answer, but without any ceremony broke the seals of the two packets, and passing his horse's bridle over his arm while he read them, he opened the treaty, and turned to the list of names by which it was signed.

  60. I declare I told the butler, when I broke the china vase, that you would make a moral reflection.

  61. But soon steps and soft voices broke the silence, and a youth, encircling a maiden's waist with his arm, and modulating the most mellifluent phraseology, passed by me.

  62. Yet ah, what wonder, if, when shrinking awe Withheld me from her sight, I broke my chain?

  63. Down we both came, and broke in pieces a superb china vase, which he was just bringing into the room.

  64. With matters in this doubtful condition, the Revolutionary War broke out and as commander-in-chief of the army, Washington was called to Cambridge.

  65. Suddenly a clatter broke the stillness of the night, the noise of wheels and trampling mingled with oaths and cries.

  66. A sudden and entire silence fell upon the party at this unlucky outburst; but Patty quickly broke it.

  67. We started," he answered; "but we broke down between here and Samoset, so we gave it up.

  68. Then I broke down altogether and began to cry like a baby, while Gerard got out and emptied the kerosene from the oil lamps into the exhaust valves.

  69. Losing that front wheel was bad enough," she said, "especially as I went over the dashboard in my dotted muslin and Harry has limped ever since; but when the transmission broke it seemed as though it was both our hearts.

  70. It nearly broke my heart, and I just wanted to throw myself away--become a trained nurse or go in for settlement work!

  71. Well, you see, he broke his arm cranking.

  72. It was all a lie, every word of it," he broke out.

  73. So I leaned over the back seat and gently broke it to him I thought I had managed it rather well.

  74. If she had not been so, she would not have cared whether Edward broke his heart or not.

  75. But this society had scarcely begun to act, when the war broke out between England and America, which had the effect of checking its operations.

  76. He was the first who broke down the boundary between Jew and Gentile, and therefore the first, who pointed out to men the inhabitants of other countries for the exercise of their philanthropy and love.

  77. Before the commitee broke up, I represented to them the necessity there was of obtaining further knowledge on all those individual points, which might be said to belong to the great subject of the abolition of the Slave-trade.

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